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    Log Splitter Question - What do I have?

    that looks like a PTO pump from a dump truck. The pumps were designed to be frame mounted somewhere near the back and run with a driveshaft off of the PTO on the transmission. It had two shaft extensions ( basically an extension of each gear shaft ) so that you could use it with either clockwise...
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    Incredible 0n Hybrid Generator

    probably not a good place to save money on spare tires or parachutes
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    Chain dull in two hours?

    not unusual. Two hours is a lot of cutting. I usually put a couple file strokes on the chain every two tanks or so
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    Splitter opinions

    I was going to comment on the rod spacers/broken rod end issue but forgot. I should follow up for other readers. There is a youtube guy who pulled the rod threads off and the vendor would not warranty it. They claimed the spacers caused the issue. Total BS. I designed hydraulics for 35 years...
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    Splitter opinions

    Try the snap on aluminum stroke reducers first it’s a quick test the only thing you have to watch out for is that the ID of the spacers doesn’t contact the seal area where it comes out of the rod. Most farm supply places carry them for maybe $25 or so for a set also with that size of engine...
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    Splitter opinions

    You will be way happy with a 4 inch splitter (20-25 tons, depends on marketing BS). I have a 4 inch with log lift and feet, and it plenty for anything I can physically handle by hand (no skidsteer) "If your gear is never too small, it is always too big" Not saying you want a 3 inch like I built...
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    Should I buy a chainsaw

    The issue with electric saws not being stopped so easily with kevlar chaps is that gas engines only have maybe 10-15% torque rise, a very slight increase from rated power to stalled. So it doesn’t take so much to stall them out. Electric motors have 150-300% torque rise to stall, depending on...
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    Log splitter opinions

    i would put the rounds in the loader bucket put the loader level with the log splitter and split the big rounds and throw the pieces back into the other side of the loader bucket. take them somewhere and dump them but the log lift is absolutely marvelous it’s also a staging table to put six...
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    Winch lead not long enough.

    add two 50 ft cable sections with a joint. Pull in 65, remove 50, pull in some more? Or is there a continuous load on it?
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    Small scale?

    usps post office sells small and large. small is 10 lbs i think. i have both
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    After a recommendation for a moisture meter

    i am also looking for recommendations. i normally dont use meter but have several stacks of various age i am watching. i bought the stihl one about a year ago and am not impressed. -it works well when it works. -Some of the issues I have is the backlighting doesn’t stay on long enough to read...
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    MS-271 + big bar

    of course it depends on how many trees you have but I would rent one for a day at Home Depot or look for a bigger size used. or just cut from both sides if you only have a couple trees but I don’t think you’ll be happy with anything more than about 20 inches on that motor. Assuming you can...
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    Any Suggestions for an Easy Pour 1 Gallon Tank (or attachment)?

    The No Spill cans are expensive but they do work really well for fuel for bar oil I use a 1 gallon fabric softener jug (The kind with the screw cap not the pushbuttons spout ones. they don’t flow at all). because it has a spout inside the cap and it also has a drain port that would drain back...
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    impulse tube cause low compression?

    what kind of compr gauge did you use?
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    Log splitter will only split at low engine RPM

    I don't think it is anything you did, nor did the seller probably know it was failing. This is a pretty typical piston pump failure for the situation. It shows the effects of the low inlet pressure, high case pressure, and open center application. All of these allow the pistons to go...
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    Log splitter will only split at low engine RPM

    Whose clutch? Since it has a bolt on B2 adaptor now, if they are still in business, they may offer a clutch 4 bolt to A2 adaptor instead. Sauer/Sundstrand/Danfoss offered separate B2 to A2 adaptors, but they took a longer spline coupler to make up the space. Eaton/Vickers might have, but...
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    Log splitter will only split at low engine RPM

    I really don’t think you’ll be very happy running the PVB 15 Open centered. and it will be slow. I would look at a two section gear pump with spline shaft front and add the external check valve and unloading valve. that way you get your high flow and yet everything mounts up without...
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    Log splitter will only split at low engine RPM

    More thoughts: -Cylinder: 250 is most likely psi. Search on the model number and see what Parker has. It is likely a very old model and probably not on inet. Parker is HUGE in hundreds of markets, not just fluid power. -Was this a very old machine, running for the previous owner years and...
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    Heathkit GU-1810 Wood Splitter

    does the motor end pivot up such that the two tubes will lay down flat on the ground? My neighbor had one that looked about like that but it would lay flat on the ground to roll big rounds on top of it, which is kind of ironic because anything that was too big to pick up was too big for it to...
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    Log splitter will only split at low engine RPM

    case drain always goes out the highest position so that the pump stays full of oil and itself purges air out of the case. The PV Vickers is really sensitive to the difference between case pressure and suction pressure. they tend to rattle their slippers against the swashplate if they’re not...
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    Log splitter will only split at low engine RPM

    if it’s a Vickers PV pressure compensated pump series you’ll need to determine whether it’s been running with an open center valve or a close center valve. they typically should be run with the close center valve because they’re quite sensitive to inlet suction condition and to running with no...
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    Log splitter will only split at low engine RPM

    Great video. P.m. sent. I’ll post here later it is a variable pressure compensated piston pump.
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    Log splitter will only split at low engine RPM

    more thoughts. 1. Even if there’s no tag on the pump some pictures and if there’s anything like symbols cast into the pump housing or any trademarks. it looks probably like it’s going to be Cessna or vickers but there several older piston pump makers. 2. next any lay line information on that...
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    Log splitter will only split at low engine RPM

    someone has good eyes on that little hose. that’s a case drain and that’s a game changer. I wasn’t paying close enough attention to what the pump is. I assumed it was a fixed gear pump. can you send a bigger picture of the pump and any name plate info. looks like a variable axial piston pump...
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    Log splitter will only split at low engine RPM

    And check the return connection and routing.
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    Log splitter will only split at low engine RPM

    Aeration: Disclaimer: scare story, it won’t happen to you, different scenario. We had a machine with 500 gal tank, I think 18 gear pumps and 5 piston pumps, about 600 gpm of gear pump continuous flow at high idle. New startup out of the shop went ok. Parked overnight on a rail siding 10 miles...
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    Log splitter will only split at low engine RPM

    There is a drawdown in the tank as the rod extends. Difference in volume out vs volume in is the steel volume of the rod. a quart goes into cylinder closed side extending rod, but only maybe 3/4 quart comes back out of the rod side. motors are one to one. Systems with accumulators really...
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    Log splitter will only split at low engine RPM

    maybe this was covered earlier but how does the return go into the tank just into the top above the fluid level?That would be a source of massive aeration also. or is there a standpipe that goes down halfway or a little more down towards the bottom under the fluid level?
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    Log splitter will only split at low engine RPM

    so that’s a suction strainer, not a filter. It’ll be very coarse. I think Jerry’s onto something that if that strainer is not fully submerged all the time it will be sucking air. typically there would be a a pipe going straight down toward the bottom then a 90° elbow and the strainer should...
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    Log splitter will only split at low engine RPM

    OK so you have a recleanable wire mesh return filter. the pluse they are re-cleanable. the downside is they are pretty coarse and usually don’t have a bypass valve although it could be hiding in there somewhere. this is a bunny trail but I would pitch the wiremesh element and put a standard...