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  1. billb3

    Best smelling wood

    Yellow birch and sassafras, but we don't have much of either of those. Mostly have red maple which I don't like the smell of at all when I'm burning it and I'm outside, red and white oak which is rather a neutral and pine which I associate with campfire because it is so prevalent at...
  2. billb3

    Dry Time

    As a general rule, the middle of a field should yield the best air movement but up against those brick walls you might just be baking the wood dry. LOL The first year of seasoning oak the rate of change of moisture content can be impressive but after that it slows down to painfully slow...
  3. billb3

    How Many Cords On Your Property?

    18 acres +/- depending on which town records you access. I've had as much as 10 cords of oak ready to go but really slacked off with back woes last year and the year before. Down to one cord of well seasoned oak, three cords of red maple and a cord of split white pine. Have a lot of red and...
  4. billb3

    Craigslist score that actually worked out

    A very scenic 30-35 miles (as the bug flies), if that. Bullshit. You trolled this thread 7 times. Once was enough.
  5. billb3

    Can I really heat the back bedrooms with a wood stove?

    It sounds like you are entertaining a fantasy based on no facts to support not having a wood stove. If you don't want a wood stove or the little bit of effort needed to support it, don't do it.
  6. billb3

    What to do with Black Mold firewood.

    As you have found, mold likes damp. If there was a problem with burning moldy wood, no one would be able to burn wood in areas of the country that don't have to import water from miles away.
  7. billb3

    Anyone else still burning wood?

    Still an occasional fire on a cloudy/rainy day. Usually pine for a quick short blast of heat.
  8. billb3

    Crushed Stone or Process in Firewood Shed???

    Either one will have a weed that will call it home.
  9. billb3

    Red maple health

    Kinda looks like powderpost beetle exit holes. They seem to like red maple and get into them when the bark is no longer alive and can protect the tree from them. Red maple is decent firewood. Go for it.
  10. billb3

    Pine Wood

    $100/cord is a common price for it around here now. At one time you pretty much couldn't sell it for any price and no one bothered. I use more and more of it every year as shoulder wood, quick hot fire in the morning , hot burning fuel on top of a deep bed of coals and split small as an...
  11. billb3

    Math Check BTUs Wood vs Propane

    One equivalency metric for home heating oil is 138,500 BTU per gallon. Ratings for wood species vary but 14 million BTU for a cord of eastern white pine would be roughly equivalent to 100 gallons of fuel oil. Oak at 24 million BTU per cord would be equivalent to 170 gallons of heating oil...
  12. billb3

    Summers Heat 2400-sq ft 50-SHSSW02 Door Problems.

    Maybe have someone from the fire dept. come and condemn it. Course, then they won't want you to use it. :-)
  13. billb3

    Help IDing Windfall

    looks like red maple, but sugar maple doesn't grow on my property.
  14. billb3

    Pacific Northwest choices.

    The mill end 2x4 are a PITA to store. A heap with a tarp over it will get old real quick. Although stacking them on pallets should keep ya real busy for quite a while. Maple/oak or maple/alder/fir ? Cut and split is ready to go, if it's seasoned, which it usually isn't. I've done slabs...
  15. billb3

    epa non cat stove/insert chimney emissions question

    From a cold start I can have no smoke with a top down fire and a good amount of nice dry kindling. The air input has to be full open and I have to slowly cut the air back to where it needs to be once the firebox starts coming up to temp. I can't open the door though because when/if I do the...
  16. billb3

    Math Check BTUs Wood vs Propane

    1/2 the price of propane sounds right There are a number of fuel comparison calculators online to verify/compare calculations Of course there's always how many BTU you need per hour on the coldest day of Winter and if your heating devices are capable of serving your needs. Your area is...
  17. billb3

    Patching up a shed roof

    You can't "patch it from inside". Best bet is to tear off what is there, inspect and replace any damaged sheathing/boards and recover. Kinda looks like tarpaper and not shingles and if it is leaking it is likely aged and porous and likely crumbling in places. Hopefully they used lots of seaming...
  18. billb3

    Free wood.

    Novel way to advertise free fill.
  19. billb3

    Pricing per cord?

    Green red oak, just cut and split, $190. Lowest I've seen for a while. "seasoned" mixed hardwoods has been around $250 I've seen well seasoned oak for $350 but they never have much and it isn't the guys with processors and mountains of firewood NH prices: Supply and demand ? Sawlog prices ...
  20. billb3

    Mill Ends?

    I've burned oak slabs from a custom/built to spec skid manufacturer. They were bark on. Bark might burn OK BTU-wise but it can be a ton of ash especially if the slabs are thin. I was getting a mix of thick ones and thin ones in the beginning and being oak it wasn't too bad, they seasoned...
  21. billb3

    Quanity of wood this season

    About a cord and a half + of oak. About a cord of maple A cord and a half of eastern white pine. A little more than last Winter ( which didn't seem to end until May ) but the house was often 73 or 74. Plus we used a LOT less HHO.
  22. billb3

    Anyone else do stupid things like this too lol?

    I had troubles with (they think) low level sinus infection that didn't take much to turn into pneumonia years ago. Doc had me try guaifenesin for 6 months and haven't had pneumonia aagin since. Now I take it any time ( usually Spring and/or Fall ) I feel I might be on the cusp of sinus troubles...
  23. billb3


    We have shoulder seasons unfortunately. Often all we need is a quick burn of pine or two in the morning or/and maybe again at supper time in the Spring and Fall. It's also great for getting the stove up to temp again in the morning to throw maple on top of in a bit and also to burn on top of a...
  24. billb3


    [/bon mot]
  25. billb3


    OAk's no good, it takes far too long to season. Ain't nobody's got time fo dat.
  26. billb3

    Do rounds season

    Huh ? Rounds most certainly DO season, just very slowly. If you really want to measure the moisture content loss in the round - use a weight scale, not numbers pulled out of thin air.
  27. billb3

    Pacific Energy users in the shoulder seasons

    Depends on what you mean by a small fire. I find anything under about 50% of the firebox volume really isn't creating a very efficient clean burn. Of course, if you don't care about that, then burn a hand full of twigs. I find in the shoulder season, especially sunny days with solar gain, we...
  28. billb3

    2018 emissions surged

    The "science" is hardly settled. Science is never "settled". Science evolves. It's the nature of science and discovery. Unless you are a fear-mongering lunatic, then you get to believe the earth is going to explode in 12 years.
  29. billb3

    New washer and dryer. Wow on the energy savings!

    Not only can unplugging an electric dryer save a lot of money but some people are allergic to dryer sheets and/or detergent residues ( and don't know it ) which line dried clothes appear to be better at removing than a machine dryer. Clothes purportedly last longer as well.