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  1. chken

    Pellets burning too fast and creating a lot of ash

    Flame sounds okay, but the ash would indicate a poor burn, not enough air. When was the last time you cleaned it thoroughly? Has it always burned this way?
  2. chken

    Pellets burning too fast and creating a lot of ash

    Doesn't seem like alot of pellets. A 50k btu stove can burn ~7lbs an hour. You could burn thru a bag in 6 hrs, so burning a little over a bag in a day, isn't really alot, when your stove has the capacity to burn almost 4 bags. Now, if it's making alot of ash, it could be your pellets. Some...
  3. chken

    Backup Power - Generator for Pellet Stove

    Yeah, there are basically 4 options in choosing backup power: 1) a big UPS to get your pellet stove thru those short outages, 2) a big standby generator to power your whole house, automatically, 3) a small 120v inverter generator that can power your pellet stove and several other outlets, 4) a...
  4. chken

    Backup Power - Generator for Pellet Stove

    The Duromax seems like a cool product. Hadn't seen a dual fuel inverter before. Not cheap, but as someone mentioned, propane doesn't spoil, though it does get sluggish when extremely cold. Since you haven't lost power for more than 4 hours, and your Plan A can run 6hrs or more, you seem pretty set.
  5. chken

    Pure Sine UPS (Cyberpower) on sale thru Wed, on Newegg...

    I get a daily email from Newegg, and it seems that once a month a UPS goes on sale, usually CyberPower. And when the pure sine model goes on sale, I think of my fellow pellet stove users on Hearth. So, I got the email today, Monday, and the sale is good thru Wednesday for a CyberPower...
  6. chken

    Generator for our new pellet stove

    A UPS, with AVR, auto voltage regulation, is useful for someone who has lots of small outages, as well as lots of voltage fluctuations. A generator is good for someone who has longer outages. I totally agree that "too large" a generator can waste fuel, and requires more fill ups. And the...
  7. chken

    Generator for our new pellet stove

    As far as we know, the square, clipped wave of the approved APC triggers the shutdown procedure. The thing is, almost all non-sine wave UPSes, have a square, clipped wave, so they pretty much all should trigger the shutdown. It's the Pure Sine wave UPSes, that'll keep your stove running...
  8. chken

    Generator for our new pellet stove

    Looks good. If you're patient, and subscribe to Newegg's daily specials, that CyberPower model tends to go on sale once a month or so, for anywhere from $138 to $150. As for outdoor cords, get the shortest 10 or 12 gauge one from where you plan to set your Yamaha to where the outdoor plug is...
  9. chken

    Generator for our new pellet stove

    Everyone rates the Honda and Yamaha as the best for inverter generators. Quietest, most reliable. In general, you pay double over other brands. However, that price for the Yamaha at Costco is pretty amazing. And, Costco has a great return policy. I would think a $500 Yamaha would be a no-brainer.
  10. chken

    Pellet Stove power backup? What do you use?

    Well, it's on sale today, only today for $359, including shipping from Home Depot:
  11. chken

    Generator for our new pellet stove

    So, as you know, you need a Pure Sine inverter generator. And, while 1000 watts will do, 2000 watts isn't much more and will give you some margin of error. I have a WEN 2000w inverter generator, and some others on here do as well. It supposedly has the same engine as the Yamaha. It's very quiet...
  12. chken

    Pellet Stove power backup? What do you use?

    Yep, that's the one I have. I may have paid a bit less on Amazon's subsidiary site,, but it's worked great for me. Quiet, uses very little gas, and has an eco mode, which is even more fuelish. Plus, it only weighs about 60lbs full of fuel, so easy to lug around. Easy to pull-start...
  13. chken

    Pellet Stove power backup? What do you use?

