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  1. rowerwet

    Wood Splitters

    I also have the 22 ton DHT, before that I had the 20 ton predator model. both do a great job, but the predator doesn't split vertically.
  2. rowerwet

    Portsmouth memorial bridge producing electricity

    The current on the river is incredible because of the volume of water going in and out of great bay
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    It has a small learning curve, but once you get that figured out it takes any variables out of the equation. It's not as fast as a grinder, or Pfered sharpener, but much more precise. I'll set up a table by the stove on a cold night, lay some newspaper on the table, and true up all my loops...
  4. rowerwet

    In 5 years there will be no permanent Arctic ice left.

    Funny, I think some politician said that about an ice free artic years ago, but he was wrong....
  5. rowerwet

    Re-Power riding mower or replace? Augh...

    Instead of dumping the yard vac bag, I just back up to the pile, unzip the bag, crank up the engine and blow the leaves out
  6. rowerwet

    types of aluminum

    Boeing uses 7075 to build aircraft. It's light and strong for fuel savings, but down the road the aircraft get ultrasonic inspection and all the cracks get patches and repairs. Most small aircraft use 2024. Brittleness is also dependent on the heat treatment, indicated by the T number after...
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    I love mine, however I still end up with a chain that cuts crooked every now and then. My Timberline sharpener get it all back to cutting like new
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    How Much Wood Did U All Burn This Season?

    Burned almost 7, which is way more than normal, especially since winter didn't really happen out here on the seacoast. The difference is that I CSS over 20 cords in the last year and a half, so instead of switching to oil as soon as possible, we kept the stove going until we couldn't turn it...
  9. rowerwet

    Firewood quarantined

    People have been rearranging the environment for a couple hundred years, now things are settling out as a lot of the land is not under cultivation anymore
  10. rowerwet

    Finished shed!

    I file a groove in my bar at 17", then swing the saw to get a consistent split length
  11. rowerwet

    Dry Time

    Up here in my area it can take three years to get oak seasoned enough
  12. rowerwet

    can i run 15A chainsaw on 3500W generator?

    Yup, i do it from time to time, to exercise the generator so it works when I need it
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    I also have a boat made of recycled plastic bottles, a bit smaller though. It's a Walden paddler 10' kayak.
  14. rowerwet

    Automotive oil changes

    Work with a guy who never changes his oil, just the filter, it's a Saturn he bought new, and it continues to run just fine. Personally I use amsoil, with a 25,000 mile/ 1 year interval. Been doing it almost 20 years, none of my cars really use oil and no engine trouble. My commute is 35...
  15. rowerwet

    Has anybody tried the EPA's Burnwise woodshed plan or similar plan?

    this rack is a couple years old now, we just burned the last of the wood in it and I normal would have just refilled it, but I wanted to make the aisle between the racks wider. replaced a couple bottom pallets with the metal pallet built into the bottom of an IBC tote tank, and cut the steel...
  16. rowerwet

    Has anybody tried the EPA's Burnwise woodshed plan or similar plan?

    It goes against my nature to spend big money on a firewood rack, when I scrounge my wood. I could never justify the cost of the materials in that design. My biggest cost is the steel roofing, but I visit the roofing at the big box store every time, any buckled, dented, cracked and scratched...
  17. rowerwet

    What's More Important, Sun and Wind or Coverage?

    air flow first, sun is nice, covered is good to keep leaves, snow and ice out of a stack, leaves will keep the airflow away from the wood, and promote water staying in the wood. Ice and snow also keep water in the wood. cut and split wood naturally expels water, as long as the air is dry enough...
  18. rowerwet

    Chain dull in two hours?

    back when everything was done with a two man or single buck saw, you cleared away the bark from the cut with a "spud" because bark dulls the saw. a hatchet would do the job, but really, 2 hours is longer than I would go on my 20" or 24" saws between sharpening. I hit my chain with the Pferd 2 in...
  19. rowerwet

    Your favorite wood

    already cut, split and stacked, even better if it will be delivered, but I'm not picky, I'll pick it up myself if needed. tree species? oak
  20. rowerwet

    Seeking advice on best storage and drying technique

    my chimney is three stories tall, but my roof is a hip roof, and there is an attic hatch way built in so the only ladder is a simple one from the attic floor to the hatch, no taller than an six foot step ladder. really nice, and something I will insist on in any home I might build. Sweeping is...
  21. rowerwet

    Seeking advice on best storage and drying technique

    Pine is mostly a problem if you burn it unseasoned, creating lots of creosote in the first place. Usually these are the same people who burn everything unseasoned, so they have lots of creosote. I have some mixed in with the rest of my wood, and I only sweep once a year. Never had a chimney...
  22. rowerwet

    Seeking advice on best storage and drying technique

    I build racks out of pallets Screwed together with torx head screws. I get the 4x4 beams free off craigslist, and use them to tie each rack together, and attach the roofing to. scrap wood is attached to the beam and supports each seam in the roofing. Rain, snow and leaves just run right off...
  23. rowerwet

    Splitter opinions

    I had the predator 20 ton splitter that worked the same way. They are a nice design, the only downside being the lack of vertical splitting. The wedge is narrower than most splitters, but that allows it to go through just about anything. I ran mine for three years and sold it for more than I...
  24. rowerwet

    Cordwood Pricing??

    Wood prices vary a lot, I wish I could get wood at the prices my brother in law in PA can. The best way to see what the local price is that I've found is check Craigslist, they're usually within the normal range of local dealers.
  25. rowerwet

    Running Out of Wood?

    After just scraping by and coming up short other years, I worked like a dog the past two years and currently have 15 cord stacked in my firewood racks. I burn about six in the coldest winter , so I'm set for now. Since this winter is a pathetic failure , I've been refilling my racks as fast as...
  26. rowerwet

    Earth Friendly Heat

    If you believe in the carbon myth, wood heat is the most carbon neutral heat. Pellets come next, but the process of making wood into pellets is energy intensive, so in the end, it adds much more carbon to the atmosphere because of trucking, electricity generation and bagging . Gas comes next ...
  27. rowerwet

    Splitter opinions

    I have a DHT 22 ton splitter, with the Loncin engine. The engine us a GX clone, and is actually not that loud. I look for things like a choke before brand names, especially since I can get a predator replacement engine from harbor freight (GX clone) for short money. My last splitter was a...
  28. rowerwet

    Drying firewood - shed or covered in open?

    My pallet firewood racks cost almost nothing, and keep my stacks dry I haven't bought any lumber to build them, even the 4x4 beams along the center of each rack are Craigslist scrounges. I swing by the steel roofing at the big box and look for the buckled, cracked and dented panels, then buy...
  29. rowerwet

    Simple pallet firewood rack

    I originally ran the steel roofing lengthwise on my racks, but they sagged in the middle, needed splits on top to keep them from flying away , and collected leaves. Using a backwards blade in my circular saw, I cut them into sections, long enough to cover the pallets. Now the water drains...