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  1. firefighterjake

    Summer dried water Oak

    I'm not familiar with water oak, but 17% moisture content is pretty rare in such a short time for most every tree species . . . not to mention in a place like the south which is hot, but also known for its humidity. Did you first split the split that you were tested and test the moisture inside...
  2. firefighterjake

    RE: Which option to choose with splitter repair?

    Cost of the ram/cylinder is $337 with shipping. Another $125 as I am having the Amish shop work on the engine and fill it with hydraulic oil as well.
  3. firefighterjake

    Jotul Oslo Hard To Start

    Maybe I'm doing it wrong . . . but I think what you've described ThreeLittleFish is normal . . . at least for me. I find that the Oslo is a great heater that will pump out some serious heat reliably . . . but it is like a locomotive as it takes awhile to come up to speed and put out the heat...
  4. firefighterjake

    RE: Which option to choose with splitter repair?

    OK, so here is where I am. By weekend end I should make a decision. Option A: Buy a new cylinder/ram from Surplus Center and have the Amish shop put everything back in working order. With shipping I am looking at $337 for the ram. Amish shop said I could figure on another $125 for labor (I had...
  5. firefighterjake

    RE: Which option to choose with splitter repair?

    Was at the Amish shop today and the owner said his supplier told him that Blount (Oregon/Speeco) no longer supplies Tractor Supply with splitters as I had mentioned the County Line looking very similar to the Oregon/Speeco/Huskee. He said Oregon's "new" or at least newly branded Power-Pro...
  6. firefighterjake

    RE: Which option to choose with splitter repair?

    And that would be another question. Right now the rod and cylinder are all apart . . . the hydraulic company takes it apart and gives a free estimate. Putting it back together -- fixed or how it was -- costs. The small engine shop figured I would be $150-$200 just to have the splitter put back...
  7. firefighterjake

    Did I tell you how much I them meeses ...

    8 cats in the home.
  8. firefighterjake

    RE: Which option to choose with splitter repair?

    Hi folks. So here's where I'm at. Option A: A local hydraulic shop looked at the cylinder and rod and despite the local small engine shop's hope that it would be a $200 repair the hydraulic folks say they can repair it with a new rod and sleeve (apparently the sleeve has been "egged out".) Not...
  9. firefighterjake

    Best and worst firewood for campground and outside fires

    It may be illegal in most places . . . but that seems a bit drastic. :)
  10. firefighterjake

    Basement humidity level / percentage ?

    After buying a replacement GE microwave which was an updated version of the microwave we bought a few years back and going through the hassle of the overly complicated installation I doubt I will ever buy another GE appliance. The microwave itself has been fine --both the old and new model. My...
  11. firefighterjake

    Granite hearth help for wood stove

    I would get a few husky friends who like pizza and beer . . . bribe them to grab a corner at the base and just lift it ever so slightly and slide the hearth underneath if you end up buying something like glass, granite, etc. I would not lift it using the top as it is bolted down in just a few...
  12. firefighterjake

    Jotul F500 burn

    Looks like a clean burn to me . . . as mentioned I would try turning down the air control a bit earlier. I would not be surprised to find you can close down the air all the way. I am also not surprised to see you did not have as long a burn . . . and that's not a bad thing for this time of year...
  13. firefighterjake

    Am I screwed?

    Beauty is only skin deep . . . but yeah . . . chalk me up as not-a-fan of Woodstock's IS . . . then again, there are only a few designs I like from Woodstock as I find many of their other designs to be a bit too ornate for my tastes. But if everyone everywhere liked the same thing . . . we'd...
  14. firefighterjake

    Received free wood! Have some question...

    Depends . . . how is your wood supply this year? Chances are if the wood is dry it may be able to be burned this year. That said, as punky as it looks it will most likely not coal up very well or last long. Generally I burn this sort of thing in my fire pit or save it for camping, but if...
  15. firefighterjake

    When are you going to light your first fire for the season?

    I burn when I am cold or my wife is cold. We've been cold for awhile now . . . but usually a fire in the morning or evening will suffice.
  16. firefighterjake

    ATV. Is it worth to invest? Look at some ooptions here in CT

    I have the big brother . . . Yamaha Kodiak 700. It was a nice upgrade from the Honda Foreman 450. I don't notice the extra power for working so much as I do while trail riding. Having IRS and power steering were very nice changes.
  17. firefighterjake

    Setup Suggestions

    Not sure if this is what you were looking for or not.
  18. firefighterjake

    Flakes that are sticking to the firebrick while/after burning

    Well Germans are pretty well known for liking things to be clean, organized and ordered :) ;) . . . my wife is first generation German as her father came over from Germany after WW II . . . living with me has caused her standards to lower a bit over the years. So yes . . . you can brush it off...
  19. firefighterjake

    new woodstock vs used Hearthstone H-II

    Given those two choices . . . the new Woodstock hands down. Newer stove, newer tech. That said, there may be better options for you if shipping costs are prohibitive.
  20. firefighterjake

    Oct. 4th first fire

    Unless one of them brings in one of their play things . . . one has a fondness for bringing in crickets and snakes. My wife is not so happy with these "gifts."
  21. firefighterjake

    Looking for new large woodstove

    Reliable and simple . . . one word: Jotul. Trust me on this. Or don't . . . check the reviews. OK, a few more words . . . Jotul if you can find a F600 or F500 without the hybrid feature (verdict is still out on the hybrids).
  22. firefighterjake

    Starting a fire from cold and small creosote deposits on firebricks

    Yup, normal. And keep asking questions . . . it's how we learn. Well, you can also learn from your mistakes, but I am pretty sure you would rather not burn down your house and learn from that mistake, right? ;) :)
  23. firefighterjake

    Oct. 4th first fire

    HehHeh . . . the other night I lit a fire as it was chilly and at one point I looked around the room and spotted six of our eight cats and the foster dog all hanging around the stove.
  24. firefighterjake

    ceramic glass is etched

    Try lemon juice or vinegar . . . you might luck out and it may be more of a haze than an etching that you are seeing. I thought I had etching with my glass and after a few attempts with various items and substances (i.e. cleaners, Magic Eraser, etc.) a few attempts with the lemon juice (or maybe...
  25. firefighterjake

    Craigslist score that actually worked out

    Hey EPS . . . you still here? Don't let some of the posts get you down. Yes, pine and poplar are not the best of wood when it comes to BTUs, but many of us burn them. Heck, I spent a few hours yesterday helping a buddy clean up two large pine trees with the pine being dropped off in my door...
  26. firefighterjake

    Ready for my second burning season

    I'm just starting to pull wood from my woodshed and use up some of my punks, chunks and uglies on these cool mornings and chilly evenings. I don't stack wood on to my covered porch until November or so when the temps are consistently cool to keep any insect activity at bay . . . not that I...
  27. firefighterjake

    Gardus Sooteater stuck in 6" flue pipe

    Fossil was a great guy. I miss his comments here. In other news . . . congrats on getting the Sooteater.