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  1. forya

    Harman Advance Not Shutting Down

    I have been dealing with this problem with my accenrta ever since I got a new board. I just prop my hopper lid open for 10 mins, and it runs out of pellets because the auger won't run when the hopper is open.
  2. forya

    Summer prep

    I also put 2 balls of kitty litter in stockings, on a paper plate in my stove. One in the ash pan and one in the hopper. They almost double in weight after the summer from the amount of water they soak up
  3. forya

    Pellets for 2012-2013 Ordered!

    I have 2 tons of Lignetics (green bags) and 1 ton of Hamers. I might pick up 2 or 3 more Hamers when I think they hit bottom
  4. forya

    It's March 19th and...

    Pumped up the bike tires and went for a bike ride with the kid. My stove is still full of pellets, I hope I can burn them out, it is not fun to bail them out of an insert.
  5. forya

    harman accentra will not turn off

    The funny thing is that it has been turning on and off just fine with the room sensor. It just won't turn off with the off switch. So I guess I will switch it to room temp and turn the temp down and It will shut off.
  6. forya

    harman accentra will not turn off

    I seems like I need to have switch 1 OFF. Currently mine is on. The new diagram i just got today from Harman shows that 1 should be off.
  7. forya

    Anchorage AK Lowes Pellet alert

    what brands do you usually get up there?
  8. forya

    harman accentra will not turn off

    So do you know where I can get the REV E instructions?
  9. forya

    harman accentra will not turn off

    I DID, he said it was installed correctly, and said I probably needed to clean my stove, that ash could be insulating my ESP probe. That is definitively NOT my issue. you could eat out of my stove right now!
  10. forya

    harman accentra will not turn off

    Do you have a link to a printout of the REV E Dip switches? I want to send it to my dealer
  11. forya

    harman accentra will not turn off

    Where can I find the instructions for the Rev E board? I saw in a post by Lousyweather That I am to have "Didnt see the insert notation! Anyhow, in checking the revision E instructions for standard settings for an Accentra INSERT, the settings are “ON†for 3,5,6, and “OFF†for 1,2,4,7,8 "...
  12. forya

    Bad igniter

    I remove the 2 screws and take mine out once a month. I am very careful. I also keep a MAPP torch handy, just in case.
  13. forya

    harman accentra will not turn off

    So I opened it up again and I do have a REV E board (F5371AA REV E). My date stamp on the Insert is AUG 2009. Where should my switches be set? If I can avoid adding the cut off switch for the auger I will.
  14. forya

    just bought a used harman accentra fs $300

    I painted all the cast in my firebox last year. I took it to a wire wheel and sprayed on very light coats. If you paint it too thick it will fall off.
  15. forya

    harman accentra will not turn off

    Good info. #6 seems to just be an offset for the thermostat, but I will try it in the off position next time I run out of pellets.
  16. forya

    Brand new stove under $600 will usa suppliers be able to compete

    The current distribution for them is going to keep them real limited. But if TSC or Wal-Mart start to carry them, they will be everywhere and there will be parts for them. All it takes is for the price of oil to keep going up and demand to keep rising for these types of stoves, and they will...
  17. forya

    harman accentra will not turn off

    I opened up my control board and my DIP switches are: 1 on, 2 off, 3 on, 4 off, 5 on, 6 on, 7 off, 8 off. I can't tell if this is right or not. At least 5 is on, and I do have the ESP with the red wires
  18. forya

    harman accentra will not turn off

    So you just put the switch on one of the two wires feeding the auger motor? Is the motor ac or dc? and which wire did you break?
  19. forya

    ash build up

    I get the same thing when I burn Hamers. I get a stlagtight of ash that hangs off the edge of the burnpot. I don't get this with the Lignetics, but the Lignetics don't burn near as hot as the Hamers, so it is worth pulling the clump off the edge of the burnpot 2-3 times a day
  20. forya

    harman accentra will not turn off

    Yes the ddm was hooked up and everything seems normal. I am waiting for the stove to run out of pellets and shut down, then I am going to look and make sure that my dip switch is in the correct position. I called my dealer, who spoke to Harman, and they said that a dirty stove can insulate it...
  21. forya

    Pellets available in Southeastern PA?

    Quakertown TSC had the Lignetics (green Label) a few weeks ago for 219/ton. I have been using the Green labeled Lignetics for the shoulder season, and Hamers for the cold times, which there really haven't been many so far. I would like to try some bearfoots or turmans but I have a tough time...
  22. forya

    Cost–benefit analysis

    I have all electric. I went from $350-$500 electric bills/month to $90 electric bills. last year I burned a little under 4 tons. It feels like I'm spending less, and my house is much warmer.
  23. forya

    harman accentra will not turn off

    I have a new esp and board. My problem started after I got the new board and esp probe
  24. forya

    Good article by Dan Barry ny times

    And how many Billions did the oil company's get in grants and tax relief this year? Isn't Hugo Chavez still giving free oil to those who can't pay?
  25. forya

    New Owner of Accentra Insert Questons

    I am heating a 2000 sq ft house with an accentra insert. Last year I burned 4 tons. I have an extension on my temp probe, and it is about 6 ft to the left of my stove half way up a fake tree. It keeps my 1st floor at 72 and my 2nd floor at 65-68.
  26. forya

    harman accentra will not turn off

    This is an ongoing problem for me. After a hard reset I can get it to shut off, but after it shuts off once, it won't do it again. I think the switch is a good idea. where do you put it?
  27. forya

    Pellets available in Southeastern PA?

    I just saw some Liberty pellets for 3.98/bag at Lowes. Are they any good? They also have Green Supreme's for 3.98/bag
  28. forya

    Best accessory yet!

    This one looks cool, and it's magnetic. Magnetic light
  29. forya

    Pellets available in Southeastern PA?

    I'm about 20mins from Dublin. I am burning the lignetics from the Quakertown Tractor Supply now. How are the Hardwood Heats?
  30. forya

    Pellets available in Southeastern PA?

    I have found Hamers, Lignetics, Grean supreme's, Pennington, O'Malley's. Is there any others around, and where?