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  1. Harman Lover 007

    60 used pellet stoves on Craigslist............

    I've always had the luxury of being a NG consumer and yet I've burned for 20 years now. I just upgraded my heating system in my home to a triangle tube condensating boiler with FHW baseboards. NG is so reasonable I think I'll be cutting my pellet usage by more than 50%.
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    P43 Auger Not Feeding

    You're on the right track. Empty the hopper and look down through the slide plate and see if something is jammed in that way. As stated before, when was the last time you emptied the fines box? You can take the auger motor off fairly easily if you are handy. Start with this and let us know how...
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    A Little Longer to Ignite

    Double check and make sure the igniter is properly seated in the cradle and right up against the underside of the burnpot.
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    Emergency; Please Help! Harman 52i

    My experience is it won't do what it is intended to do for today's sensitive electronics. I have the same devices on my two panels and surges have gotten by them....
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    Emergency; Please Help! Harman 52i

    Don't rely on that surge protector in your panel or the strips to protect your stove. Been there done that. You should get real surge protector and install it on the outlet your stove is plugged into. Many of us use one of these.
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    Harman Absolute63 Available
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    P61A HELP

    Put it in "test" mode and tell us what happens. You should have the combustion fan, distribution fan, and auger all running in test mode.
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    Accentra help before I call a tech in??

    Check and make sure your room sensing probe connections are tight. You probably have a dirty pot but what you describe could also be a bum signal from the probe.
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    HELP - Need advice asap!

    Given what you have described I would consider adding the heat option to your existing system. Doesn't sound like you got good advice on how cold it can get during a Ct winter. Do you have natural gas on your street? If not, propane or oil are options. Find a good HVAC contractor and go from...
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    Just purchased a new P68 to replace our Earth Stove

    Me too. I'm just waiting for the colder weather to get the most out of them....
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    Just purchased a new P68 to replace our Earth Stove

    Yes....yes you do.....(sorry, couldn't resist. I'm just getting caught up on some older threads.....)
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    P61 ESP vs feed rate while in stove temp

    You are going completely off the reservation by even considering a damper on the intake of a Harman. The stove is pretty "smart" even if it is an older one. Once you know how to operate it properly and you understand the feed rate, you'll get everything you want and more out of it.
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    Harmon Accentra Insert

    So...seriously consider taking the control board out of the stove before welding it.
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    Harmon Accentra Insert

    I welded mine in my Harman Invincible but I disassembled the stove first. (big job). I would be very concerned about the circuitry in the control board if you are going to weld the auger tube while it is still installed in the stove.
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    Just purchased a new P68 to replace our Earth Stove

    If the above is the case, then something is very wrong!! You should be able to turn the stove to off and the combustion blower will continue to run until the flame goes out and the stove will cool down. This could easily take 30 minutes (or longer)
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    Just purchased a new P68 to replace our Earth Stove

    Feed rate 4...set it and forget it. Anyone ever hear me say that before??? :p
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    Inferno Gold pellets

    .....excuse me for replying then.
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    Inferno Gold pellets

    Red lettered TSC bags are a thing of the past. White bag with blue letters is the new norm.....scan the bar code and you'll find out what you have.
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    Recommendation on WIFI Thermostat

    Back when this was discussed at length many were using the Skytech 3301p. Do a search on that and see what turns up
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    Just purchased a new P68 to replace our Earth Stove

    Enjoy the new beast. You'll be surprised how much heat it cranks out when you need it...
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    Inferno Gold pellets

    I burned 3 tons of them 2 years ago. Paid $199 ton at that time. Middle of the road pellet...nothing special.
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    Make and model of your stove will help us help you.
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    Harman P43 Flame Height Issue

    It's an annual pilgrimage to discuss it....I ended up putting it in my signature several years ago in the hopes that some would see it...
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    P43 feed rate maxed, also the dreaded rumble.

    If you run the stove in Stove Temp mode, feed rate 4, and turn it all the way up you should have a rip roaring flame. If you don't, something is still wrong. I seem to remember someone with this issue a couple of years ago here but I can't remember. Keep us informed after different pellets.