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  1. weatherguy

    Chainsaw Issue

    This thread is over 4 years old, I'd gather they figured out the problem or just buy wood at this point.
  2. weatherguy

    Dreams Really Do Come True

    I see ash and cherry
  3. weatherguy

    How do I split these odd rounds?

    Check craigslist. I see them for sale all the time, type in container for your search word.
  4. weatherguy

    Oct. 4th first fire

    I could have lit one last night too, had a touch of frost this morning but I wasn't prepared. I'm going to bring dome wood in tonight in case we have another cold one. Funny how we're dying to light the first fire and can't wait to light the last one.
  5. weatherguy

    Looking for new large woodstove

    Hi Phil, Im a neighbor in Mass. I'm heating 2800sf with the Progress Hybrid, the Ideal Steel would also work, if I had room for a big free stander I'd look at the Blaze King King. The new hearthstones intrigue me too. Lotsa choices for you.
  6. weatherguy

    All covered up

    Whether the weather changes or not you're good to go.
  7. weatherguy

    New Stove or try to re-gasket

    I would definately replace with a more efficient modern stove. What model depends on how much heat you want and what your wife likes.
  8. weatherguy

    Which stove to buy....(Already read the sticky thread)

    Yes that's what I did with the Progress Hybrid but Jotuls also rear vent, that's the best way to di it with your big fireplace.
  9. weatherguy

    How do I split these odd rounds?

    I'd be happy if I had it, break into smaller pieces, throw it in a homemade bin and let it season, good shoulder season wood.
  10. weatherguy

    Tick bites and Lyme disease

    No truth to the rumor the long island beast was created on plum island either.
  11. weatherguy

    My First Time Cleaning Chimney

    Bholler is not bashful :)
  12. weatherguy

    Does this look like a reasonable price?

    That's not an overall bad price no matter how you slice it, I was quoted $4,600 for a Quad insert 12 years ago without an insulated liner and was the best quote I got at that time.
  13. weatherguy

    OK, whaddya think THIS wood is?

    Could be a type of hickory, pignut or mockernut maybe.
  14. weatherguy

    Does this look like a reasonable price?

    Between those two and the mods theres really no need for the rest of us ;lol
  15. weatherguy

    How do I split these odd rounds?

    I made a box out of pallets and scrap wood and toss them in there, I have one boxfull that's seasoned 5 years. I'll be using it during shoulder season.
  16. weatherguy

    Eastern hop hornbeam

    I was just busting chops, what's service berry?
  17. weatherguy

    Homestead rescue chimney pipe

    I saw that show and said WTF. Didn't look like a good setup to me but what do I know.
  18. weatherguy

    Building rack with plastic pallets

    I liked your idea of fastening them to 2 bys, I would then make a rack with 8 foot or if three pallets 12 foot 2bys and tie it all together, solid and you could cover easy, maybe even make a permanent cover for winter.
  19. weatherguy

    Wood ID in CT, poor pics inside

    Sugar maple? The light stuff was probably pine.
  20. weatherguy

    Eastern hop hornbeam

    All that info is already here, just have to find it, we discuss this stuff all the time but mostly in the cold seasons. I think you need to turn your spell check on ;)
  21. weatherguy

    PreFab fire wood suggestions

    Yes, they have small ones for motorcycles, that might work for you.
  22. weatherguy

    Does wood dry when it's freezing outside?

    It dries in the winter but more slowly, someone had a chart that shows how much wood dries each month and the winter months were less.
  23. weatherguy

    Insulation around insert

    Use roxul and you can still do a block off plate, I did my first one after my insert was installed.
  24. weatherguy

    Ready for winter!

    Same here, Sept-Oct are great months, beautiful cool weather, good time of the year to work on your wood supply.
  25. weatherguy

    Ready for winter!

    You'll get longer burns once you get used to the stove, it's a learning curve going from an old stove to the newer ones.
  26. weatherguy

    PreFab fire wood suggestions

    Get a metal carport, I see a lot of people use them for firewood and you can fit a lot under a one car carport.
  27. weatherguy

    Cleaned and ready for winter

    Show offs, I might get to my wood in a month and clean my flue
  28. weatherguy

    Keep a layer of Ashes on the firebox’s floor or not?

    Even end of year cleaning I leave an inch of ash, much better fire with it than not.
  29. weatherguy

    Compressed logs safe to use? Logike?

    Just go to lignetics website and do a dealer search, same for NEIL's.
  30. weatherguy

    Choosing firewood - limited options, limited space

    I have a picture somewhere of a dealer that over 200 cords of seasoned wood, huge piles of wood.