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  1. vinny11950

    What is wrong with New format?

    Haven't noticed that. Though there seem to be more ads, which is fine by me. I click on some of them too. Though on the older, slower computer, the new format is too much, so the pages take more time to setup.
  2. vinny11950


    Nice and toasty around here. Close to 90 for Wednesday forecast. And there hasn't been that much rain for September.
  3. vinny11950

    I'm back

    Wow, good to see you again, Snowy.
  4. vinny11950

    RE: Brake rotors

    Jake, I just installed Wagner rotors from RockAuto, $25 each, with some type of coating. I went with their brake pads too. They are real smooth, and quiet, and stop really well. Around me, it is $50 to get an old rotor turned, so why do it when you can get 2 new ones for the same price. Napa...
  5. vinny11950

    Fire resistant coating for framing!

    The ROXUL underneath holds up well. ;)
  6. vinny11950

    Alt Meat

    I finally tried the Impossible Whopper from Burger King and it was decent. It is not the same taste, but very close. I would buy it again.
  7. vinny11950

    Alt Meat

    I didn't know that, Begreen. Thank you for the information. I just got a blood test earlier this week but don't have the results yet. Usually I am around 190-220, and I try to keep a low cholesterol diet. I am trying to stay away from the statins, but I may not have a choice.
  8. vinny11950

    Alt Meat

    Now I drink about 1 large cup a day. Drip coffee, Mr Coffee coffee maker. Why, does it affect cholesterol? I used to drink more, but it was giving me heartburn, especially the Italian Roast from Starbuks.
  9. vinny11950

    Alt Meat

    Sounds like a tasty meatloaf.
  10. vinny11950

    Alt Meat

    With all the news about Burger King serving the Impossible Burger soon, this article caught my attention about the possible future of cow meat and the alternatives. This article clearly takes the positive view of the change so there is that. For myself, as I grow older and my cholesterol...
  11. vinny11950

    vent walk-in shower using inline fan or light/fan unit ?

    I like the inline fan idea better, especially if you don't have that much space above the ceiling.
  12. vinny11950

    dumb question on Romex

    I think by code, it is a no. But I had to do it in the attic for a while until I could get in there and sort it out. However, if you forget about it then it becomes permanent.
  13. vinny11950

    Taxing and tariffs

    I am old enough to remember tax cut Republicans saying if we pass the tax cuts and deregulation, GDP growth will be 4-5%. The tax cuts couldn't even break 3% growth year over year. The growth looks very much like it was under the Obama years...
  14. vinny11950

    Too Many Irons in the Fire

    That is a lot. Good luck.
  15. vinny11950

    "Chernobyl" is worth watching

    So you label any criticism of the actions of this administration as anti-Trump and dismiss it right away? It still does not answer the question as to why reclassify the waste? Is it really to do better clean up or is it to declare victory, remove liability, and move on? If you ask me does...
  16. vinny11950

    "Chernobyl" is worth watching

    Off topic, but related in a way, this seems like trouble if the DOE gets away with it. Obviously they don't want to spend money they don't have, but would rather just redefine the waste and claim it has been cleaned up...
  17. vinny11950

    Garage Layouts and Desires

    That garage looks amazing. I could wrench in that all day. Congratulations. Maybe I missed it, but are you going to put a stove in there?
  18. vinny11950

    End of year shutdown

    I leave mine nice and dirty at the end of the year. Ash pan and hopper full. I haven't done an end of year cleaning for the last 3 years and I get no rust. My theory is the ash covering the inside of the box keep the moisture away or it acts as some kind of anti-oxidant inhibiting rust. And...
  19. vinny11950

    In 5 years there will be no permanent Arctic ice left.

    Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.
  20. vinny11950

    Should Have Ordered More Pellets

    Yeah, yeah, still burning on days like today... Cold and rain.
  21. vinny11950

    Garage Layouts and Desires

    That makes sense.
  22. vinny11950

    Garage Layouts and Desires

    Nice progress on the project. Congratulations. For the hot water, I would have thought a hybrid heat pump electric tank water heater would draw less power, and be more in line with the solar panel output.
  23. vinny11950

    In 5 years there will be no permanent Arctic ice left.

    We are living with a problem that will get much worse or get much much much worse. Either way it gets worse and most people just don't have the imagination to imagine how bad it can get. Droughts and fires in the summer, heavy flooding in the spring and fall. The equator is getting hotter...
  24. vinny11950

    In 5 years there will be no permanent Arctic ice left.

    At this point, Begreen, I don't even think it's worth spending the time discussing these things with the older generations (I am part of those generations, generation X). We are gleefully causing damage to the environment and leaving a mess for the next generations. And along the way, we are...
  25. vinny11950

    New Enviro M55 FS stove owner

    Not nearly as bad here, but low 40s has the stove running too.
  26. vinny11950

    Should Have Ordered More Pellets

    Makes sense not to burn pellets when you have a cheap alternative. Also the body's climatization process is now set for cold weather, so mid 40s at night in the Spring feels good, while in the Autumn it feels cold and worthy of a fire.
  27. vinny11950

    Garage Layouts and Desires

    IMG, I haven't looked in on this thread in a while, but your updated look great. I really like how the bathroom turned out. And the corrugated metal skirting the building look great too, especially the detail for the spigot. Congrats. As for the tool organizing, I am afraid I am no help here...
  28. vinny11950

    Should Have Ordered More Pellets

    I wonder what those circumstances are? Higher oil prices allowing for higher pellet prices?
  29. vinny11950

    Should Have Ordered More Pellets

    Yeah, I see the Midwest is getting another storm. Good luck with that.