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  1. Backwoods Savage

    Stoves, dust and smoke alarms

    I doubt it is dust although you'll definitely get some of that smell in the fall after the stove setting for months unused. As for the smoke alarms, in over 50 years we have never had one go off from the wood stove. No, it is not normal.
  2. Backwoods Savage

    Used Woodstock Fireview , What are they worth

    I think ours cost $2200 in 2007 with free shipping. Anyway, it would be tough paying 50% or more than what it cost new. For sure you want to look it over really close. Raise the top lid and look at the cat. Actually you should lift the cat out to inspect it. Is is cracked and crumbled (ceramic)...
  3. Backwoods Savage

    Ground cover in woods

    Periwinkle. It will grows nicely even in the shade and you don't have to cover the whole space as it will spread all by itself. We put out some in a few areas and have been very pleasantly surprised at how well it does. Sometimes the deer will eat it during the winter (it stays green) but it...
  4. Backwoods Savage

    Did a little wood pulling.

    That looks like a good sized trailer to haul a decent sized load. As for the mud, I'm sure you are used to it there. Fortunately it is not bad here so far this spring. Last year was the opposite.
  5. Backwoods Savage

    Tornado oaks

    Well, at least that storm left you something good.
  6. Backwoods Savage

    Scrounger's dilemma

    I think Begreen is right. Offer some dollars if they will deliver it. They could save themselves a lot of time and equipment wear and tear.
  7. Backwoods Savage

    Boys weekend plans........

    Good for you tigger. However, it sounds like you are not ready for next winter, especially with that oak. We give it 3 years in the stack and that is stacked outdoors. When you stack wood in a shed, it will take longer to dry. That is why most folks will dry the wood out in the wind and sun...
  8. Backwoods Savage

    So I'm Burning on April 29th.

    Nothing unusual about burning at this time of the year. Some folks will be burning up into June. We usually figure we're done burning by mid-May. We'll get some freezing weather yet around here. We're hoping no more snow though.
  9. Backwoods Savage

    Cat vs. Non-Cat

    Welcome to the forum Spletz. We can understand your thoughts about cat vs non-cat. We had heard some nightmare stories about cat stoves and some good stories too. But the bad stuff made us decide to go non-cat the last time we shopped for a stove. Long story short, we bought a cat stove. We...
  10. Backwoods Savage

    Sunday afternoon at the toothpick yard...

    Looks great maple1.
  11. Backwoods Savage

    what wood to burn

    Welcome to the forum oneway. Box elder is good in spring and fall for sure. You can burn the willow too but it is one of the poorest. We do have some willow here but although I've dropped a few of the trees, they still lay where they were dropped. One thing to keep in mind too is that it...
  12. Backwoods Savage

    Oak suicide

    We've had two red oak limbs fall on our barn. It is a steel barn and the sound was probably heard for 10 miles. Only damage was just one small dent in one of the gutters. That was a relief.
  13. Backwoods Savage

    New kind of wood splitting fairy

    You should send that little girl over our way! Yes, with the cookies and we too prefer them right out of the oven. Yummy!
  14. Backwoods Savage

    Big Rounds

    I've never liked sawing them at all. Sledge and wedges do it nicely and take a lot less gas and oil to get the job done too. However, a 10 pounder is a bit on the large size. Too big for me. 6 or 8 is plenty and I prefer the 6.
  15. Backwoods Savage

    We Adopted A European

    That was a lot of work right there. I hope you are correct that it is enough for 4 years. Now you can coast! Sweet for sure!
  16. Backwoods Savage

    Anyone still burning??

    Andrew, there is a fire in the stove right now. No, it appears we are still a few weeks away letting the stove go cold for very long.
  17. Backwoods Savage

    Living frugal, practical, saving money and raising healthy children

    Ours would be a rather long list but probably most would not find it to their liking. Although we do from time to time give ourselves a "treat" (like that new car we bought last summer) we still try out best to be frugal. One of the best things is being debt free. That should be a goal for everyone.
  18. Backwoods Savage

    Back saving processing tools

    Thanks HD. I don't like the new software either. What is the sense of having likes and then not being able to use it?
  19. Backwoods Savage

    Inventory up over 40 cords.. too tired for pics!

    JP, that is an amazing amount of wood but I know you burn a lot so good for you getting it out.
  20. Backwoods Savage

    FREE Firewood everywhere!

    Welcome to the forum Zxuser. You'll find in time that there are many on this forum who get wood from arborists. If they don't have their own woods to cut on, this is a great alternative and as stated, most of the time they are happy to get rid of the wood. Many will even bring the wood to your...
  21. Backwoods Savage

    What's the weirdest thing you have ever cut through when felling/bucking????

    Many years ago I cut into a coon. That one was ugly.
  22. Backwoods Savage

    New to the Wood Shed

    Welcome to the forum Locust Killa. Hard to say without pictures but you may have some beech there. Also, there is a world of difference between beech, black birch or cherry. Cherry has a very rough bark whereas the the other has a smooth bark. The picture below is cherry.
  23. Backwoods Savage

    Brought home a load Black Birch

    Like nrford, I immediately saw beech. I've never even seen a black birch. Lots of white and yellow but no black.
  24. Backwoods Savage

    The Stove Naysayers

    Welcome to the forum Ricky. It can be interesting when you learn what some folks think about wood burning. You can tell by my signature line we've been at this a long time so naturally we've had some responses such as you have received. We usually laugh! It is also amazing to us that over the...
  25. Backwoods Savage

    Back saving processing tools

    Oh good Lord midwest. I really feel for you. Before I recommend tools, let me tell you that my back is much worse than yours and I've lived with this for almost 30 years now. I have herniated discs all over the lumbar region (including l5-s1) and also in the cervical. Notice I said discs, not...
  26. Backwoods Savage

    Moving stacks twice

    Dave, don't forget there is a big difference between an OWB and an indoor stove. The boiler has a fan to feed the air and that is why so many will simply burn their wood green. Ugh: an awful thought.
  27. Backwoods Savage

    How Much Space Between Stacks?

    Here the prevailing winds are SW or NW. Therefore, our stacks tend to be laid from N to S. This lets the wind hit from any of the westerly directions. I see no good reason for the wind to hit the end of the rows; hit the sides.
  28. Backwoods Savage

    Back 2 back maple scores

    Osage, that really surprises me to hear you did some noodling on soft maple!
  29. Backwoods Savage

    What the stack says about covering & rows...

    Believe it or not Slow1, we would dearly love to come for a visit and perhaps stay a night with you and that wonderful family you have. Not only me but also my wife dearly loves those kids. So we are hoping some day to stop for a visit. Besides, there are a couple more folks not too far from you...