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  1. Harmanizer

    Odd problem happening right now

    That's an eternity for pellets to ignite.Some pellets seem to ignite faster than others.I burn LaCretes and they take off within 3 minutes.If I burn Energex softwood they take 8 minutes to start and they will push pellets to the edge of the pot.But then they burn fine.Your experience is...
  2. Harmanizer

    Odd problem happening right now

    Leave the feed rate alone.It's not what is causing the problem.You should read this.
  3. Harmanizer

    Odd problem happening right now

    Make sure your ESP is clean.If it is caked in ash it won't be able to accurately gauge temps.
  4. Harmanizer

    Rhode Island Pellet Supply
  5. Harmanizer

    Generator for our new pellet stove

    A pure sine wave ups will not put the stove into auto shutdown.I have the APC BE750G.When power goes out it pulses the combustion fan to remove smoke until the fire is out then shuts down the stove.
  6. Harmanizer

    Generator for our new pellet stove

    You can run as many things as the genny will allow.I may buy another one so I can run them in parallel.Maybe get a transfer switch so I don't have to run extension cords all over the place.
  7. Harmanizer

    Generator for our new pellet stove

    Harman pellet stoves require pure sine wave power.I have a 2000 watt Ryobi inverter generator that will run the stove and several other appliances.
  8. Harmanizer

    Pellet Stove power backup? What do you use?

    This is what I use.
  9. Harmanizer

    Ash Vac - Best BANG for your buck

    I've had my Powersmith for 5 years and it works great.It is a bit loud but not bad.
  10. Harmanizer

    Interesting problem with my p43 SOLVED

    He reduced his draft by adjusting the voltage to the combustion fan down.It's a small plastic screw on the Harman control.I'm sure your stove is different.
  11. Harmanizer

    New Harman P68 Owner with Questions/Observations

    Some pellets will tend to clog the burn pot more than others.I burn Lacrete softwood pellets and don't have that problem.Small chunks do escape the burn pot but I think that is normal.The clunking noise is usually a long pellet getting stuck and I agree it can be annoying.If you hear a lot of...
  12. Harmanizer

    Unknown knob

    Harmans have something similar that adjust the combustion motor.It's called a low draft adjustment screw.
  13. Harmanizer

    Tractor Supply Pellets

    If you can find undamaged bags those are very good.They are Maine Woods pellets.
  14. Harmanizer

    This years stove chows

    They are made by Energex at there Pennsylvania plant.
  15. Harmanizer

    Cleaning Pellets

    Found this on the interwebz
  16. Harmanizer

    need help harman xxv blower issue

    Is it the Dayton motor or the new Fasco?
  17. Harmanizer

    Harman: Feed rate on ashy pellets

    I leave it at 4.Good stuff or crap leave it at 4 unless you are burning wet leaves, then bump it up to 5.:p
  18. Harmanizer

    Harman pellet feeder problems ?

    What is your feed rate?It should be on 4.
  19. Harmanizer

    Pellet question

    I had good luck with Natures Own.I believe they are an Energex product.If I came across them again I would buy them.What kind of problems are you having?
  20. Harmanizer

    Harman Accentra 52i paddle broke off/other issues

    You may have carbon buildup in your auger tube.That will cause an occasional screech.With no pellets in the auger use a flashlight to check.You can usually use a screwdriver to scrape any deposits out of there.
  21. Harmanizer

    Harmon invincible insert behavior

    Are you using a different pellet this year?Vent pipe clean?
  22. Harmanizer

    Harman Accentra 52i paddle broke off/other issues

    When you install your new combustion impeller make sure you use antisieze on the shaft and the set screw.It will make it easier to remove next time.
  23. Harmanizer

    Smoke smell from p61a stove

    Check joints in exhaust venting.That is usually where they leak.
  24. Harmanizer

    Harmon insert dismal performance.

    Flame looks much better.Good luck.
  25. Harmanizer

    Harman Accentra 2 Flame video

    I think we found the problem.
  26. Harmanizer

    Harman Accentra 2 Flame video

    Looks like you have an air leak in one of your gaskets or fines box cover not attached correctly.Air leak would affect vacuum switch.
  27. Harmanizer

    Harman Accentra blowing 6A fuses?

    It's good to see you again.Sorry about your stove but I would think it would be cheaper to call a tech and have it fixed.There are a few who post here and maybe they could get you burning again.
  28. Harmanizer

    Smells/smoke normal?

    You need a brush that is sized for the vent diameter and you need to run that brush through the entire length of pipe.Ash accumulates on the walls and will restrict airflow.The smoke is coming from the connections in your vent pipe.They should be sealed.
  29. Harmanizer

    Harman Accentra blowing 6A fuses?

    We may never know.He disappeared.