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  1. shawneyboy

    Total remote control woodstove

    The issues I could see happening are.... 1. what happens when the power goes out ? and more importantly .... 2. If the remote tells it to increase flames and heat.. what if the remote is set down in a draft, or I put it in my pocket and go outside??? I would worry about and over-fire. There...
  2. shawneyboy

    Cold Chimney Syndrome

    Do a top down with a starter, like a Super Cedar. It will light the kindling more readily and you will not have to futz with the heat gun. Shawn
  3. shawneyboy

    1st Burn on Hearthstone Mansfield

    As it should be.... Glad to hear you are pleased.
  4. shawneyboy

    Last Burn For A Long Time

    Hang in there BK. Good Luck with the move. Man I HATE moving !!!
  5. shawneyboy

    to use or not to use stove fan

    I bought and use the fan designed for the stove. I have noticed a considerable difference in the warm air that rises to the upper living level. I have a radiant stove, the Manny, and by putting the stove fan on it I also have convection. I was unsure what to do, I finally bit the bullet, and...
  6. shawneyboy

    Homeowners Insurance..... Cancelled Because of Wood Usage

    So if you had answered 2 cords you would have been fine???? That is strange. I wonder if they ask other home owners how much fuel oil they burn in a winter? There are a bunch of ins. companies who don't give 2 s*#ts how much you burn. I guess they really didn't want your buisness.
  7. shawneyboy

    I can't stop....

    You can never have enough..... well maybe YOU can, but I can never seem to have enough... 20 cord before this burning season started, so I have 5 years worth, and I am always looking for more
  8. shawneyboy

    My first "OH SH.. MOMENT" Over Fire Very Hot Stove

    All I can say is....... GULP !!!! Glad you got out of the situation without really bad thngs haappening.
  9. shawneyboy

    Reloading before coals

    I run in cycles.... No reloading during active burn for me. I Reload only on coals.
  10. shawneyboy

    New here. Thanks to everyone.

    Welcome to the forum Brian... You may soon become "obsessed" as my wife calls me. Burning is not just a money saver for me, it has become a way of life. Just being self relliant and getting some good exercise is a great reason to burn, the money becomes a secondary benefit, even if it was the...
  11. shawneyboy

    Chimney length

    You wont care how it looks when you see how much money it saves you in the heating bill.
  12. shawneyboy

    Ash bed depth

    1-2 inches for me.
  13. shawneyboy


    I have a damper and haven't "needed" it yet. I sorta think of it as an insurance policy to a run away. Inexpensive, easy to use, insurance policy. Although do to BrowningBar, I am now experimenting using it some.
  14. shawneyboy

    Cleaning out the stove

    Helps to keep the dust down, to each their own..
  15. shawneyboy

    harman oakleaf

    That would be a video I would like to see, hear, and smell......
  16. shawneyboy

    look what I stumbled into...

    So how do I have to stumble in order to stumble into something like this?/ Hell of a stumble there.
  17. shawneyboy

    How flexible is the sooteater

    One 45.... Not a problem IMHO.
  18. shawneyboy

    Finally, Osburn up and burning!

    No pics..... YOU LIE !!!!!!!
  19. shawneyboy

    cold coals

    More air and drier wood....
  20. shawneyboy

    Oslo cleaning question

    If it is free standing... remove stove pipe at collar. scoop/vac from the top.
  21. shawneyboy

    Cleaning out the stove

    Move hot coals to one side... spray ash with water... scoop ash..... move coals to other side.... spray ash with water.... scoop ash..... Even coals out.... add wood.... feel warmth. No need to rebuild.
  22. shawneyboy

    Super Cedars from Northwestern Fuels

    That is freakin awesome !!!! Now I gotta go find some materials to make one myself. Not that it is hard to break them... but now I gotta git me one of dees.
  23. shawneyboy

    Question for other stoners.. Pics Added..

    Most definitely want to see some pics..... Sorry I mis-understood the question.
  24. shawneyboy

    Since everyone asked...

    LOL..... "Let's just see how it goes." The quote of the install ??? Very nice of you Hog. I love to see threads like this where one member can help another. The DIY saved you a grand ??? Well worth a few hours/ a day of work.
  25. shawneyboy

    Getting New Stove in - Easy. Old one out - Not so much...

    Stairway dolly is the way to go. Easy-Peezy and cheap.
  26. shawneyboy

    Super Cedars from Northwestern Fuels

    Fredo, Break them into quarters, and extend those suckers. No need for a full puck. At least not with good seasoned wood.
  27. shawneyboy

    Cold Chimney Syndrome

    Try the top down, maybe it works, maybe it doesn't but heck it is worth a try. Set it up, light the knots, and immediately close the door. If it works great, if not, no big deal.
  28. shawneyboy

    Question for other stoners.. Pics Added..

    I would guess... since I do not have this steamer... that you are simply seasoning it like a cast iron pan. If that is the case I would follow the instructions and use an oven.. Not worry much about smoke, don't go above the 350. That is my take, I have a porcelain coated steamer, so no...