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  1. Fred61

    Back from a long hiatus from hearth !! Need recommendations on oil wood combo ?!

    If you want to spend some time on this site, check out my contributions on the Wood Gun. I wouldn't install one if it was given to me along with a bucket of cash.
  2. Fred61

    Back from a long hiatus from hearth !! Need recommendations on oil wood combo ?!

    Biomass offers a combo boiler although I wouldn't recommend that set-up following my experience with the Wood Gun. As wired from the factory the unit would activate the oil burner when the boiler temperature dropped to a set point. Sounds good don't it? However if the boiler cools because the...
  3. Fred61

    HS Tarm MB55 Solo for pool heater?

    I'm using one of these units. Not for pool heating but for a heat exchanger and buffer tank on my radiant installation. Picked it up cheap from a guy that had his pool removed.
  4. Fred61

    Use HX in hot air plenum to produce DHW?

    I think you'll be disappointed. Low mass heating high mass. How many cubic feet of warm air does it take to heat one cubic foot of water to a useable temperature and what will the temperature of the air emitted from the register? Comfortable? .
  5. Fred61

    american solartechnics heat pump gone?

    This is perfect for me. Too good to be true? Low heat load, in floor radiant. How long has this been on the market? Long enough to establish a track record? Is there technical support available? I ask because I have a Daikin mini split from hell that has had every problem you could imagine and...
  6. Fred61

    Cook Stove DHW Range Boiler

    There are other questions that may pop up. One that comes to mind is: Will you need to overheat your space in order to get your water up to useable temperature? there is a good chance of that happening.
  7. Fred61

    Oxygen diffusion in closed and open hydronic systems

    Install 500 gallons of storage, charge it with one zone and draw heat from tank with a second zone. The system I just removed would have been perfect. Unpressurized, heated the bath with boiler through HX and distributed to zones through submerged copper coil. You should have storage anyhow.
  8. Fred61

    New Horizon Biomass lifespan

    Refractory looks good. Typical creosote coating on firebox walls (OK). Looks like they left an ash bed in the box over the humid summer. Get in there with a good heavy screwdriver and do some aggressive scraping on that rusty area on the lower back wall to get a feel for the depth of the corrosion.
  9. Fred61

    Concrete Like Ash in my Boiler

    Clinkers! begreen hit it with the first shot. Silica, sugar content and bark.
  10. Fred61

    Replacing old 275 Gallon Oil Tank because its old

    That would be an interesting experiment if you were willing to accept the lower energy output for many years and you believe you will still be upright when it finally does spring a leak.
  11. Fred61

    Im new to wood boilers

    Well at least the propane meter is checked by the weights and measures department along with deli scales and gas pumps to protect you from being ripped off, unlike the uncontrolled wood business.
  12. Fred61

    Im new to wood boilers

    Wow. I guess you are new at burning wood. Lesson #1: Even if your vendor is selling full cords (128 cubic feet) there's still a good chance you're getting screwed. I harvested much of my own but I also bought several cords over the years. If the vendor was delivering one cord at a time I would...
  13. Fred61

    How much wood have you burned so far?

    If you got your basswood down to 25% you must have had to put some weights on it so the wind wouldn't blow it away.
  14. Fred61

    Replacing old 275 Gallon Oil Tank because its old

    Some pits I've seen aren't so small. Some are about the area of the head of an 8d nail.
  15. Fred61

    New OWB install, suggestions and advice

    Using the average price for fuel oil around here a full tank would be about $700.00. That's a lot to pay for a summer's worth of hot water. Get yourself an electric or hybrid water heater and you will bring that total down to $200.00 or less unless you are using hot water for some industrial...
  16. Fred61

    Replacing old 275 Gallon Oil Tank because its old

    I've done a post mortem on several oil tanks either by cutting an 18x18 inch opening for inspection by the scrap yard or to make firepits and usually what I see is a moderately rusty area at the lowest point of the tank, within that rusty area I always see deep pits of various sizes where water...
  17. Fred61

    What kind of pay back makes sense??

    Don't know if you've seen the articles on the internet naming the highest and lowest taxed states. The poorly run State of Vermont is usually near the top on taxes so if you have a woodlot large enough to produce 5 or 6 cords a year you are getting taxed on your fuel. I see folks on this forum...
  18. Fred61

    What kind of pay back makes sense??

    You may be better off purchasing your boiler from New Horizon. Zenon has had some real good prices on EKOs lately and you won't have to deal with importers, customs and duties. You also will sidestep the 220 volt European electrics on the unit. Dunno! Something to research.
  19. Fred61

    What kind of pay back makes sense??

    If your new house is efficient. I mean properly insulated and built to the latest building practices it will take several more than 10 years to pay back. If your fossil fuel bill is $1000.00 a season you can do the math yourself. In my case, after 10 years of running my wood boiler, removing...
  20. Fred61

    "Snopocolypse" 2019...

    Tree rats::P Back to the weather. This is my first year burning oil after 10 years with my beloved EKO and I will tell you I'm not happy. I'm burning through $$ a lot faster than I thought I would and although the room thermostats are now reading the same as they did when burning wood I don't...
  21. Fred61

    Effecta lambda 35

    All you wood burners including yours truly:) have seen these same symptoms come up time and time again on this forum yet we blame them on everything else for several days before solving the problem with dryer wood.
  22. Fred61

    Help with a cold room.

    You wouldn't be one of the first to install convectors that are not under a window although there are benefits to installing under the windows. Those big slabs of glass are also convectors only not preferred by anyone trying to keep warm. There's a stream of cold air sliding off the glass headed...
  23. Fred61

    Effecta lambda 35

    Squirrel cage fan is going to run at a higher RPM when it's out of the housing because the housing directs the air to the vanes and to the outlet. Just running it out in the room like that doesn't apply any air load to the vanes. If you think the blower is running faster when it's in the housing...
  24. Fred61

    Help with a cold room.

    That's a long run! I can't go 45 feet in any direction in my house however I would chance it. I would install a "balancing valve" downstream from the monoflow tee to increase resistance in the main line if needed and forget the thermostatic valve. Install enough baseboard to heat the room and if...
  25. Fred61

    Circulator help please

    I was about to ask if that had been asked amid all the chatter. "Boiler won't come up to temperature"
  26. Fred61

    Circulator help please

    You need to throttle the bypass because it is the route of least resistance and will circulate through the bypass rather than circulating through the heat loop.
  27. Fred61

    Circulator help please

    Correct! Sorry, I naturally overlook the spring because it's the capillary bulb that actually does the sensing and initiates movement.
  28. Fred61

    Domestic Hot Water Temp Issue

    I have a 1 micron filter downstream from the pressure tank on my incoming well water which plugs up quite rapidly lowering the pressure in my water system. The first place I notice the pressure drop is at the hot water spigot. The higher resistance of the lengthy plumbing and in your case the...
  29. Fred61

    Circulator help please

    The more flow you allow through the bypass on cold start causes more flow through the heat loop which will cool your boiler. What you want little more than a trickle flowing on that bulb. A large flow does you no good. Only slows the process. It's the temperature that opens the gate not the...