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  1. JRemington

    Lowe’s Nature’s Heat

    I guess they are Northeast wood pellets out of Ashland Maine. Anyone burn them before?
  2. JRemington

    Lowe’s Nature’s Heat

    Where are these made? Bag says Natures Heat. Item number 87059
  3. JRemington

    Energex Pellets

    We started selling them last year. The early was were good. The later ones after November we’re a little dirtier like everyone else’s. They also come in hardwood.
  4. JRemington

    Pellet supply

    Comfort Heat and Northern at the same as Cubex. Force are also, but they come in 22 pound bags so they’re pricey. It’s already getting tougher to get loads of pellets. At 300 a ton it’s not the most economical fuel. I pray for a mild winter.
  5. JRemington

    Pellet stove/furnace in the basement for backup heat - need advice

    Wish I would have seen this earlier. We have a Caddy we’ve been looking to unload. Pellet furnaces aren’t big here. About one per season.
  6. JRemington

    Pellet supply

    We pay $40 ton trucking to get them here and we sell them for $259 a ton. If we rip 3 bags in a pallet we lose money. There’s no money in them but we have to have a good pellet
  7. JRemington

    Pellet supply

    The food store is called Sharps Bulk Foods and the stove shop is also owned by Sharps, although I run it. Sharps supply Noltz and the other Mennonite stores up your way with their meats, cheeses and the such. Are you familiar with the NYSERDA pellet stove program? I have a FB page called Eco...
  8. JRemington


    Does anyone have one of these? And if so how do you like it.
  9. JRemington

    Pellet supply

    I get a lot of feedback fro customers that use both Empires and Curran’s. I’ll just say we don’t carry either. I’ve tried both and the ones I tried at the time were very dusty. I’m paying landed forCubex what they sell theirs for. Pellets right now aren’t a money maker for us.
  10. JRemington

    Pellet supply

    I don’t buy them there. I am them. Where are you located?
  11. JRemington

    Pellet supply

    I second that. We sell more of them than any of the others. The bad part is their yard is already empty.
  12. JRemington

    Outside air connection question

    This is an argument that will rage on for eternity lol. We sell a lot of pellet stoves so I have had the opportunity to discuss this with many people. Our temps get very cold. As much as forty below zero. Very few people use a OAK. And I agree with them. Inserting that cold of air, to me, seems...
  13. JRemington

    Outside air connection question

    On top of that you’ll have a lot more threads to view on the forum.
  14. JRemington

    Pellet supply

    We’ve been told there’s going to be a shortage. We need a mild winter to get the prices down. If it’s a bad one the may hit near 300 a ton come January.
  15. JRemington

    Does anyone else have extreme dust issue with pellet insert?

    DS Machines. It’s an Amish company out of Gordonville Pa. The kits retail for around $350.00.
  16. JRemington

    Does anyone else have extreme dust issue with pellet insert?

    We do around 200 stoves per year. I order the series 300 stainless liner kits with lifetime warranty. If the flue adapter is sealed properly with high temp sealant it’s not coming off easily. That’s why the clean out T is nice. The T for inserts isn’t like a regular T. It’s shorter at the...
  17. JRemington

    Does anyone else have extreme dust issue with pellet insert?

    We install adapter T,s with a clean out on all of our inserts. Our liner kits come with them.
  18. JRemington

    Does anyone else have extreme dust issue with pellet insert?

    I’d take a serious look to make sure the T is sealed with high temp sealant. If it’s not, fly ash escapes, gets sucked in the convection fan and blown out. Dusty pellets don’t cause you house to be coated in dust daily.
  19. JRemington

    Harman vs Comfortbilt

    It may be put together in Pa but where are the electronics built?
  20. JRemington

    Fire Brick Modification for Insert Install

    Isn’t that a zero clearance fireplace? Are you in a modular home?
  21. JRemington

    Fact checking the sellers

    We sell Enviros and I have no worries about finding parts. They will be dropping stove lines in 2020 along with many other companies. Check the EPA list for test results, especially efficiency.
  22. JRemington

    Thimble Needed?

    It looks like there is a thimble there being held in with duct tape. Take that one out, repair the wall and put in a new one.
  23. JRemington

    Enviro Maxx Install

    The convection fan isn’t big enough to tie into existing furnace ductwork. Why am I replying to a 3 year old post lol?
  24. JRemington

    Howling sounds coming from the back of the stove

    If it’s a howling sound I’m guessing convection blower bearings. When it’s doing it unplug the blower and see if it stops. I believe there is an oil port on them.
  25. JRemington

    Pleasant Hearth PH35PS Trips 20A Room Ground Fault Breaker

    Didn’t you state you tried a different circuit and it popped the breaker on that one to?
  26. JRemington

    Film on Windows and Fine Ash in House

    We had this same issue a couple weeks ago. A person had a relative do a “professional install”. This year they called us complaining about the stove. They said there was a light film of fly ask everywhere. I asked them about the install and if the appliance adapter was sealed well. They again...
  27. JRemington

    Help New Enviro Meridian Low Heat

    When you have bad pellets settings are different Leave the draft open and you can turn the combustion trim back down to three as long as you have a brisk fire. We have had all kinds of grief with bad pellets this year. Even with proper draft settings the pots are building up.
  28. JRemington

    Help New Enviro Meridian Low Heat

    If this is a new stove the Dealer should at least come and check it with a magnahelic gauge. The Cubex are probably the best pellets this year. Pull the draft lever all the way out. Start the stove and set the heat level all the way up. Then set the combustion trim all the way up and the feed...
  29. JRemington

    ComfortBilt Pellet Stoves

    We got 4 HP 22’s in today and I have one burning. Customers really liked them. I will reserve decision down the road. The body and firebox are nice. The exhaust fan is quiet but is quite strong. The LED board takes some getting used to. And the convection blower could be a little stronger. The...
  30. JRemington

    For Sale New Enviro M55

    We have a new M55 Cast we are looking to sell. This stove retails for $4700.00. We are asking $2700.00 or best offer. Jeff. 315-767-1091.