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    Door hinge pins

    Heat. Heat. and more heat.
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    reverse mortgage

    Look at the up front fees. That is what I have heard is the killer. I believe there is some kind of insurance you are forced to take.
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    Spiders Web Question

    This time of year they are very active. They try to get to the warmth of the house during the cool nights too. I am seeing nothing unusual. Anyone doing mulching will see tons of them as a result. Don't know if they are in the mulch or rise from the ground as mulch is laid down. Either way...
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    You can't fix stupid

    One of the worst practices is to get too involved with a family member.
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    Perk coffee on stove?

    Have a good old perc just for the stove during power outages. I thought it would be a regular morning process, but it does take time. Guessing 20-30 minutes. Works fine though.
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    1st chainsaw (sort of) -What do you think?

    Congrats on completing step one in the order of becoming a CAD member. (chainsaw aquisition disease).
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    brick hearth build and one inch air space ?s

    I used metal stud track to create an open space behind the hardiboard on the wall. Very simple and easy to work with. Like you said, gaps at top and bottom.
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    New visitors at the house. They are beeing well behived.

    It's over Johnny. Vac attack and cold weather makes me the winner. There was about 50 survivors in the hive. Never saw the queen, though I don't think she survived the event. Many dead ones in the bottom of the hive. I am thinking the propane gas may have done them in (see earlier post)...
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    Kindergarten, School Busses, and Rehearsals.....

    Had your wife stopped crying from the departure that morning when she began to cry about the bus leaving again with her?
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    Beer Thread!! just for....

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    Beer Thread!! just for....

    Just sampled a new one for me- Ten year single malt "The Laddie". First taste was good, but I was cooking and the flavor was affected by the food. Overall seemed just fine. It was that or Glenlivet and I felt like trying something new. Nice looking bottle too. Somewhat smokey and a bit of...
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    Beer Thread!! just for....

    Ice, water, straight up or all of the above?
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    Beer Thread!! just for....

    Like Ronnie VZ said; be a simple kind of man. Once the evenings get into the 50s, the Lager gets supplimented with the Black and Tan, and some scotch.
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    Groundhog in my yard...what to do? Are they harmless/harmful?

    Possum is the only animal I have seen that would try and cross a road with his pal, see his pal hit by a car then eat his pal all in the same 20 minute span. I spent most of my summer days in hayfields with either a wagon under my feet, loading bales, or with a Winchester 9422 in hand...
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    New visitors at the house. They are beeing well behived.

    That is a good perspective. However, my inner voice that I can't control is telling me "don't let'm beat you". So I probably will have another go at'm.
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    New visitors at the house. They are beeing well behived.

    I would be fine with that but for the fact it would render the hive useless. My goal is to get honey bees in there again some day. It took to darn long to build!
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    New visitors at the house. They are beeing well behived.

    Mowing Sunday and came to find the little buztards are still kickin' in the hive. They have found another way in/out. Saga continues.
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    Helper springs on truck

    I think the difference being where the load is carried. A shock may be rated for x lbs, but are the mounts? Either way is better than add-a-leafs imo.
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    Helper springs on truck

    Shocks are not really for carrying loads, even though air shocks can lift loads. Air bags are between the spring plates on the axles, and the frame. They are for carrying loads. I have had them on the last 4 trucks and will have them on the next 4. Pack them full of air when you need to load...
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    New visitors at the house. They are beeing well behived.

    Game, set, match. Took the wet-vac and a step ladder out to the hive. Used the ladder to support the rigid tube and set it at the hive entrance. Ran it for about 4-5 hours. Every once in a while I would visit the scene and pop a stone onto the tin roof of the hive. The hornets were so large...
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    New visitors at the house. They are beeing well behived.

    Attempt #2; fail. Went out at 5 am this morning. Had a plan hatched from a conversation with the propane guy as he filled my tanks. Propane is COLD. My thought was to use my propane torch to fill the hive with the cold gas, rendering the fools incapable of movement from the temperature...
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    Forgive me, I have sinned...

    Just today I found my splitter. Not that I was looking for it, but was startled to see it lurking amoungst a pile of Hickory rounds. I really had no idea it was there. Guilt forced me to put the tarp back over it. That Hickory is piled there for 1.5 years now. Pretty sure it was a victim of...
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    New visitors at the house. They are beeing well behived.

    Went out at 6 am this morning with plugs in hand, hoping to block off the entry and nix these things. No such luck as they were already very active. They are living in there, not scavenging comb/wax. Maybe try again tonight. I am also thinking of shooting a compressed air cleaner into the...
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    180 ears of corn? No problem!

    Blanched for 2 minutes. Some kernels were plump and fresh, some not so much.
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    180 ears of corn? No problem!

    How you removing the kernels? I used a knife last year and found the corn a little soggy as a result of cutting kernels in pieces, releasing the fluids. Someone has got to make a de-kerneling tool. I vac packed the stuff, and it was tasty. Just need to find the last piece of the puzzle to...
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    Chimney parts for Englander 17-VL

    I used Woodsmans Parts Plus for pipe. I would go out of the house as soon as possilbe. This will keep the cleanout point close to the ground as possible. Also, where ever the 45 or 90s are, you will not be able to clean with a rod/brush. You need to be above the highest roof point within a...
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    Ash Trees

    Many consider it the best. Splits easy, dries quickly, burns hot, does leave ash, smells nice and is usually pretty straight. Never turn it down.
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    Ash or poplar?

    The leaves are definitely Ash. I have similar issues discerning the two by bark. Leaves are telling though. Cut a piece and take a whiff. Poplar is sweeeeeet smelling.
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    yellow jacket eradication

    Wet vac set up at the hole. Run it for a half hour and smack the siding. Run. Repeat as neccasary. Do not open vac for 4 days.
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    stair design for an exterior door

    What kind of door is entering the house off the deck? A sliding door creates a different scenario than a hinged door. I would keep the surface at least 2 inches below the threshold or you will invite water into the house. A pair of 2x12s as the first step/landing then a standard step hieght...