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  1. salecker

    RE: Which option to choose with splitter repair?

    You should be able to find a ram for less. I bought 2 new ones in Canada for less than $500.
  2. salecker

    Creosote and what dissolves it?

    His horizontal tubes are plugged solid
  3. salecker

    Creosote and what dissolves it?

    AN older friend has an Aspen that has plugged up solid with creosote. Any tips,or suggestions for him to clean the tubes? Thanks
  4. salecker

    Adding owb to existing radiant system?

    It depends on weather you buy a boiler or water heater. Boilers are pressurized Water heaters are not
  5. salecker

    Plans finally coming together

    That's the number one reason my heating system lives in it's own building. No chance of carbon monoxide poisoning Volunteer fire department. And last but not least,no insurance
  6. salecker

    Towing Around Your Splitter!

    Mine stays in its own spot,been there for 5 years now
  7. salecker

    RE: Which option to choose with splitter repair?

    Probably just a cheep ram to begin with. I have a lot of old equipment,my one loader is from 1958 my family had owned it since 83 and have never had a ram issue,some of the rams are exposed no matter how you leave it.Water should not hurt the ram,they are chromed like a bumper,which don't rust...
  8. salecker

    Bar, heat effected zone.

    The "heat marks" were there when you bought the bar new,Stihl bars they all have them.Yours is still good so long as you maintain it. Winter bar oil is thinner !
  9. salecker

    Saw recommendations

    T he easiest way to tell is if it is a clam shell crankcase it is a homeowner saw. If it is a split crankcase where you can remove the cylinder without splitting the crankcase it is a pro saw. So turn the saw upside down if you can see 4 bolt heads that go towards the top of the saw its a clam...
  10. salecker

    Anyone cleaning the chimney this weekend

    Going on 9 years chimney still clean just fly ash.
  11. salecker

    Question: Pre planning boiler system

    Rehue tubing has splices that are made to be buried At least that was what i was told. I have 4 underground.All i could get was 100 ft rolls,my run is just under 125 ft
  12. salecker

    The hated homelite and the 80 yr old grandma.

    Yea not her fault. All on you buddy
  13. salecker

    The hated homelite and the 80 yr old grandma.

    Thats what you get for sending a lady to do a mans job. I can't believe you would send a lady to buy your saw.That almost qualifies for Man card removal
  14. salecker

    The hated homelite and the 80 yr old grandma.

    When i was growing up the lodge we lived in was heated by wood. My Dad would spend the evenings working on saws,then take 4 to go cut wood,Homelites,pioneers and Mcullochs. If he was lucky he would get a load cut before they all didn't run.Then repete. My Mom bought him a Stihl 031 for Fathers...
  15. salecker

    Wood boiler and combustibles

    inefficient. poor build quality,poor after sales support,communally referred to as a smoke dragon. i unfortunately am a 50% owner in one on our rental property.The neighbor hood it is in gets smoked out all winter,and the town gets complaints all winter. Let me be clear i had nothing to do with...
  16. salecker

    Fat Tire Wheelbarrow

    in 30 years they will have antonymous wheel barrows where all you have to do is tell it to go get wood.
  17. salecker

    Wood boiler and combustibles

    Thats probable a good thing. Central Boilers do not have a good reputation. My advice is to look at other company's .
  18. salecker

    Thoughts on Stihl MS 462 CM

    Who did you get to build it? And what was the cost? Thanks
  19. salecker

    Boiler advice

    There was a bot poster that posted giberish
  20. salecker

    Gasification boiler thoughts

    A pressurized water jacket = boiler unpressurized water jacket= water heater Gasification requires wood that is seasoned and dry. Green wood contains water,which is what firefighters use to put out fires.Dosn't really work efficiently for emitting heat and will cause you nothing but headache in...
  21. salecker

    HF Back Saver

    Yes a good Lady should make her man hard,not his life!
  22. salecker

    Boiler advice

    Just spend a bunch of time reading on here. When i built my system i had never had anything to do with hydronic heating. This will be year 10 on my system,havn't changed anything since it was first fired up. It's not perfect,i am still searching for a end of burn shutdown. The three boilers that...
  23. salecker

    HF Back Saver

    I usually pick an age that i am for the year depending on how i feel. This year 36 felt about right.The wife left two months ago, I have an awesome friends with benefits thing going,since she left! Her decision to leave after 22 years of marriage and 16 years of trying to get her to deal with...
  24. salecker

    HF Back Saver

    Hi my name is Thomas I am a whoarder!
  25. salecker

    HF Back Saver

    Great choice in a truck,that era is one of my favorites. I have about a dozen stashed away for the future.
  26. salecker

    2020 “phase 2” and outdoor wood boilers

    Yes a few well placed chunks of lead should make it inoperable.
  27. salecker

    Plans finally coming together

    Crown Royal .... That was what i used to drink... Got into some hot water a time or two because of Crown Royal...
  28. salecker

    Cost for Froling S3 Turbo and 500 gallons of storage

    If you build a work shop,that is the place for the boiler and storage. Gets the mess and danger out of your house,especially if you put your backup oil in the workshop as well. Mt system is in it's own building.The smoke,ash and dust that the boiler and wood generates dosn't get in my house.The...
  29. salecker

    remind me how to tune a husky 142E

    Tuning by ear is the way to go. Then you know immediately when the saw isn't running right,plus then all you need is a little screwdriver and you can re-tune anywhere anytime. K.I.S.
  30. salecker

    Husqvarna 41 engine rebuild kits

    I wouldn't waste my money on that kit. You state good compression.Why phug with it then? If you were experiencing bad compression,then a new set of quality rings and you would be good to go. OEM Cylinders are the way to go,aftermarket are 95% junk. OEM pistons were coming down in price,but...