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  1. Former Farmer

    Need installation help for programmable thermostat to my pellet stove

    You may want to look at these.
  2. Former Farmer

    Need installation help for programmable thermostat to my pellet stove

    Try connecting to C and W1. If you want, you could do a continuity test between those 2 terminals with a multi-meter. That you you can test without having to connect and reconnect thermostats. You would be testing to see what set of contacts are closing when you hear the thermostat "click".
  3. Former Farmer

    QF Castile Insert - New Control Box: New Problems

    I would not call it quiet and I also would not call it loud. Most of the time, we run ours on medium. As you change the temperature setting, low, medium, high, the noise level goes up just like any other fan. With it being an insert, I would think that some noise can be dampened depending...
  4. Former Farmer

    Any recent experiences with Quadra-Fire Santa Fe insert?

    I don't have a Santa Fe, but I do have the Castile which is basically the same internal parts as the Santa Fe. I have had the unit for 12 years now. I have had to replace the convection fan twice because the bearings were getting noisy. Also replaced one of the snap discs, I think it was...
  5. Former Farmer

    Parts for Harmon pellet furnace

    It is surprising how much heat radiates upward from the basement. Our kitchen is above the mechanical room in the basement. When I run my pellet boiler, it is very easy to tell that I have the pellet boiler running instead of our propane boiler.
  6. Former Farmer

    Parts for Harmon pellet furnace

    In-floor heat in basement, floor warming in master bathroom, in-floor heat in attached garage, water to air exchanger in forced air furnace, hot water. 3500 sf house and 1400 sf garage. Garage is set to 40*. Just to keep it warm enough to melt snow off of vehicles overnight.
  7. Former Farmer

    Parts for Harmon pellet furnace

    I think that you might be alright. Like you said, there are a lot of factors. With it only rated up to 112,000 btu, you may not be able to keep up during the real cold, windy weather. What type of pellets are you planning on burning? You may want to use a little higher btu pellet during the...
  8. Former Farmer

    Parts for Harmon pellet furnace

    Check and make sure that the burn pot doesn't have any bubbles or cracks in it. I have the boiler version and this has been an issue with the boilers.
  9. Former Farmer

    Little help with my Bixby 110

    Hopefully Rona will check in sometime. You may want to pm Rona.
  10. Former Farmer

    Beginner needs help!

    Is the agitator motor 120 volt? I am assuming that you have 2 wires going to the motor. Test for voltage from one of the wires to the metal frame on the stove. Then test the other wire for voltage to the metal frame on the stove. You should have 0 volts on one wire and 120 volts on the other...
  11. Former Farmer

    Quadra-Fire Castille call light on, nothing happening

    Did you check the snap discs and vacuum switch?
  12. Former Farmer

    GREAT way to get all pellets out of hopper!

    Furniture polish also works unless you have a lot of fines in your pellets.
  13. Former Farmer

    AE acting up

    Yes, spare parts are nice. It is a lot easier to troubleshoot when you have parts to try on-hand versus hoping that this or that part will take care of the problem.
  14. Former Farmer

    Earth Friendly Heat

    Why isn't new construction built with solar gain utilized? If a house were built with that in mind, you would see different building methods take advantage of solar. Why don't more people use geothermal as well? Everything that we do is driven by money. I wish we could change this mentality...
  15. Former Farmer

    quadrafire classic bay 1200i

    What speed is it on? I would guess medium. It sounds like your switch is the problem. Try jumping between the terminals on the back of the switch. Jump from the center to the top or the bottom. If the speed changes, it is the switch. If it doesn't change, it could be a bad wire, loose...
  16. Former Farmer

    Harmon PF100 help

    You may want to drop the igniter just to make sure that there aren't pellets or fines stuck in-between the fins. I know on my boiler, ash will fall through the pot holes and into the igniter area. While you have the igniter out, make sure all of the holes in the burn pot are cleaned out well...
  17. Former Farmer

    Pellet stove insert advice?

    I only clean mine once a year on my Castile insert. I burn mostly softwood pellets that are low ash.
  18. Former Farmer

    Desperately need help with bixby multifuel

    Hopefully Rona will see this and chime in. Is the Bixby one that can run off of a battery backup? If yes, you do not want to test with the wrong voltage or ac versus dc.
  19. Former Farmer

    Quad Castile burn pot a little cleaner...

    Have you checked for plugged holes in the bottom of your burn pot and the gap on the bottom plate? It sounds like you are not getting enough airflow through the burnpot.
  20. Former Farmer

    Quadrafire 1200i

    Did you bypass both snap discs and the vacuum switch all at the same time or did you try one at a time?
  21. Former Farmer

    Grundfos Circulators - What's the difference?

    You can purchase a cartridge replacement kit for the UP15-42F, but it looks like it is just a s expensive as a whole new unit.
  22. Former Farmer

    QuadraFire 1200i inset

    Has it ever been cleaned since the install?
  23. Former Farmer

    Older Harman pf 100 furnace

    Bad gasket somewhere? Sounds like you have an air leak somewhere.
  24. Former Farmer

    New brand to me

    I have not burned any yet, but I have 5 ton of the hardwood ordered for next year. They are suppose to be a good pellet. The hardwood is a blend of hardwood and softwood. Up to 20% softwood. And their softwood is just softwood.
  25. Former Farmer

    Feeding help on a Harman PF-100

    Have you checked your venting? What would happen if the esp was seeing high temperatures because of insufficient airflow going out the exhaust?
  26. Former Farmer

    Quadrafire Castile baffle?

    I have had mine fall several times over the years. I installed the stove in 2007. Every time that it has fallen, I think that I had not installed it properly. The rear of the plate was not latched onto the cast iron plates in the back of the firebox causing it to fall after thermal expansion...
  27. Former Farmer

    Castile Convection Blower

    They are sealed bearings but can be pressed out. I also remember that post and was hoping that they would chime in.
  28. Former Farmer

    Castile Convection Blower

    I have a 2007 Quadrafire Castile insert. I replaced the convection blower for the second time due to bearing noise. I have tried replacing the bearings in the past without much success. The new bearings were very noisy. Does anyone have a source for quality low noise bearings? I tried...