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    Keep a layer of Ashes on the firebox’s floor or not?

    I would have to disagree, I certainly get a noticeably better fire that heats up quicker when there is a layer of ash on the bottom. I have noticed this in regular fireplaces as well. Its nothing major, and after one fire you have that layer anyway, but for that first fire without a layer of...
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    The pain

    Its easier to ask for forgiveness than permission!
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    Keep a layer of Ashes on the firebox’s floor or not?

    Agreed, I always leave some ashes when cleaning out the stove, stove performs better with them.
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    Wood Storage

    I wouldn't want to close the wood up, just get some pallets and stack it on them and put a tarp over the top.
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    Best way to make kindling

    I have no use for kindling. Most of my reloads are on a bed of coals. If I am starting a new fire I just load in the splits and put 1 or 2 of the rutland firestarting squares in and the fire takes off. Only place I use kindling is in the chimnea.
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    Seems like a question that google could answer pretty easily.
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    Is this Red Oak?

    Really? Oak is a very common wood used for smoking...hickory is probably the most common wood but I would put oak as common as apple or cherry.
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    China’s ban on scrap imports a boon to U.S. recycling plants

    I would say Amazon is the cheapest option for me 80% of the time. It's often cheaper than home Depot, cheaper than the supermarket, almost always cheaper than any electronics store.....I rarely find something cheaper at a brick and mortar store and I don't live in a rural area.
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    Solo Stove outdoor fire pit (update, 2019)

    Thats basically true about my chimnea, If I have a small fire with wet wood it smokes. Once I get it up and running hot I can burn anything without smoke.
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    Lit it Up One Last Time

    Yeah, I have lit it up one last time 3 times already with this cold ass spring we have had!
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    Cutting slightly too big of rounds down?

    How smokeless is that fire pit? Couldnt you just cut some holes in the bottom of a 50 gal drum and put in a grate a few inches up and cut the top of the drum off? Or maybe an old washing machine drum? $300 seems like a lot for essentially a modified 50 gal drum, or am I missing something?
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    glad my neighbors wood guy finally included me!

    I would not call the pallet on the right a cord, seems more like a half cord to me. Is it a 4'x4' pallet?
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    Prep the mower / deck for the season? What do u do?

    To prep the mower for usage I pull it out of the garage and pull the string a few times until it starts. I have had it since 06 and have never done anything except put gas in it and put a new blade on it a few years back. Its a Poulan Pro that costs less than $200.00. When it stops running I...
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    glad my neighbors wood guy finally included me!

    Whats the arrow pointing at? Did you get just that pallet or both for $140? If both then thats a good deal.
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    Plain Baby Back Ribs

    Ive gotten pretty good at removing the membrane and rarely takes me more than a minute. Most of the time it is already flapping at one end so you just grab it with a paper towel and pull, if it isnt flapping already take a knife, cut a flap and pull with a paper towel.
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    Have wood now

    Why did you stack the wood directly on the ground?
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    Plain Baby Back Ribs

    I like by baby backs to be fall off the bone so I use the 2-2-1 method in the smoker. 2 hours in the open in the smoker, foil them up with a some apple juice in there and give em another 2 hours, then open them back up for another hour at about 225 degrees. I prefer a combination of mesquite...
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    This score was straightforward,

    If it was free how did he burn you?
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    Stove placement in the home

    I have to disagree, getting heat to rise is not a problem. Heat rises, getting heat to go down stairs is a problem. My stove is in a finished basement and it heats the first floor just fine. If I sit on the stairs with the stove cranking the amount of cold air heading down is enough to make...
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    Old fireplace with 4 vents at corners. Can I mount a TV above it?

    Blowing out the lower vent? I have not seen them with fans but it if they did it would not make sense for them to blow out the lower vent, blowing in would make sense.
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    Old fireplace with 4 vents at corners. Can I mount a TV above it?

    Its a heatilator, cold air enters the bottom vents and heats up causing it to rise and exit the top vents. No fans are involved.
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    2019 Garden Thread

    Dont worry about citrus trees having too many blooms, they will drop the ones that it cant support on its own.
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    My best production so far

    Impressive, thats about what I get on a nice summer day, right now I am averaging about 50kwh on a sunny day with my 10kwp system. Last year i produced just over 12mwh. How big is your array?
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    Using Wood Stove is New to Me - Newbie Questions

    What is your definition of "seasoned wood"?
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    Questions about using wood stove as primary heat

    Hopefully you already have been working on your woodpile. If you dont season (split and stack) your wood for a minimum of a year, you are going to be very disappointed with your stove.
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    Where do you find free pallets?

    Go drive thru any industrial area near you, you will find pallets all over the place free for the taking. Drive behind strip malls and supermarkets as well, pallets are thrown away all over the place, you just have to look in the right spots.
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    Heat in the room

    Floating floors are pretty easy to take apart and put back together. If you are somewhat handy I would put some of that sub flooring under your floating floor.
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    Heat in the room

    If the floor is bare put down some carpet. I heat a slightly smaller finished but uninsulated basement and first floor from the basement, I do have carpet and padding on the floor and just drywall on the walls. While I am on Long Island and not in Canada, even if it in the single digits...
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    Heat in the room

    Is the finished basement insulated? Even if it isnt you should easily be able to get above 70F with the stove cranking.