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    Frustrating Tree Identification

    I've had decent luck with an app called Plantsnap
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    instant hot water

    Something like this might be worth investigating. Never used one myself but the price is right.
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    What to consider buying ATV for hauling wood around property and snow plowing.

    Not sure what tires they're available in but the Carlisle HD Field Trax and OTR 350 Mag both work pretty well in the snow. No where near as aggressive as the Bighorns for mud though.
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    Cabin flooring ideas

    They've started using marmoleum in most of the new construction here on campus. It holds up well but will wear in places with foot traffic and furniture. Not sure what your budget is but the Pergo laminate we put in about 10 years ago is holding up well.
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    What to consider buying ATV for hauling wood around property and snow plowing.

    Payload capacity on the 6x4 I mentioned earlier is 1000lbs and a 1400lbs towing capacity. They're capable of doing both at the same time.
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    2017 Silverado oil change

    I was curious last month so I sent a sample of 0w-20 Valvoline from my 4.7 Tundra with 195k on it. Oil had 7500 miles on it and everything came back looking great so the next one will be 10k.
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    2017 Silverado oil change

    Use 0w-20, why chance it for $50 worth of oil. You can get Mobil 0w-20 at Wally World for $25/5 quart and Mobil has a mail in rebate for $12 back on each jug.
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    Fat Tire Wheelbarrow

    You're probably right but I wasn't thinking that when I bought it 10 years ago ;lol
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    Fat Tire Wheelbarrow

    Sure keeping it balanced is easy on flat ground but throw in a surprise hole that nearly stops a load of gravel and it becomes a lot more difficult. Plus I figured in 30 years I'll want all the help I can get!
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    Fat Tire Wheelbarrow

    No experience with the fat tire ones but I really like the double wheel one I have. Doesn't tip and moves across wet ground well.
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    What to consider buying ATV for hauling wood around property and snow plowing.

    Less 4x4, more tread depth/design, and weight.
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    Half-ton pickup redux

    I had the Eagle version. 90 Talon TSi AWD, super fun car to drive, not so much to repair but it would do 100 in 3rd gear.
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    What to consider buying ATV for hauling wood around property and snow plowing.

    If that's what you're doing why not a UTV? No need to haul a trailer if it isn't necessary. You should be able to scoop up an older Gator 6x4 with your budget.
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    Gotta another question for y'all knowledgeable guys

    Short answer probably no. Longer answer, maybe if it is a variable charger. The charger will say if it's rated for multiple battery voltages.
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    They make wussy trucks nowadays

    I put one on my Tundra, works very well. AUTO-VOX Dual Video Inputs 4.3"
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    Amazon Prime forcing sales of Fire TV?

    That's part of the issue. I have a Pixel, Google pushes updates to Android every month. The issue is the manufactures of devices/carries then decide they need to put their own touches on it so what should be a monthly update now becomes months to a year+. Meanwhile the apps are updated...
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    Amazon Prime forcing sales of Fire TV?

    I'm guessing it's an issue with a new app compatibility with older operating systems. App developers add new features but not all are compatible with older systems. Sony is likely running some variant of Android and devices could be running any version from 4-9. So it's likely a compatibility...
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    Harbor Freight portable or temp shed vs shelter Logic brand

    I've never had an issue with the smaller diameter tubing usually the failure points are at the joints but only then if it's not anchored down properly. We got a surprise 6" of heavy snow last spring when one was up and it held up fine. If you're really concerned about it you can go to a 2"...
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    Water filter Change Light on new refrigerator is on after only 6 months?

    If you don't care about the replace filter light being on the Every Drop style filters don't even need a bypass. Mine has been on since the first filter slowed water flow, been ignoring the light since
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    Storage Bin Rack Ideas

    Might be more than you want to spend but we use these at work.
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    Harbor Freight portable or temp shed vs shelter Logic brand

    Take a look at King Canopy, they are larger than what you're talking about but all parts are replaceable easily. Anchored down properly they'll last a long time.
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    Carpentry tools

    I know you were talking about Dewalt but look at Milwaukee. They have a ton of tools that use their M18 battery packs and they're all interchangable but with different ah capacities. You can use the all battery packs for all the tools but run time will be the only difference.
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    What causes the OHV's to go out of gap ?

    Here's what the head looks like under the valve cover with the guides where they shouldn't be. All I did was dimple the aluminum around the guide (thanks for that I, my brain wasn't working this morning and sleeve was what I came up with lol) the guide sits just low enough to dimple it without...
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    What causes the OHV's to go out of gap ?

    I had the same issue with my 25hp B&S. Looking around I found that the sleeves in the head that the pushrods run through were walking out of the head. From reading it seems that any sort of debris in the cooling fins will overheat the heads and make the sleeves walk out. Easiest fix was to...
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    FWIW if you had the frame treated by Toyota it may be worth a call to Toyota corporate. There's been some instances of them giving a pretty decent discount on a new truck. If you're interested in that of course.
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    Fence gate sag latching wood!

    Too late but would a latch like this one work for you?
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    Lawn Tractor Info

    I think you'll be fine I've got a Husqvarna with it, 200 hours mowing 2 flat acres with no issues regarding the transmission. The 26HP Briggs Intek though has been a PITA.
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    The best of the wildcard woodsplitters, it gets good..

    I also enjoyed the safety glasses, ear protection, shorts, and to really top it off...crocs.
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    Truck tire specs - the finer points

    The price of trucks is outrageous anymore. My wife thought I was crazy buying an 11 year old Tundra for 10k, until she found out a new one was 50k.