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  1. klincker

    I'm in the market for a new pellet stove, need help!

    I think the Englanders can now take a thermostat to auto-ignite. If you like Englander and don't want to buy a used stove. I'll throw these out there because I have them in my house. Castle serenity-can be programmed to turn on and off throughout the day. (also a smaller stove that might not...
  2. klincker

    Pelpro or Castle

    It is a good looking stove, which is why i was able to justify spending a bit more on it. Its a close cousin in looks to the harman and quad cast iron stoves. I leave my nest at 68 as a safety net and will occasionally turn it up to take a chill out of the back bedroom if needed (oil furnace)...
  3. klincker

    Pelpro or Castle

    My Pelpro is in the main part of the house and is responsible for about 1200 sq ft. Our house is a ranch so this includes the living room, dining room, 3 bedrooms, and bathroom. The stove is in the living room and points towards the bedroom hallway for perspective. I run this one on low during...
  4. klincker

    new pelpro60 stove

    I open the hopper lid to let the flame die down and then I will stir the pot quickly. The Pelpro does benefit from a daily shutdown and pot clean like the manual says, but I've gone two days.
  5. klincker

    Pelpro or Castle

    I actually have both a Castle Serenity and a Pelpro 90. I like them both for what they are. Castle has great customer service but you may enjoy having a stove that pumps out more heat.
  6. klincker

    Pelopro ppc90 problem

    So I went ahead and installed this stove this fall. Haven't gotten around to posting anything about it yet. I did a through the roof install with an OAK out the side wall. I did get a fuel feed alarm after about a month of burning, and the gasket rope has taken care of it so far. I did go ahead...
  7. Pelpro tsc90

    Pelpro tsc90

    Pelpro 90
  8. Pelpro Tsc 90

    Pelpro Tsc 90

    Fall 2018
  9. pelpro tsc 90

    pelpro tsc 90

  10. klincker

    Pelpro60 installation

    Looks like you already have some pipe. You should probably stick with the same brand. Amazon has an adapter I linked below. I just installed a Pelpro90 myself this year. Love it so far. Good Luck!
  11. klincker

    Castle Serenity vs Comfortbilt HP50

    I'd go with the Castle. Most people choose the Castle for its ease of cleaning and customer service. The Comfortbilt looks like a sister stove using many of the same parts/design.
  12. klincker

    Running dirty?

    Many factors will contribute to dirty glass, but unfortunately this stove seems to get dirty quickly. 1. Quality of Pellets will make a difference. You get what you pay for with this sometimes. 2. Combination of the Amount of air into the stove and the exhaust voltage will play a factor in how...
  13. klincker

    What to do with all the bags - - - ???

    I work in a school where our "Go Green" club is in a recycling contest with TREX. The advisor collects and drops off our contributions. They take all kinds of plastic bags and wraps. lots of info on their site. That stuff sure is expensive for...
  14. klincker

    Installing OAK

    I used one of THESE for my stove that didn't come with a kit. For the Cover outside I bought something like THIS. Advance auto sells them in 18" and 6' lengths. $30 max
  15. klincker

    Very shallow fireplace

    maybe a freestanding cast stove on the hearth?
  16. klincker

    New Castle Serenity Pellet Stove

    Wow, Thanks for posting this. I need one of these for my addition where the serenity is. My mother in law lives out there now and the stove cooks her out. Id rather give this a try than use the cycle on off settings. Anyone else use this yet? Does this cause the vac light to come on the...
  17. klincker

    Hauling Rigs

    Nice! Please tell me you have an add a leaf or something in the back. My 94 F150 xlt sags more than that with half a ton. been looking into some 250 springs for it.
  18. klincker

    Pelopro ppc90 problem

    This stove just went on sale at Tractor Supply. $1350. Might pull the trigger on this one as my second stove.
  19. klincker

    Considering which first pellet stove...

    I believe the pelpro90 had an issue with the internal thermostat when it was new, but is now possibly fixed. It also allows for a external thermostat that most people were using to bypass the internal issue. I too like the look of it better, and the ability to use the thermostat. Castle does not...
  20. klincker

    Considering which first pellet stove...

    In that range I went with the Castle serenity. Worth a look. I am looking to add a second stove this year, maybe a Pelpro 90. love the way it looks.
  21. klincker

    Generator for our new pellet stove

    New Generac with Fuel Injection and THD of less than 5%
  22. klincker

    Vertical pipe through ceiling

    Flat ceiling and then roof. Distance from ceiling to roof is not much. Hopefully the AIS will fit.
  23. klincker

    Vertical pipe through ceiling

    I have a clean out that I will use. I just thought those boxes were for cathedral installs on a 45
  24. klincker

    Vertical pipe through ceiling

    So I am moving my stove from one location to another. It’s currently installed through an exterior wall and then vertical about 8’. Id like to put it in another location where it Would go vertical through the ceiling and then the roof. Can I use the wall thimble on the ceiling? I know I need...
  25. klincker

    Finally Switching from Wood stove to pellet - need advice This one can also be used with some duct work. Anyone on here have one?
  26. klincker

    Pellet Stove in a Vacation Home Rental

    I agree that it is dangerous, but I've rented many places during the winter for ski/boarding season with fireplaces and pellet stoves. The owners usually urged us to use the fireplaces or pellet stoves due to the cost of electric baseboards. Now, yes we do have experience with wood heating, but...
  27. klincker

    Run Harman Accentra Insert off generator

    I think you have that backwards. Inverter Generators take AC, convert to DC, and then back to clean AC with pure sine wave. A inverter takes DC from a Battery and converts to clean AC. I believe AVR only attempts to smooth out the AC produced by a traditional generator. could be wrong or...
  28. klincker


    My first batch that I bought in the fall had a lot more fines than the batch i picked up mid winter. Both have had great heat but I do get some build up in the pot. I scrape it daily. I will probably try hamers next year but the lignetics dealer is so much closer for me.
  29. klincker

    Run Harman Accentra Insert off generator

    A lot of generators also come with the AVR technology built into the system, but how does AVR compare to an inverter? I only have an old 3550 running my oil furnace and water pump right now. Power has been out here since Friday's storm and we are getting another foot tomorrow.
  30. klincker

    PelPro PPC90 Cast Freestanding Stove

    Thanks, I actually called them on Friday to see what they were all about. Spoke with a girl that didn't know too much, but she explained the ash pans. Seems like it's similar to my castle serenity. This has some potential for the main part of my house because of the auto on/off and the external...