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    Help with "Hickory" bark ID? Edit; The call is Elm.

    I would take Elm any time I can get it. Just as good as Red Oak IMO if it was standing dead for three years with the bark off before cutting.
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    When are you going to light your first fire for the season?

    Got 2 breakin fires done. Two more and I'm ready to go.
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    When are you going to light your first fire for the season?

    Don't see it happening here till the first week of November. Temps here look to be in the 60's till about the end of the month.
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    2019/20 VC Owners thread

    A note to all VC owners, all parts from VC are stocked and shipped from their headquarters in PA now. No more third party distributors. Found this out a few weeks ago or so when I ordered a Encore part and it didn't come in. Dealer found out from the third party that VC cut they're ties...
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    2019/20 VC Owners thread

    Benefit is I'm still getting tomatoes though.
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    OK, whaddya think THIS wood is?

    For now I'm on board with hickory.
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    2019/20 VC Owners thread

    Still waiting for my first break in fire on my new Intrepid. Was 92 today so not happening anytime soon. Maybe first week November the way it's going.
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    Ready for winter!

    Low 90's here tomorrow. Next week appears to be a start of a pattern change though, rain and 60's.
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    Ready for winter!

    Winter is not going to arrive here for some time yet. Supposed to be close to 90 today and maybe next week. After that though they are calling for a significant cool down. Maybe in the 50's. So some breakin fires end of October maybe.
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    American Chestnut

    On second look I agree, not American chestnut.
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    American Chestnut

    Yes, you are correct in your observation. American Chestnuts continue to sprout from stumps well over 100 years old. Chestnut Blight does not kill the root system so it lives on providing the sprouts you see. They will get big enough to bear nuts, but they'd are usually sterile. After a...
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    Wood ID . Is this white ash?

    Possibly, but is an Ash of some sort. Could be Green or Black as well. Next best guess would be Green Ash. Looks like it was standing dead for a while. May not be possible to tell for sure without the leaves.
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    Another Wood ID

    Yep, I agree with all
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    This is why I don't split green elm in the summer

    I've split many pieces of Elm that did not end up that way. The ones that did usually had a lot of moisture in them.
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    Tree ID

    Black Cherry
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    Tree ID & Suggestions...

    There are some true American Chestnut's around that even bear nuts still. Most of these are off shoots of old stumps and the nuts are usually sterile. I've seen them about 30' and 10" DBH. The desease does not kill the roots. There is still hope for a comeback.
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    How's everybody doing?

    Don't know what this has to do with the price of eggs in China but great Grandfather belonged to the German-American Lincoln Club in 1910 in Baltimore. Yea, he was from Gladenbach, Germany.
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    Hickory Holes

    Powder Post Beetle have a liking for them as well. They will leave when the wood dries out. Would not soak it with pesticides. Just keep it outside till your ready to burn.
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    Hickory Holes

    Get the bark off of it quickly and split it. Hickory rots very quickly with the bark on and not split, usually within two years.
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    How's everybody doing?

    Yea I got the new Intrepid. I'm retiring September 30th which will coincide with starting the break in fires and hopefully get the stove figured out quickly. Everything is ready to go. This is completely redesigned stove from the model a few years ago. I'm impressed with the specs and can't...
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    Chimney Condensation

    It's from the air conditioning (cool air) hitting the warmer parts of chimney. Had this happen to my stove this summer. All inside developed condensation, inside of glass and all interior parts of the stove. Think the main cause of it was the super high humidity with the heat. We had...
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    Strange free wood score if you’re interested...

    I don't think there's a shelf on the bottom. But having all those pieces of wood on the shelves is odd.
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    Winter is right around the corner!

    Started looking at the early forecast for the 2019-2020 winter season. Generally looks like east the Mississippi, upper Mid-West, Great Lakes and North East should be below normal temps and normal to above normal precip. We'll see how that shakes out.
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    How's everybody doing?

    I'm ready to go to get the break in fires going in my new stove. Probably will be around end of October here. Was a horrible hot summer with temps and humidity but I sense a change is coming.
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    Never mind EAB, Spotted Lanternfly is worse

    Still not here yet. Thanks for the picture. They're a lot bigger than I thought.
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    Scrounge ID Please

    The long one on the left might be Red Oak, the others I think Ash.
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    Wood ID. Silver maple?

    Silver Maple, ugh. I give that stuff away. Not worth to fool with for me.
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    Winter is right around the corner!

    Yesterday morning had 55. Coolest in about 3 months. Temps are on they're way down. Humidity back now though for a while and in the 80's.
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    Winter is right around the corner!

    Winter no where close to here yet. But temps have dropped from 90's into the 80's so guess we're slowly getting there.
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    Need help identifying this wood

    I doubt that's a Pin Oak. Will probably not be able to tell from it split open save for maybe some of Oak.