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    Underground lines - not the place to skimp!

    i am currently building shed to house my d.s. machine boiler .had boiler in basement for 3 yrs worked great just want wood out next to unit plus feel safer and never any smoke smell in home.i had guy buy that pipe in black corrugated pipe ,then it has pex with insulation around it.very poor...
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    Coal Boilers and Stoves

    i heat my home with a number 4 boiler ,simple design very heavy burn times are 14hr with wood 24 with coal when burning coal should shake down every 12 hrs and top off.when running on low you can really steatch out burn times.down my shop i heat with there kozy king model very long burn times...
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    Investing in a new furnace(s) - Advice and input needed

    d.s.machine wood coal hot air furnace 205000btu heats up to 5000sf also make 160000btu unit both weigh around 800lbs total quality and well planned design watch on you tube at bodyshop18336 show in operation heating my shop
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    Help me choose my OWB or wood/ coal furnace for my house

    keep it simple every post i read is like let me have the most electric motors turning turbines fans belts ,1000 gal storage tanks .the price of all this equipment not counting installation then labor is un real.when i was looking for boilers i narrowed it down to d.s.machine boiler ,i use 8...
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    How much water storage do I really need?

    i made some videos with my boiler after mant trial runs you can watch on you tube bodyshop18336 this is a pressure system like home boiler
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    Current Boiler Setup (In Series)- How to change to Parallel piping and is it worth the trouble?

    series is best if wood boilers top out let goes into original boiloer return heat rises so both will maintain same heat.had mine hooked up tandem did not heat near as good.i saw 3 valve set up on web for when shutting down boiler in summer .my videos are on you tube under bodyshop18336
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    How much water storage do I really need?

    storage is built into wood coal boiler d.s.machine boiler holds 85gallons water .has no problem heating baseboard i have in each dump zone is 6 cast iron radiators that only purpose is for when boiler high temp is reached and cold water from dump zone radiators circulates into...
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    Primary secondary piping for boilers

    i have a d.s.machine coal wood boiler.i had oil boiler that i tied in totalked to lot of people asked plumber got million answers and many plumbers not interested in installto much work for them and area they never do.basically they want boiler with all controlls on it ready to wire to 120 then...
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    Another storage question

    look for cast iron radiators one thats bout 36 x48 holds about 10 gallons i installed three in series only comes on warm days lot less money plus who wants a thing lookes like tent or swimming pool in your house
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    dump zone size

    i just installed a d&s wood coal boiler ,iam not aplumber but work on cars so pretty handy.manufacturer told me half of water capacity of boiler,mine holds 75 gallons so made my dump zone around 40 gallons.went on web for infomation reading for hours really could not find any stright answers .my...