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  1. electrathon

    Door opening when hot, hard to open when cold..

    There could be many things that cause this, but your stove is changing shape (warping) as it heats and cools.
  2. electrathon

    Made the decision to buy a log splitter... which one

    Depending on what wood is locally available, in general you will never be upset about too big, but not big enough is very frustrating. Buy that biggest unit you can afford. It tipping vertical is a lifesaver on loading big rounds. I have split some rounds that were over 4' across by wiggling...
  3. electrathon

    Vent in ceiling

    The hot air will normally rise up from the stove to the ceiling, then up through the grate/vent. It continues rising and then falls down the staircase and eventually returns to the stove room. To verify the path when the stove is going hold a cigarette or freshly blown out candle (smoking is...
  4. electrathon

    Stove for my shop

    This will not be a garage, just a workshop area. No gasoline stored and no natural gas to require lifting the stove above to flammable gasses in case of a spill. The total chimney height is easy to add to, just that would be the minimum . There is a vaulted ceiling that is about 18" thick...
  5. electrathon

    Stove for my shop

    I am finishing up a remodel of a shop building and am looking for a stove. The building is 20"x22" and very well insulated. I will be out there often on weekends and some evenings. I will be burning a lot of wood/lumber scrap and smaller scrounged pieces, not a lot of large cordwood. It also...
  6. electrathon

    Suggestions/assistance/brain storming

    Funny, I looked at the sketch and my first thought was, "How do they go poo?".
  7. electrathon

    Injection mixing from storage question

    Possibly there is something I am not understanding. You are planning on going from one pump the 4 pumps, three of the pumps are to be electronically controlled and modulated. Why not replace the three pumps with a modulating mixing valve in place of the two T's and allowing the main pump to do...
  8. electrathon

    Use HX in hot air plenum to produce DHW?

    The coolest water is going to be at the lowest point in the system (without a pump). If the coil is half way up the tank the coldest the water will be is as cold as the water in the middle of the tank. There will be a cold bubble of water sitting at the lowest portion of the tank. A pump will...
  9. electrathon

    Use HX in hot air plenum to produce DHW?

    The main reason I see for a pump is because his heat exchanger is sitting too high. It should be lower than the bottom of the tank for proper thermosiphoning. If he adds a pump the return to tank loop needs to be moved to the cold water inlet so that it is not adding "cool" water 2/3 of the way...
  10. electrathon

    Use HX in hot air plenum to produce DHW?

    Where are you taking the temp readings in the tank? Near the top or bottom? I am surprised that you have 200 degree air temperature coming off the furnace. If that is being produced I would agree there is plenty of heat available. Are you using the water in your system currently? Were you...
  11. electrathon

    Use HX in hot air plenum to produce DHW?

    How hot is the air in the plenum that you are going to draw heat from? I think that is the biggest issue. If you have 120 degree plenum air, over time, lots of time, the water in the heat exchanger would eventually get there. If the bottom of the tank is higher than the top of the exchanger...
  12. electrathon

    whole house fan with a wood burning appliance

    It also has an on/off switch on it. The thermostat allows it to run into the evening and turn off when the house has cooled.
  13. electrathon

    whole house fan with a wood burning appliance

    I have a whole house fan that turns off and on my by a thermostat. If I am not home and the house is closed up when the fan turns on there is a strong smoke smell in the house. The chimney is the easiest place at that time for the air to enter the house. As long as a window or two is open it...
  14. electrathon

    Chimney Flue terminated under Chase Cap

    You have an incompetent contractor who repaired your house in an unsafe manor that likely would have ended up burning your house down or killing you from asphyxiation. He then lied to you about why they did something totally unsafe..They did it for one reason and one reason only. To save...
  15. electrathon

    Tiny cabin stove. Repair or replace?

    In a cabin that small I would be looking at one of the RV/tiny house stoves.
  16. electrathon

    Re burn tubes in a barrel stove???

    Coming from someone who likes barrel stoves, I personally do not think this is a good idea. If you do it, make sure you are using a heavy walled barrel (there are a lot of different thicknesses of them),
  17. electrathon

    Outside Air Kit

    You have a high humidity problem and you are running a humidifier? I think you answered your own problem. The humidity you are seeing on the surface of the walls is minor compared to the damage the humidity is causing inside your walls. No humidity is migrating in, there is no humidity to...
  18. electrathon

    Outside Air Kit

    The moisture on the walls from the humidity compensating on the cold walls. Lower humidity in the house would help. Proper wall insulation would help. Proper bathroom and cooking fan usage will help. An OAK is not a cure for this, but you still should install one for other reasons.
  19. electrathon

    Heat exchanger setup on stove pipe ?

    How do I control temperature or pressure? Pressure is controlled with an expansion tank, just like you do with a standard hot water heater (on a 50 gallon water heater there is about a gallon of expansion between the cold fill and the resting hot period). My pressure gauge only moves a few...
  20. electrathon

    Heat exchanger setup on stove pipe ?

    Maybe someone else can run some numbers for me and see if I am correct. If you heat one tank of water from 50 degrees to 120 degrees over a one hour period of time and your woodstove puts out 50,000 BTU I am figuring about a 1% heat transfer from the stove to the water. Most stoves put out...
  21. electrathon

    Heat exchanger setup on stove pipe ?

    Heating water can be dangerous. Woodstoves can be dangerous. If you are going to do this there are a few more things involved than throwing a coil on your chimney (generally not a good idea). All over the world for hundreds of years hot water has been heated by wood fires. If you do it...
  22. electrathon

    Hearthstone Homestead ash grate

    I also have a hearthstone stove, but it is a different model than yours. The ash grate is awful in mine too. My best advise is to always use a shovel to clean out the stove and don't move the parts that are causing you grief. There is no reason to try to get all the ashes out, just dig out...
  23. electrathon

    What type blaze king is this?

    This sure made me homesick for my old Blaze King Princess stove. There is supposed to be three ceramic pieces on the front, one on the door and one on each side of the door. You can see the holes that hold the trim on. It is an early model Cat stove. When I bought mine (in 86) they had a...
  24. electrathon

    Should I insulate the OAK duct?

    Not sure I understand. Not insulating will promote more condensation. Condensation leads to mold. Not sure why that is desirable.
  25. electrathon

    Should I insulate the OAK duct?

    Yes, two reasons. When not running it is a seal between inside and outside of nothing more than a piece of aluminum. When the stove is running the cold air coming in (and drawing heat out of the room to go into the air inlet) will condense moisture on the tube possibly causing water damage in...
  26. electrathon

    Secondary combustion in a double barrel stove?

    Barrels come in many different thicknesses. As thin as 24 and as thick as 16 gauge, if I am remembering correctly. Just like stove pipe, use the wrong kind and it will burn through. Use a thicker one and it will last a very ling time. Saying a barrel will burn out quickly is similar to...
  27. electrathon

    Secondary combustion in a double barrel stove?

    First off, I love barrel stoves. Many memories from my youth heating our house in Alaska with one. There are many different barrel thicknesses, use a heave gauge barrel if you want it to last. As to the secondary air in the upper barrel: I am guessing here too, full disclosure. You will be...
  28. electrathon

    Large wood stove in a pole barn....

    Our building inspector (I work for a small town) told me a couple years back that he would allow a woodstove in a shop. Said he saw/approved them fairly often.
  29. electrathon

    Reclaim Flue Heat from top of chimney?

    I personally am all over the idea of cleaner chimneys. This device looks very much like an electrostatic air cleaner like we use in some furnaces. Its purpose is to make the airborne particulates stick to the inside of the chimney rather than letting them move out to the atmosphere. It is...