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    Pricing per cord?

    150 to 200 full cord for oak hickory here in missouri
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    Firewood cutting.. carpenter ants. Freak or ignore?

    That's no kiddin lol. My chickens love when I split wood. If I bust in to a piece with ants they go crazy and make short work of them. Anyways you are destroying their ideal environment and the wood is still good for burning.
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    Felled my first tree

    Basically the opposite of conventional cut. The angle cut is left on stump instead of your firewood.
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    Felled my first tree

    Yinpin....Now for the one in second pick in back right lol. Looks like a lot of good dead wood in that one if my eyes arent decieving me
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    Nuthing wrong wit scrounging. I got land but if I can get wood for free then heck yea I'm gunna take it. I'm not against burning pine just dont have any near my area except yard trees. I have burned some over the years and it is great for shoulder season. Oak is better obviously but if it's free...
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    Storing wood in a garage

    O yea....ortho home 15 bucks for 1 great for killing those critters. Just spray around your pile on floor in garage or footer and or stem wall of whole house for that matter. Not affiliated with ortho but this stuff is useful
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    Storing wood in a garage

    Huh pimples....sounds like hickory to me. As long as it's fairly dry and not obviously infested with termites or other critters u should b ok.
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    Per your stove.. what’s your average cut length?

    18 inch but that's just cause I use a 18 inch bar most time. Stove will take 22
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    narrowest diameter you'll save for burning (not kindling)

    If it is bigger around than my wrist and I can wrap my hand around my wrist lol. I really hate wasting wood. It all burns....some just faster than other.
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    CT EAB

    Must be country wide by now because I seen on news that city of springfield missouri is cutting a bunch in medians and near sidewalks because of this lil bigger. Wish I could get all the wood lol
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    Log splitter

    I put mine in lean to when I'm not gunna b using it for a while. Before I built wood shed I had no option but to leave it out. Just tarp motor like everyone said and may I suggest that if it is going to set out in same spot any length of time to park tires on top of scrap 2x4 or what have you...
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    Green wood and creosote

    I agree. No house ever burned down from over cleaning a chimney. That being said...burn the wood that u have to until you get ahead of the wood game. Just check your chimney often cause like vwmike said a fireplace isnt as bad cause it isnt choked down. But when you line it and put stove in I...
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    Help buying first EPA stove

    Yead I had a lot of red oaks that I believe died this summer from drought i guess. I will give the 85 a look over as soon as I get a chance. I thought about getting sumthin with a cat for their burn times which sounds awesome....just figured it might be troublesome for wife when I am not there...
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    I'm always amazed at the small amount of ashes after the fire burns down

    If you have post oak cut them a year in advance and let them lay. Come back year later cut and split and bark will normally peel rite off. Lot less ash and makes post oak even better firewood. Great fence post as well hence the name.
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    Ever have fire wood stolen?

    Never had wood stole...that I kno of. Had 7 round bales stole this summer tho before I caught the guy. He was just pulling up in hay lot and loading a bale with dew eze every night. I stayed out and caught him one night and got license number. With bad drought this summer making round bales 100...
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    Help buying first EPA stove

    That's good to know. Never used maple but lots in town tho. Mostly oak and hickory in missouri woods....and that's what I thought bout bucks....not much user reviews or opinions but round here they are a staple. I will definitely look around tho..not against trying sumthin other than buck. True...
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    Help buying first EPA stove

    Gotcha...probably easier to load that way as well while on fire
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    Help buying first EPA stove

    That's a good idea. I will do that to make sure. Do burns last longer for u thy way.
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    Help buying first EPA stove

    M yea my gpa does still also. He dont cut it no more n dad get it cut for him
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    Stool on my wood

    Dont burn that log lol
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    Want a new stove

    Thanks woody...I finally figured it out. That's good to hear as well. Always been partial to bucks for their build quality and customer service....which is becoming rarer and rarer these days
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    Tick bites and Lyme disease

    Lol....I should a seen that comin
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    Help buying first EPA stove

    Mojappa....true true. I plan on getting one...and the reason I dont plan on using a new stove until next winter. I assume my wood isnt seasoned good enough yet for new efficient stoves. But i will get a mm.
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    Help buying first EPA stove

    I got oak that i cut last summer. Four cords and about a half stacked off ground wit barn tin covering it on top. I kno I won't use it much this year but by next winter I plan to have a good stock ready. Winter bout over here in SW mo in another month and half. Plus I work for city in hometown...
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    Help buying first EPA stove

    Thanks for the reply. I wanna stick with wood simply for the reason that it is what I have always been around. I also have plenty of timber i own so wood isnt really a cost factor other than saw maintenance and my labor of course....which I enjoy. I will definately look at the blaze king if I...
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    Tick bites and Lyme disease

    I've always heard pantyhose kept ticks off good. Guess they dont like the material. I cant imagine pantyhose in woods while hunting but then again I knew a guy that got lymes disease and his kidneys shut down before doctors figured out what it was. Luckily he lived but it makes me think...
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    Help buying first EPA stove

    Hey folks been lurking on site for quite a while. Awesome source of info. I was curious on opinions of a buck 74... for a 1500 sq ft open concept house newly built. 2x6 outside walls...pretty tight. Average winters here are twenties at night and forties in day time. Wanting to know if it could...
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    Want a new stove

    I too am looking for a new stove. Been looking at buck 74. Any opinions very appreciated. Sorry new and couldn't figure out where new thread icon was