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  1. Trex83

    Recommendation to replace Empyre Elite 100

    Hi reog, a pressurized hydronic heater may cost a bit more than your top end on the pricing. Then add the expansion tank, then a lot of folks on this forum will convince you into getting "some" water storage. If you want your hydronic heater to last longer than 10 years, you definitely want...
  2. Trex83

    Biomass-Hydronics-Training PDF

    I took the course when it was launched. Saved the day many times. Although I forgot about how to pipe the vertical storage tanks properly. It caused mixing and didn't stratify. Side ports into the water storage tanks would have solved that. And the initial hicccups of releasing the trapped air...
  3. Trex83

    Automated Airflow

    I've already mentioned something in the same lines to the lead designer at SBI. Too complicated, would add too much cost and lots of user are afraid of electronics (and their potential repairs down the line). If the installer does a good job of adjusting the equipment and making sure you dont...
  4. Trex83

    Automated Airflow

    Already is. Just imagine how you can reach Step 2 NSPS for hydronic heaters (with cordwood, not cribwood testing). Cant do it without a lambda sensor which controls primary and secondary air...
  5. Trex83

    cold smoky air backdrafting down adjacent flue

    Same issue with our latest install for a EKO gasser in the basement. Oil furnace with a power vent sucks so much air in the basement that the normal barometric damper leaks - we had to take it off when the basement was full of smoke during the night - not fun. We know we also have a high wind...
  6. Trex83

    Biomass 60 Fine Tuning

    Hi 1969gmc, don't know if you got your answer already, but you can use a relay with the aquastat, instead of direct wiring your pump (or pumps?) to the terminals of the aquastat. Essentially, the pump/s will get their power through the relay contacts and the aquastat would only power the coil in...
  7. Trex83

    "Puffing" problem with my EKO

    Perhaps I can share what my father has run into with the new EKO 25 install and puffing issues at my sister's place - and revive this thread? First got him a digital manometer to check the draft because it was my #1 suspect. Had too much (above 0.12 in H2O). He removed a 4 ft section in the...
  8. Trex83

    Clarification on gasification boilers needed

    Side note to this, we are still running the same lambda probe on the MTX-L for my dad's setup. He's come to the same conclusion, he would have spent the 1k$ for the lambda control and the second temperature probe that goes in the water storage and the third sensor that goes in the flue to...
  9. Trex83

    Caleffi Quicksetter balancing valve recommended on boiler inlet?

    Hi Stew, I would say I am in the same situation. Working on a project with a FHG 50 and there is a quicksetter on the parts list. All I can think is that the installer prefers to know what is going on with the system and how much flow is going through the boiler. Its easy then to get the BTUh...
  10. Trex83

    Fine Tuning BioMass

    Done! Yes its much better. My dad had to re-adjust the door a little bit and we also put new refractories in the secondary chamber. Happy burning for everyone. Trex83
  11. Trex83

    How to get rid of water corrosion

    Yes, if you get 10% and let it work a couple of ours. Cheers
  12. Trex83

    How to get rid of water corrosion

    Folks here have recommended citric acid, or phosphoric acid. I gave 10% acetic acid to my father because i didn't want the brazed copper plate in the HX to get eaten away with phosphoric acid. Soaked it for a couple of hours and saw some deposits come out. It does work but is a "weak acid"...
  13. Trex83

    Danfoss Thermic Valve

    Hi George, please send a quick picture or diagram of your loop. We need to see if you have the VTC piped correctly. PLease reference which page and version of the PDF document from Danfoss and which diagram you are referencing. The valve can be used for two different application. For boiler...
  14. Trex83

    Where did myth that pellet stoves are exempt start?

    Hi there, Is it only Oko-FEN that has a condensing wood pellet boiler on the market in EU? I remember seeing in this forum discussions over efficiency ratings for combustion. I stay on the wood boiler side/section of this forum usually. Cheers, Trex83
  15. Trex83

    Fine Tuning BioMass

    All right all right there! I wanted to come back and write about the O2 sensor and other stuff we've been up to but I have to start work early (this morning) so I'll come back later this week. Overall, my father is very pleased with the sensor, mainly removes the issues in assessing if the...
  16. Trex83

    Biomass 60 Fine Tuning

    W What is the moisture content of the wood. Wet wood syndrome is a probable diagnostic... You could daisy-chain the tanks supplies (200 gals US?) from Sweeden. Check the dimensions on the website. For a heat load of a 60 kW, a minium of 3 tanks. Again, i didn't saw your...
  17. Trex83

    ASME Certified Indoor Wood Boilers

    For Ontario resident, see this guide: An explanation of Canadian Solid Fuel Burning Regulations with a focus on Ontario - Nipissing University "Most residential pellet stoves and boilers do not have to conform to CSA B51 specifications. CSA B51 states that boilers with a wetted surface area less...
  18. Trex83

    Boiler protection with Danfoss ESBE TV and balancing valve?

