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  1. KindredSpiritzz

    Broom for woodstove?

    I use my little metal ash scoop for anything remotely glowing or smoldering and a regular dust broom/pan for ash dust. Id be concerned "sweeping" up any embers whatsoever. I'd worry one gets caught up in the bristles and catches fire after its hung up or put away, probably around 1am when...
  2. KindredSpiritzz


    Yeah i got a girlfriend that likes to try and burn my house down any chance she gets too. Her favorite tools are the wood stove and the cook stove but she's adept with electric griddles, candles and hair dryers as well. Im just glad she doesnt smoke or i'd be homeless already.
  3. KindredSpiritzz

    I think I may of had a chimney fire.

    that struck me too, its like the chimney fire got snuffed out before it burned the entire way up. That top half is way to dirty yet. My chimney fire burned my liner clean as a whistle to where it looked brand new again. I'd guess you had a partial chimney fire and shut down the air quick enough...
  4. KindredSpiritzz

    This look like three cords?

    not once its all cut , split and stacked its not. It's like buying a box of cereal, after its all settled there's really only 3/4 ths of a box there
  5. KindredSpiritzz


    I keep looking over at my last row of wood in the basement, the final cord which will last me about 25 days if im lucky and i wonder if the snow in the backyard will melt in time for me to reach it before i run out in the basement. Seeing as we had 20 inches of snow last April 15th im kinda...
  6. KindredSpiritzz

    Looks like my season is over :(

    oh you poor thing. I keep eye balling my last 2 rows of wood in the basement knowing they probably wont last me til spring and i'll probably end up having to carry more in from the back yard if the snow ever melts enough for me to get to it. Im going thru a lot of wood this year for some reason...
  7. KindredSpiritzz

    Got my chimney swept for free!

    You might be onto something, catch a few grackles, drop em down the chimney, repeat til chimney is clean and set em free. Seems the least they could do for me since they are always raiding my bird feeders. Save me digging out my brush. Hmmmm
  8. KindredSpiritzz

    I love cold crisp days like today...

    you should use that square one, fits in the corners nicely, high sides keep the ash from falling off and 2 scoops you're done.
  9. KindredSpiritzz

    I love cold crisp days like today...

    is that your ash pan shovel next to the bar bells? Same thing i use for my Austral, 2-3 scoops and im done.
  10. KindredSpiritzz

    Thinking of a wood stove...

    and so it starts, another man ruined by the burning bug as he starts his obsession with wood piles and moisture content. Enjoy the journey.
  11. KindredSpiritzz

    newenglander NCH13 on sale

    great price, that stove is $800 at my home depot right now online anyways
  12. KindredSpiritzz

    24/7 burners required.

    I use around 5 cords a year as primary heat, this year will probably be 6 cords. One cord lasts me around 25 days and my typical season is mid oct to mid april. Figure you'll use 5 cords for your estimates, that should be close.
  13. KindredSpiritzz

    Polar Vortex Aftermath: How’d your stove do?

    I fired up my wood furnace to help my stove over the coldest few days but i do like it toasty warm in my house. If its under 74 it feels a little bit chilly to me. My Austral will keep my 1600 sq ft house comfy down to about zero, any colder than that she starts struggling and a few of those...
  14. KindredSpiritzz

    Filling stove before bed.. before burn down?

    doesnt matter to me what stage of burn the stove is in, when im going to bed it gets reloaded full. Two things i look at after i reload it is the stove pipe temp and i'd like the wood good and charred before i turn the air down, I want the pipe temp in the 300 degree range before i turn the air...
  15. KindredSpiritzz

    30-NC burn time

    I would think 20% moisture should burn fine, not ideal but not so far out of range as to cause problems
  16. KindredSpiritzz

    Keeping clean

    I just slapped a little wood box with side rails together down in the shop from scrap lumber and stained it. A few nails to hold dust pan, fire starter. It works good, holds a days worth of wood and after the season i stick it in the basement. I don't think you ever get rid of the mess tho, some...
  17. KindredSpiritzz

    Welcome to the 150* club!

