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  1. edyit

    Buying a new stove

    is there any place else you can locate the stove? if not i'd try to find the most convective stove I could since most of the radiant heat is going to be lost.
  2. edyit

    Granite hearth help for wood stove

    I don't know what you need for floor protection with that model Jotul, but if it requires any R value then glass will not give it. If its ember protection only then glass will work fine, I'd go with 3/8" with a rounded edge, you'll want to make sure whatever you're setting it on is perfectly...
  3. edyit

    Any repair advice? type in your address and it should give a few options
  4. edyit

    Sunroom Zone Heater

    have they considered gas? it might be better suited for this than wood, it's not going to be a main heat source, easier to vent, still gives flames, less handling and processing for dry wood.
  5. edyit

    Screw broke on inside of door holding glass

    Left hand bits are amazing for this type of fix. Use them often when working on hydrants that have seen 30 years of road salt....
  6. edyit

    Screen, Glass, or Custom Doors

    When I was around 5-6 my grandparents had a house that had a fireplace in it with glass doors. I remember them burning in it and the tempered glass cracking from being closed while the fire was burning. Maybe the newer glass doors are made from pyroceramic like stove doors are.
  7. edyit

    Screen, Glass, or Custom Doors

    Before you do anything get it inspected by a professional and make sure it is in usable condition. If you're looking to use this for any kind of heat and not just ambiance then I would get an insulated liner and an insert. The glass doors you mentioned I'm pretty sure can't be used to close the...
  8. edyit

    Question on wood-burning insert or stove for NH home

    my first guess would be to reduce clearance to combustibles.
  9. edyit

    Any stove recommendations for a shorter chimney length?

    @will1975 I have the stove you are looking at with 15' of chimney but with 2 - 90 degree bends (a through the wall install) at a much higher elevation in the Adirondack Mountains than you are. I have no issues with draft or with smoke spillage. That being said I also burn in "batches" load the...
  10. edyit

    Input needed; Your technique when burning your non-cat stove?

    If going from a cold start I'll throw in a few sticks of kindling and let that burn to coals before I fill it with full sized splits. The hot coals get it going better than top downs or other methods I've tried. Granted I also don't have that many cold starts. Depends on what you mean by hard...
  11. edyit

    How Much Wood Did U All Burn This Season?

    3 full cords, started burning in October ended the middle of April, about an average year for us.
  12. edyit

    BK Ashford 30 Install

    Maybe try a stove besides the BK? They do get a lot of praise on here, but like everything else on this planet nothing is infallible. Should be able to get a decent non cat stove for what you can sell the BK for. That would recoup some of the cost. I dunno, just throwing out ideas, I know...
  13. edyit

    Summers Heat 2400-sq ft 50-SHSSW02 Door Problems.

    Seasoned Oak, you are much calmer and easier going individual than I am.
  14. edyit

    Is it all over?

    nope, not over yet here, 21F and 6" of fresh snow this morning, love springtime in the adirondacks
  15. edyit

    Single vs double wall flue pipe

    the cleaning logs don't clean your chimney, they chemically turn hard glazed creosote into an easier remove form
  16. edyit

    Is it all over?

    almost 60F today, gonna drop back into the 20's the next couple days, hopefully the end is in sight.
  17. edyit

    Wood stove woes - wood moisture

    they're not bad, I like them, i've picked up a few packs and burned them by themselves and mixed with regular wood, burned well both ways
  18. edyit

    New to me 2009 Osburn 2400 Insert/restoration

    not knowing the exact size you need try looking on someplace like amazon, a quick search turned up this
  19. edyit

    Cannot Keep Fire Lit in Fireplace

    you have more faith in "maintenance" than I ever would
  20. edyit

    Cannot Keep Fire Lit in Fireplace

    since this sounds like a new to you set up I have to ask, did you get it inspected by someone that knows what to look for to see if it is safe to burn in before you lit a fire inside your house?
  21. edyit

    Crackling in chimney

    remove the front burn tube, there is a small bolt on the left hand side of the tube retainer bracket (for lack of a better term) remove this then slide the tube to the right and it should angle down and out rather easy. with the front tube removed you can take both pieces of the baffle out of...
  22. edyit

    Single vs double wall flue pipe

    generally speaking warmer flue gasses increase draft
  23. edyit

    New member and and a new stove

    self cleaning chimney, if it sounds too good to be true....
  24. edyit

    24/7 burners required.

    1. Location Adirondacks in Northern NY 2. Insulation of the house 1963 Sears Home Kit with lots of added insulation 3. Efficiency of the stove Madison 50-shssw01 72% - 78% 4. House size ~1500 sqr ft Ranch style Usage: ~4 cords of mixed hardwood a year is that on carpet or bare floors?
  25. edyit

    Newbie looking for some in-depth advice on choosing an insert

    no it's not an exaggeration. 700-800 on the outside of the pipe is ~2x that inside it. so 1400 - 1600. that's an overfire. no exaggeration.
  26. edyit

    My problem was effectively my Temp gauge.

    if you use it as a thermometer and ignore the "zones" it'll be fine
  27. edyit

    My not so great experience with FPX catalyst insert - Advice?

    that doesn't sound like a good idea to me, the top of the chimney is usually where it is coolest, going from 6" to 10" is going to slow it down and cool it even more. sounds like a creosote making machine.
  28. edyit

    100% waxed cardboard logs

    the wax ones no, the ones that are just pressed wood fibers yes
  29. edyit

    Too salvage or trash?

    I'd call a sweep, have them come in and clean the creosote and install the liner correctly, it might cost you a little $$ but piece of mind is priceless.