    Lots of possible solutions, but only you know which one suits you. Of course, your Harman will shutdown if it senses a square wave, so, you need to go with a pure sine wave, thus, inverter generators. You don't need much, but inexpensive 2000 watt ones are under $400, if you don't buy...
  14. chken

    Piazzetta Sveva 5th Winter update + 2 Q.'s for the experts

    I think the thing to do is to drop Pascal Maertens a direct message. Just do a search.
  15. chken

    Electric shock from exhaust vent pipe

    Yep, sounds like your wires are mixed up. Get one of those testing devices at HD or Lowes. Easy to check.
  16. chken

    High heat insulation

    Looks like it would work. My stove has Roxul, packed around the vent thimble.
  17. chken

    For those who need a pure sine UPS...

    ...every month, they seem to go on sale at Newegg and B&H photo. A 24-hr sale, so act fast, or wait another month. Get on their mail list, and it's easy to pick up a pure sine UPS. I've got 6 for my pellet stove, my big screen TVs, my computers and my modem/router. Today, Newegg has the...
  18. chken

    UPS back-up for Pellet Stove

    If you're only planning on running the stove and a few other things, then a pure sine inverter generator, 2000w, would work. That's the type that is commonly used for RVing and tailgating. Quiet, uses little gas, clean power.
  19. chken

    Excessive smoke in stove, filled the house - HELP!!

    Clearly not right. A bag in 8.5 hrs on a low setting is the opposite of what you'd expect. That's what you'd get on almost the highest heat setting. You should be able to go ~24hrs on the lowest setting. Check that you are using the correct settings, because the stove is auguring pellets way too...
  20. chken

    UPS back-up for Pellet Stove

    Assuming I'm understanding the question. I don't know of any pure sine standby generators. All the major ones by Generac, B&S, Kohler, etc. are simulated, ie square waves. You could get a large inverter generator, which most likely has a pure sine output, but they tend to be expensive, and not...
  21. chken

    Moving Air With Ceiling Fan

    The only way to really know, is to reverse it and see if it works better.
  22. chken

    Emergency shut down due to power outage please help

    Seems like it should work, as long as the igniter isn't on. However, why not just get a UPS?
  23. chken

    Englander 25PDVC not putting out as expected

    Glad the bigger stove is working better, but if you were only burning a bag and a half a day, you were only running at about half the potential of your PVDC. That stove maxed out should be able to burn 3+ bags running full steam. It doesn't matter what stove you use, as long as your stove is...
  24. chken

    Englander 25PDVC not putting out as expected

    So, you went bigger. I didn't see in your comments where you stated how many bags you were actually burning a day. I mean, did you ever figure out if you were actually running it at its full rating?
  25. chken

    Back Up For Intermittent Drops

    Just looked at email, and yes someone has a big UPS on sale. Not pure sine, but it has AVR. APC Battery Back-UPS Pro BX1500M Ends In 22:57:10 $118.99 Save $5100 Orig. $169.99 That’s at B&H photo, in their dealzone. One day only.
  26. chken

    Back Up For Intermittent Drops

    The largest non-commercial UPSes are 1500VA. For my stove which runs at about 100 watts, I can get an hour of runtime. The CyberPower I use, listed below in my sigfile is a pure sine model, with AVR, auto voltage regulation, etc. Those can go for $140 to $150 on sale, at Newegg and B&H Photo...
  27. chken

    Piazzetta P 963 Trouble

    After checking the Piazzetta sticky on the first page of this forum, I'd drop a line to Pascal Maertens, who is a helpful Piazzetta dealer.
  28. chken

    Concrete stove pad

    Nice job! I built my house a decade ago, and put in Cheng concrete counters in the kitchen! 23 linear feet along the walls, and a big island. Holy cow, did it weigh a lot. Polishing takes a bit of time.
  29. chken

    Ordered a P-68...nervous about installer though?

    I think the father is right and you should likely not have any issues.
  30. chken

    Surge protector?

    So, when I searched to replace 3 APC units which all died within the same month, even though they were all purchased in different years, I learned that the surge specs were not always in the same ballpark for various UPS manufacturers. My dedicated surge-only protectors were all 1500 joules or...