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  1. Justin M

    Hamers pellets and cleaning problems

    They are hardwood. I purchased them from CT Pellet. If you want softwood I would consider Lacreates from Burn Time Enterprises. Both of them likely deliver to Danbury.
  2. Justin M

    Hamers pellets and cleaning problems

    I stopped using Hamers last year for the same reason. I'm having much better luck with Turmans.
  3. Justin M

    I need 20lb Bags of Hardwood Pellets in CT

    I've never seen 20 lb. bags around here. You could dump half of a 40 lb. bag in to a coal hod or bucket without lifting the bag off the ground if you are able to have the pellets remain on the pallet where they are delivered (in the garage).
  4. Justin M

    2 out of 3 motors work?

    Yes, this is on an Accentra insert. By Accentra 2 do you mean a 52i? Those may be different.
  5. Justin M

    2 out of 3 motors work?

    Check the hopper lid switch. It won't let the auger feed with the door open.
  6. Justin M

    harman feed rate ?

    The feed rate setting only effects the maximum feed rate. To set it using your current mode of operation first set the temp. to the highest setting so that it is calling for more heat and let it run for a minute. Somewhere between 3 and 4 usually works well.
  7. Justin M

    Harman distribution blower

    Stove temp manual was you problem. Read the sticky:
  8. Justin M

    Why is stove temp mode cooler than room temp mode in 52i?

    Did you have the switch set to manual or automatic mode while in stove temp mode?
  9. Justin M

    Cleaning Harman Accentra Insert Heat Exchanger

    What would there be to clean? You clean the combustion side from the fire box. The only thing that could be on the other side is a little dust from blowing room air across it.
  10. Justin M

    P43? a little help please

    The fan isn't supposed to come on in stove temp manual unless you crank it way up. If you read the Harman sticky it may answer your questions.
  11. Justin M

    My Geospring

    My basement was in the 50's last winter and it kept up in heat pump only mode no problem.
  12. Justin M

    Harman Accenture and airflow

    You might want to double check that the "professional" did a proper cleaning of the venting and entire exhaust path. Their could be an animal nest or something else restricting the exhaust even if it has been cleaned of soot. Are you burning quality pellets?
  13. Justin M

    Harman XXV + Skytech 3301P = Awesome! (Added link + info relative to Harmans suggested method as wel

    If you want to use the wall mounted t-stat exclusively just turn the setting on the stove all the way up so it's always calling for heat. It won't matter where the probe is. As soon as the ignitor light comes you can switch it to manual and it will complete the ignition process.
  14. Justin M

    Harman Room Temp not consistent

    To expand upon what I said earlier - If your stove is oversized for you application then it may not work well in the shoulder season. In the time that the stove starts up, gets up to operating temperature, satisfies the t-stat, and completes the shut down cycle it puts out a minimum amount of...
  15. Justin M

    Harman Room Temp not consistent

    Sounds like it could just be a big stove with a small heat load. It might get better when it gets colder out.
  16. Justin M

    Harman Accentra Insert

    I use a 2"×42" brush that has a thicker rod.
  17. Justin M

    Harman Accentra Insert

    You need to be able to push the brush through the left port until you can see it in the right one with a flash light. I had to get a stiffer boiler brush to make it around the corner because the flimsy Harman brush pretzeled when I tried to push it through.
  18. Justin M

    Damp-rid box in stove.

    You need to block the OAK in the summer not the winter, but I'm sure that's what you meant. A rag is not going to stop water vapor, and you have to seal off the exhaust too if you really wanted to keep the moisture out. I just do damp rid and cooking spray and the stove is fine. I do end up...
  19. Justin M

    This Forum is Creating the Pellet Panic!!

    Ct Pellets: " Please know that with the current wood pellet shortage across the entire northeast, we are currently able to supply our regular existing customers exclusively. We truly regret that right now we do not have the inventory to take on any new customers this season." Burn Time...
  20. Justin M

    Harman Burnpots...Favorite tool for scraping? Pics please!

    It's about 5/8" and the bar is long enough that I can put my other hand on it and push down for more down pressure. It works very well. The Haman tool is too flimsy to put enough down pressure on it when doing a full cleaning and chipping off the "speed bump"...
  21. Justin M

    Harman Burnpots...Favorite tool for scraping? Pics please!

    Harman tool for daily scraping, mechanics pry bar for cleaning.
  22. Justin M

    Mid-Season Chimney Cleanings

    I do use mine for my dryer vent as well.
  23. Justin M

    Mid-Season Chimney Cleanings

    I just checked out their web site and saw that. It wasn't available when I bought mine. They do list pellet stove cleaning as a use for the lint eater so either should be fine.
  24. Justin M

    Mid-Season Chimney Cleanings

    The soot eater is designed to be able to clean a masonry chimney. The lint eater is designed to clean dryer vents, which are very similar to pellet stove liners. Check out their web site and you will see the difference. I don't tape the connections because I add and remove lenths as I go and...
  25. Justin M

    Mid-Season Chimney Cleanings

    I use the lint eater (not soot eater) with extentions. I clean from the bottom up. I only have to clean once a year burning 3.5 tons of high end pellets. Once or twice a season when I have my insert out for maintenance I bang on the liner with my hand. This gets out a lot of the built up...
  26. Justin M

    Accentra design flaw?

    This video show the freestanding maintenance procedures. Harman Accentra Pellet Stove - Maintenance:
  27. Justin M

    Accentra design flaw?

    Watch this Read this
  28. Justin M

    Accentra design flaw?

    Push the brush all the through the left port until you can see it in the right port. I believe the new inserts(52i) have a different design.
  29. Justin M

    Electric or Indirect (oil) water heater?

    That was my plan too, but it didn't dehumify my basement enough so I still have to run the dehumidifier, just not as much.