    I should be joining the 100* club today im thinking. -20 out and i usually like it about 80 in the house and i have the wood furnace and wood stove both running so should be a member here in a few hours once house warms back up. I have gotten used to it being 80-90 in the den where the stove is...
  18. KindredSpiritzz

    New record

    My humidity is usually about 35 . I get shocked every time i touch something, so much so that im twitchy. Sore throats ain't to much of a problem but the damn bloody noses are. The worst part is the dry skin and itching from it. I have tried running 2 humidifiers and had a pot of water on the...
  19. KindredSpiritzz

    Ever have fire wood stolen?

    Years ago the power company had cut some trees down on my land by the road, not wanting it to go to waste I up cut a nice pile up and left it neatly stacked on my land to move to the wood shed later. A week later it was gone, someone stopped on the side of the highway, thought free wood all...
  20. KindredSpiritzz

    Roofer painted chimney

    My only thought is WOW ,that's one hell of a steep pitch on a roof. Good luck getting up there to do anything to that chimney.
  21. KindredSpiritzz

    Cleaning ash from firebox

    I have a big 4 ft flat asphalt shovel i use. I scoop it full, shake once or twice to knock the loose stuff off then carefully walk it the 6 ft thru the door to a can on the back patio hoping nothing falls off in the process. Occasionally some embers fall or blow off onto the throw rug and that...
  22. KindredSpiritzz

    It’s starting to get cold

    I can run two humidifiers in the same room and it wont change a thing so finally i just gave up. Pain filling them every day and cleaning them every 4-5 days anyways.
  23. KindredSpiritzz

    Drolet stoves any good ?

    I'd go with the bigger one if i was you, just build smaller fires in it if need be. I think my austral is 3.4 and it's perfect for my 1600 sq ft house. Better to go too big than to small in my opinion. Plus you like the cook top and burn time on the bigger one so 2 more pluses there. Drolet...
  24. KindredSpiritzz

    It’s starting to get cold

    Cold here in the fox valley too.Hopefully this cold puts a dent in the tick population this summer. Cant remember the last time we made it this far into January with as little snow on the ground as we've had this year. Probably make up for that in march and april. Should be over the winter hump...
  25. KindredSpiritzz

    Anybody using the NC-30 in a 1400 sq ft space?

    My house is well insulated so that helps. When i get home from work the house is usually about 60 and i have enough coals to get another firing going easy enough. Any temps below 10 and my stove starts struggling to keep up, this next week will be a challenge with negative temps for highs most...
  26. KindredSpiritzz

    Anybody using the NC-30 in a 1400 sq ft space?

    I have a big stove heating my 1600 sq ft house and i love it. During the week when im at work i can load it full and come home 8 hrs later to a still warm house. On the weekends when im home i just toss a few logs in throughout the day to keep them temp at a comfortable level, once in awhile...
  27. KindredSpiritzz

    Signs of Chimney Fire?

    I had burning chunks of creosote coming out of my chimney kinda like lava. The temp gauge on the stove pipe was also way hotter than normal and there was a hot smell. Smell and temp gauge is what caused me to go outside and check the chimney
  28. KindredSpiritzz

    Going to Menards to buy a stove for the basement for occasional use.

    I have a Defender in my trailer up north which is exactly the same stove, it struggles to heat a 12x20 foot space and i dearly wish i had gone bigger. I think you'll be disappointed in its performance. I'd go bigger and just build smaller fires if needed, better to have to much capacity than...
  29. KindredSpiritzz

    Boy is this winter a real sleeper...

    Probably mutating and evolving so they can remain active all winter long and bite you while you shovel snow.
  30. KindredSpiritzz

    Do you store a stack of wood inside your home?

    I keep 6 full cords in the basement "wood room" about 20 ft from the main floor wood stove, i also keep 3 or 4 arm loads by the stove during the day. I get the occasional spider or web but its a small price to pay for the convenience of having my wood inside and close to the stove. Ash dust is...