    Not really responding to your last question Kuribo, but Caleffi or Termoventiler (Laddomat) may provide you another option. When you factor in the cost of buying the circ pump, temp gauges, ball valves and getting a well made component that reduce chance of not plumbing it right (little circles...
  19. Trex83

    Canadian insurance companies

    I would add to the points Mushroom Man pointed out for insurance concerns (although for Ontario, legislation is similar from province to province, ie. CSA B51 for ASME...). - Municipality; don't forget a building permit. Rules of thumb, touching electric, plumbing and chimney/structure...
  20. Trex83

    Fine Tuning BioMass

    Right now Tennman, we just have the sensor and the cables shipped with the unit. Using a MTX-L from Innovate Motorsports running with an LSU 4.2 Bosch sensor (recommendation from Burt's Greenhouse in Odessa, ON and the gasification forum - gasification at ). My dad has...
  21. Trex83

    Fine Tuning BioMass

    Just to add to the unseasoned wood topic, we have hardwood from last fall. Still measures 25-30%. Doesn't work well. The softwood (red pine) from last fall works great and its 20%, so my dad mixes both types of wood after the hardwood has dried a little bit inside the boiler room. Looking into...
  22. Trex83

    Thermo Control boiler gasification?

    Hi Chris, do you have more info on the clearances of your older chimney? Is it a Class A or Class B. You may want to install a Class A. Some other members would advise you better than me. The older chimney might be to rusted out or not have proper clearances because the flue of an oil burner is...
  23. Trex83

    Fine Tuning BioMass

    If the boiler is running well, maybe we need to move this post to the piping section? How do you manage the zones, do you have a thermostat for each floor, what is your loop/header configuration. A picture of the loop, lenght of piping, supply/return temperatures of each loop, model # of pump...
  24. Trex83

    Who burns biomass besides cord wood ?

    I think some folks have tried to block the nozzle with something in metal. It basically rusted out very quickly. I like the lava rock idea though... The ash may get stuck though. Trex83
  25. Trex83

    Lockwood Bio Fuel bricks

    The focus is using the grown biomass in another application than co-firing with coal, which is the current movement in my area. If the co-firing option drop out, where and how can we use the locally grown stuff? Hopefully one of the options is using it in downdraft gasifiers. Obviously, we will...
  26. Trex83

    Lockwood Bio Fuel bricks

    We haven't tried yet, still a the proposal stage. For the BTU content, we estimate we wont be far from the OMAFRA biomass factsheet : Most of these values have been verified at the NRC lab in Ottawa. For the draft issues, we plan on...
  27. Trex83

    Knowledge of agricultural biomass briquettes in downdraft gasifier?

    Reply to myself, finally found a thread that corresponds to what I was looking for. I'll think about what's on that thread and probably come back with more questions.
  28. Trex83

    Lockwood Bio Fuel bricks

    Hello guys, I was wondering if someone could give an update on the thread? I am looking to tryout different biomass sources in a downdraft gasifier, primarily looking at briquettes or other type of brick made from agricultural residues or grown crops. Thanks for the help, Trex83
  29. Trex83

    Knowledge of agricultural biomass briquettes in downdraft gasifier?

    Hello everyone, I am writing a proposal to establish practical tryouts of agricultural biomass in downdraft gasifier boilers. Has there been any testing done by manufacturers or owners of downdraft systems? The plan is to use briquettes, not pellets. Pellets have been done before with their...
  30. Trex83

    Is there a connection between split size and burn time in a gasification boiler?

    Hi guys, Late post, I know... Does someone has the link to the video or the contact for that SUNY campus. I am writting a proposal to study practical considerations of burning purposely grown biomass in downdraft gasifier. There are plots in QC that I will look into also. Thanks Trex83