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  1. lagger

    Mid-Atlantic (NY, PA, NJ, DE, MD, VA) Tractor Supply Pellet UPC Help

    igepir comes up blank for that number \ upc
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    New England (MA, CT, ME, NH, VT, RI) Has anyone heard of 2019-2020 pellet shortages?

    I used 3 tons of the Lignetics \ green supremes last year .. they were ok but pretty ashy, (but still better than in previous years) they were \ are about 259 a ton at lowes ... Greene Teams were much better but they are more expensive .. about 285 a ton when buying 2 or more tons,, I am having...
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    What pellets do you like this year?

    my local lowes gave me a 10% contractors discount because I bought 3 tons or more this year .. unfortunately it was \ is 3 tons of green supremes and they are dusty, sooty, more clinkers and much more ash than the Greene Teams ... but a buck a bag cheaper... I have 2 tons of the GT's left from...
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    Tractor Supply White Bag Pellets

    Bloomingburg NY foothills of the catskills on the shawangunk ridge
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    Tractor Supply White Bag Pellets

    any brand softwood is extremely hard to find here ... last ones i saw were about 3 or 4 seasons ago AWS at TS...I loved them others found them too sooty and dirty ymmv
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    Tractor Supply White Bag Pellets

    I found the same at the Middletown NY store .. tried a couple of bags ... very dusty .. will not purchase more of these
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    Strange Lopi AGP insert issue

    The agp insert does not have an air rod ( the agp stand alone does) but there is a door behind \ under the burn pot .. it has been all the way open since purchase (4/14) if that helps let me know and I will try closing it some
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    Strange Lopi AGP insert issue

    keep at it your electronics and motor etc are covered for the first 2 years
  9. lagger

    Strange Lopi AGP insert issue

    the foxfire internals are pretty much the same as the agp... mine continues to throw the flashing red light code even on pgm 3... seems more frequent during temp transitions such as call for heat from the t-stat from standby, changes in room fan settings and going into standby mode when t-stat...
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    Strange Lopi AGP insert issue

    stove was serviced today and the push auger motor replaced as well as the pressure switch, the flashing red light code indicates it is one of these or the combustion blower, the blower has been working just fine so... we will see if the issue is solved, now running on program 3 which cuts the...
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    Strange Lopi AGP insert issue

    quick update .. have requested a service call from the retailer as the issue is getting more and more frequent .. the service visit may take weeks until the tech can schedule it ... at the suggestion of the shop, I changed to program 3, which lowers the feed and fan rate to minimum when there is...
  12. lagger

    Lopi AGP Troubleshooting Question

    look at the bottom of the hopper when it is empty, run the start up and see if the disk is rotating and feeding pellets to the auger below there is a useful animation at the end of this youtube video that shows how the unit feeds pellets, the feed is for an avalon but is identical to the...
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    Powersmith Ash Vac

    did not know that about the motor .. I have the older green model and will get to it tomorrow ... I see the 101 SS model on ebay for 89 bux w\ free shipping ... I have not had any issues with the green unit after 3 seasons at approx. 4 tons a season
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    greene team platinum

    soft wood pellets are harder to find east of the rockies ... awf had some at TSC a few years ago .. some complained about greasy soot, others liked the high heat they put out ( I was one of the latter) haven't seen softwood here in NY since then
  15. lagger

    Ash comparison of Stove Chow, Green Supreme, TSC white/blue bag

    I tried a few tons of newps in the past and considered them mediocre at best but I have also seen worse.. this years green supremes I got at Lowes are not like I remembered newps in the past .. even (small) sizing, light color (less bark?) 6 bags burned and very acceptable amount of ash and...
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    Lopi agp issues........

    I also have an agp.. the warranty is for 7 years ... get it looked at while at least some of the unit is covered
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    Avalon AGP shutting down

    I have the same issue, did you ever find a solution ?
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    HD Stove Chow @ Middletown NY 9/6/18

    the lignetic-new englands I was referring to are in fact lowes bought, green supremes, I only decided to buy them because they scanned as lignetic-new england 0n iGepir, otherwise I would never have taken the chance based on my previous experience with green supreme \ newps prior to the...
  19. lagger

    HD Stove Chow @ Middletown NY 9/6/18

    a short follow up.. the lig-newps I bought are uniformly small in size, light colored unlike previous years (less bark? ) and flow thru my screening in the vacuum assisted pellet cleaner very nicely unlike some others I have used... so far pleasantly surprised ... have only burned 4 bags or so...
  20. lagger

    HD Stove Chow @ Middletown NY 9/6/18

    ended up with 3 tons of lignetic-newps from Lowes... so far heat was adequate and ash \ soot on glass have been pretty low .. I am not a fan of newps based on prior experience but now that lignetics owns them they may have stepped up the QC... in any case 3 tons is more than enough for the...
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    Strange Lopi AGP insert issue

    No in fact I had a new chimney collar installed on the unit yesterday (I bent the old one... don't ask) and it threw the code while I was out of the house on the first burn, ran it last night and it worked fine on tstat mode and started-ran-shut down as programmed as it should, this morning...
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    NEWP- Lignetics

    Lignetics bought New England wood pellets earlier this year... did they improve the product re: NEWPs any ? has anyone tried them since the merger ?
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    Pine Bush and MiddleTown NY TSC white bags

    gepir comes back at both locations as Currans ... nope... no thanks.. not gonna do it ... bought a few bags last year and was disappointed in the amount of dust and fines
  24. lagger

    HD Stove Chow @ Middletown NY 9/6/18

    just got back after checking out the stove chows with gepir, came back as catamount for the manufacturer.. no idea if any good.. any recent experiences ? 249 a ton + 79 for delivery
  25. lagger

    Pellets dropped off this AM.

    I have 2 tons left over from last year ... very good burn in my lopi agp .. local lowes is at 6,29 a bag but are sold out
  26. lagger

    greene team platinum

    good pellets ... lowes here in the hudson valley charging 6.29 a bag ... stock up while you can
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    TSC Flyer

    checked at my local (middletown NY) TSC what they have on the floor atm are currans (no thanx) and are loaded up with covered pallets in the yard, the manager was not sure who made those, in the yard and will not, of course, unwrap a pallet to check... white rain covers with red letters if...
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    Tractor Supply White Bag Pellets

    the middletown NY TSC has several pallets of the generic tractor supply pellets, I tried them and found them to be lower quality, they have 1.5 pallets or so of the lignetics but you will have to ask for them specifically iGepir is your friend in this case
  29. lagger

    Pellet length

    I reckon so .. one nice feature of the horizontal feed is that the cutting blade is replaceable