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  1. osagebow

    What’s going on here?

    Yep. Should be pretty tasty
  2. osagebow

    Osage orange listed as a cord for $150

    Nice score! That stuff does look like it's been sitting split a while too.
  3. osagebow

    Burning Hedge

    Check these guys out when you are ready. Best way to go is to build a "board bow" or 2 from a 1x2x6'red oak board to get the learning curve going, and avoid ruining a good stave. These guys will get ya there. I have some old posts there as "Postman". "Hunting the Osage Bow" is a good book to use...
  4. osagebow

    Burning Hedge

    If you have a ton to choose from, look at the bark pattern for grain clues for straightish grain trees. Osage often twists or snakes back and forth, this can make it entertaining to split and stack. Your buddy might look into selling some fenceposts or bow staves. Staves with snakey character...
  5. osagebow

    Bar and chain oil substitute in a pinch.

    Canola all the way. No contamination in your lungs, clothes, woods, etc. Bar oil aerosolizes when used. You are basically dumping what ever you run into the soil and watershed while breathing it Bar wear has been tested in the US, Canada, and Europe as similar or better to petrol. The actual...
  6. osagebow

    Free Wood, But....

    Have a big leaning cottonwood I hope stays put. Black gum is common here,and they get chucked uncerimoniuosly into the woods, even if they happen to fall next to the splitter and break into perfect 20" lengths.
  7. osagebow

    CT EAB

    I hope they get it figured out (Parasitic wasps maybe?) before y'all get it.
  8. osagebow

    New Toy! Finally

    Congrats and enjoy! TSC is awesome. I brought my Huskee 22home and realized it was a bit low on hydro. Manager that sold me the unit apologized and handed me 5 gallons to take. Plus they love my dog lol. Make sure you snug up every connection after some running, and change the "break in" oil soon.
  9. osagebow

    CT EAB

    Mine here in Western VA finally got it. I saw trees 10 miles north affected 5 years ago, but it initially passed over my little creekbottom stand. The Pileateds are going to town on them.
  10. osagebow

    The best of the wildcard woodsplitters, it gets good..

    Mr. Carnival wheel of facial fractures probably has more invested in fabbing the ramp and table than a 22 ton would cost. Jeeps ain't cheap, he has a grand laying around somewhere
  11. osagebow

    How You Depress An Old Woodburner

    Sorry to hear BB, Starting to hit the wall a bit myself.
  12. osagebow

    Anyone else do stupid things like this too lol?

    Dropped some dead straight ash a couple weeks ago in my creekbed, Shoulder was bugging me a bit but "This stuff splits easy, and the workout will be good for my shoulder." I burn mostly oak, and never split ash, and the easy 1 swing splitting was addictive. Really got after it for a weekend. I...
  13. osagebow

    Partial load

    I'm just wrapping my thick head around this pushing 50 with a short stick.
  14. osagebow

    Fiskars X27...Wow!

    Yep. Great tool. The best analogy Ive seen on here is that the hollow handle helps you produce faster head speed, almost like a golf club. I can swing it a lot longer than the sledge head maul. Gave that maul to a young buck lol. Hatchet is fun and sharp enough to cut ya by looking crossways at it.
  15. osagebow

    H350 Chain spins while starting

    Thanks, That was it! Took everything apart and PB blasted it and viola.
  16. osagebow

    H350 Chain spins while starting

    My husq 350 was not spinning in the cut, so I tried to swap clutches with a parts saw I have. I had also knocked it off the bench, breaking the gray operator prescence handle. Swapped that also. The chain spins as you pull to start, making it hard to pull, and engaging the brake makes ot almost...
  17. osagebow

    A Great Day to Cut Firewood

    Nice! It's been a frustrating, soggy winter to cut here in VA
  18. osagebow

    Big guns loaded and ready.

    Locust has gotten us through the single/teens nights recently. -25 is insane up there! I was lucky to hit some in the middle of an oak stack at just the right time. Gotta find some osage and mulberry I'm all out of those this year.
  19. osagebow

    Do you store a stack of wood inside your home?

    We have widows. Lots of 'em. (National Forest) We keep about 2 weeks worth of "clean" wood in the basement. Any wood with knotholes or cracks they can hide in gets cued up outside and put directly in the stove when convienient. The boys are eagle eyed when bringing wood in. I used to pay ' them...
  20. osagebow

    Tariff Wars

    Steel changes fast. The "Dorothy" furnace in Duquesne my father worked at won an industry award in December '83 and was slated to be closed 5 months later. Chipped ham sammiches....
  21. osagebow

    Best Firewood

    Up there in NY, in addition to oak, black locust is good, has a bit more btu's than oak. Hedgeapple/osage orange has the most, but it is rare. Getting three years or so supply on hand is the goal of most hardwood burners on here from the northeast. It's tough to do but worth it. Pine and soft...
  22. osagebow

    any body have any idea what kind of wood this is ?

    Yep i agree with Dan. looks like the chestnut oak I burn, ( A white oak type), right down to the type and presentation of fungi when it gets punky. I often slab off the edges and have good a good, big heartwood piece left.
  23. osagebow

    Any bird gurus

    Yep we had one roosting in a pine next to the driveway for a few months. Wife got to witness me spilling hot coffee all over myself as he got me good as we were leaving for work. I had to promise on the spot not to eat her "New best friend".;lol They are pretty rare here now, usually see or hear...
  24. osagebow

    Finally, a 350 of my own! (Porting project)

    What was the deal with the silicone? Was the PO trying to fix a stripped muffler screw or something? Cracked my 350's body at the fuel tank but finally found another. Love 'em
  25. osagebow

    What Is In Your Stove Right Now?

    I'm starting out with about 1/2 cord of maple stacked in February, with some 3 year red oak uglies thrown in. 30 inches of rain so far in 2018 has not allowed the maple it to dry as well as hoped. Just gonna rip through it and brush out the flue again, I need that spot for some red oak the...
  26. osagebow

    Stack Attack- Wood pile collapse

    Whatcha got there Dobish? Plums? I take it the tree is unsalvageable:(
  27. osagebow

    Anyone use these? Save your back I bet.

    I often use one or a pair of slim, sharp hatchets as my "Hands". Need one to drive wedges while bucking anyway. With some practice they are handy as all get out. Flip rounds out of the way bucking, sink & carry, flip off into the truck. Throw and sink into the next round for fun
  28. osagebow

    Human fuel (food)

    ;lol;lol Mine's more like a pool hall.
  29. osagebow

    Human fuel (food)

    Whatever calories I can get to before my boys (13,15) do. We did a marathon session last winter after a decent breakfast. Wife made a lb of spaghetti with a lb. of ground italian sausage in the sauce for us. I then remembered I had left my phone down in the woods, liesurely walked the dog back...
  30. osagebow

    Does this happen to anyone else?

    Other people usually get an explanation that my stove won't burn well unless my oak sits three years and my house fills with smoke if I burn anything newer. (Marginal draft, it's a catalyst, yadda yadda..) This explains why I can't part with any of the 10 cords or so I usually have to start a...