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  1. rich2500

    Mixing corn in a Serenity?

    Burned an 80/20 corn mix in my Englander for a couple years and briefly in my serenity, It's possible to notice a heat increase if the pellets are total trash,corn creates a clinker faster vs. straight pellets and the ash is more course and black. I went back to straight pellets because it...
  2. rich2500

    Castle serenity owners BE ADVISED !

    You sure the pellets didn't absorb moisture.
  3. rich2500

    Castle Serenity TSC price

    Looks like the stove went up a bit in price this year to 1099.00 so yes 899.00 would be 200.00 off. Possible you might eventually see it slightly less then 899.00 but not worth waiting for.
  4. rich2500

    Considering selling ecoteck Elena for Harmon allure50

    Would be a good move, I switched from a Ravelli Francesca to an Allure and yes the Harman is much easier to clean , I give it a cleaning once a month and the ash pan isn't even half full by then Burning 24/7. I get a minimum of 3 days on a hopper heating just over 1200 sq. feet.
  5. rich2500

    Harman vs Comfortbilt

    The comfortbilt uses a lot of the same parts as the castle serenity which is a great stove for it's price and has lots of users here. The biggest difference between them 2 stoves is the comfortbilt uses tube heat exchangers and the serenity does not. Neither stove is a Harman but great stoves...
  6. rich2500

    North american vs italian pellet stoves

    After owning both an Italian stove ( Ravelli ) and now a Harman do yourself a favor and go with the Harman. Had the Ravelli 3 yrs. and never had any problems with it but it's little things why I suggest the Harman such as easier to clean and longer between cleanings, parts are more readily...
  7. rich2500

    Pellet Stove with Timer and Thermostat?

    As a prior Ravelli owner yes the Harman controller is a dream to use compared to the Ravelli controller.
  8. rich2500

    Mid-Atlantic (NY, PA, NJ, DE, MD, VA) Pre-buy Pricing (not far from Reading or Hamburg, PA)

    just to clarify the prices you have listed are before the 10 bucks off a ton for buying the stove from them.
  9. rich2500

    Fact checking the sellers

    can't say which might be more reliable but I would go with the sante Fe simply for the extra btu and hopper size.
  10. rich2500

    Once again Ravelli flow meter, arrrrgh#*&

    Had my Francesca 3 yrs and not a single problem, Have you tried code 11 to disable the meter that's what my manual has for the code
  11. rich2500

    Would You Recommend the Castle Serenity Pellet Stove?

    with the stove off push the button below the power button then cycle too thermostat
  12. rich2500

    Internet connected pellet stove

    Ravelli has the add on GPRS kit
  13. rich2500

    ComfortBilt Pellet Stoves

    They share many of the same parts as the Serenity, The biggest difference between the Serenity and comfortbilt a side from appearance is the comfortbilt uses heat exchange tubes and the serenity does not.
  14. rich2500

    Curious about stove shop pricing

    Yeah Harman really knows how to nickle and dime you with the Allure, I didn't get or want the glass front either, just wasn't a fan of all that glass after seeing it in person. Congrats on the stove mine has been awesome so far.
  15. rich2500

    Curious about stove shop pricing

    10 % off is what I got on my Allure last March, I jumped then because the dealer said if there is gonna be a price increase from Harman that it is usually in April.
  16. rich2500

    Newby Absolute43 2nd Night
  17. rich2500

    First pellet stove sweeping

    16 ' is a long way to try and blow with a shop vac, I do it to mostly get the section of exhaust that can't be gotten with a brush and on a Serenity it blows out the area where the exhaust blower is. But hey it's easy enough to do so why not try it.
  18. rich2500

    First pellet stove sweeping

    No need to take the venting apart, run a brush through what you can then find yourself a piece of packing foam cut a piece to fit snug in the exhaust passage at the left bottom side of the burn pot then cut a round hole in the center of the foam for shop vac hose to fit snug then blow the...
  19. rich2500

    Ironstone Mills

    I burn the Kingdom hardwood and softwoods and they are better then the Ironstones.
  20. rich2500

    Ironstone Mills

    They are about average for heat and Ash but a lot of long pellets, some 2" long.
  21. rich2500

    How do you store pellets and how much

    Sure looks like a pellet vac set up :)
  22. rich2500

    How do you store pellets and how much

    I have a 7X7 Rubbermaid shed behind the house by the back door that I can fit 3 ton in.
  23. rich2500

    Time for a new stove. Which one?

    10" from floor to center of exhaust outlet
  24. rich2500

    Castle Serenity vs Comfortbilt HP50

    Sounds like you done the right thing, sticking with what you have had good luck with and a stove you know.
  25. rich2500

    Castle Serenity vs Comfortbilt HP50

    I highly doubt the comfortbilt will be easier to clean than a Serenity.
  26. rich2500

    Castle Serenity- Control Unit while on Weekly?

    Deezl is correct the stove will just run at what ever heat level necessary to maintain set temp.
  27. rich2500

    Castle Serenity lcd display flashing

    Best customer service in the business.
  28. rich2500

    2018 -2019 Stash and Burn Count

    Started with approximately 2.5 ton when I started burning in October, burned approximately 30 bags so far but have been buying 8 bags a week since I started burning so my stash has increased.