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  1. Hearth Mistress

    US Winter Forecast: Snow to Bury Rockies; Slow Onset in East

    Agreed, I'll know the blizzards comin when I see it. They can't predict weather from one day to the next, there is no way I'm buying what they '"think" may happen in the next months. It was suppose to be flooding rain, 45 mph winds today, awful, awful nor'easter. While Atlantic City had some...
  2. Hearth Mistress

    Ignore Forums option

    That would be a awesome feature!
  3. Hearth Mistress

    Life/career advice needed (Getting a Masters degree)

    I wouldn't say it's been luck, I'm far from a "lucky" person. I've put up with my fair share, and then some of BS. Worked in retail for a long time, 50-60 hrs a week, 6 days a week, never enjoyed a holiday for years. Worked for pigs of humans (both men and women) but never once compromised my...
  4. Hearth Mistress

    Life/career advice needed (Getting a Masters degree)

    Ok, well I feel the need to chime in, I read a lot of the posts and skimmed the rest. As an mid level executive at a fortune 500 company managing over 100 people all over the US, I never finished college but don't regret it either, any more anyway. I was fortunate to have a one on one meeting...
  5. Hearth Mistress

    Anyone made soap from wood ash?

    I've made soap as demonstrations at 18th century re enactments and I personally don't recommend it. I hate using Lye or making lye from ash and the smell of melting lard or other animal fat gets gross after awhile. I'm an avid fan of Mother Earth News and have this article (published before I...
  6. Hearth Mistress

    Inside the megastorm coming up now. (Sandy) PBS

    We knew it was coming but no one predicted winds from the north over 90mph, that's what did us in here, winds between the cliffs in PA and NJ, big wind tunnel, north to south. We were prepared fir rain and flooding, not wind. After $100k worth of damage to our house, I am trying to FORGET about...
  7. Hearth Mistress

    My stupid wood is still too high in water content after 2 years !

    What kind of wood is it? I'm in PA live along a river so we have extra moisture everyday from the morning fog and still don't have anything (other than a few stacks of oak) that have sat 2 years and still that wet. Are you measuring a fresh cut face? My meter was only $25 at lowes and gets the...
  8. Hearth Mistress

    my home, its a love hate relationship mostly love

    We live in an 1865 bank barn converted into a home in the 20`s. I have the same feeling, love hate here too. Nothing is "standard' so everything is a special order and expensive. We had a tree fall on our house from Sandy crushing the main beam on the side of the house. They pulled the roof...
  9. Hearth Mistress

    car choices help! ?

    Repair if your mechanic thinks the rest of the engine, transmission and exhaust system are going to last much longer. You can buy a BRAND NEW Jeep wrangler hard top, for $22k so if you are looking for a 4WD vehicle, look into that before spending a few thousand less for a used one. We were...
  10. Hearth Mistress

    Grafted tomato/potato plants

    Yep, a local nursery grafted them a few years ago, he has two and they are very hearty. Not sure how it works but it does ;)
  11. Hearth Mistress

    Emergency Generator

    I'm a little late to party, work keeps interrupting my forum time ;) Anyway, after the freak October winter storm in 2011, that knocked out our power for 9 days a friend of my dad sold us a 7500 watt gas gene he used a few times, wife hated it so he installed a big ol automatic generac propane...
  12. Hearth Mistress

    Grafted tomato/potato plants

    My neighbor has a grafted fruit bush that does raspberries, strawberries, blackberries and blue berries and I've wanted one of these for years...just think it's neat
  13. Hearth Mistress

    Quest for the holy Moisture Meter

    After 3 people at Lowes told me they didn't have or carry moisture meters, even though I insisted they did as I had looked on their website and searched their store inventory -24 pcs - before I went. I ended up at customer service, had them get me the item number and LOW and BEHOLD, they were...
  14. Hearth Mistress

    bye bye steelers

    Right up there with the Giants and soon to be Eagles after they get tromped again by Denver this weekend, plenty of others at the bottom ;)
  15. Hearth Mistress

    The price of firewood

    I think getting a cord of beautifully c/s/s kiln dried hard woods delivered to my house, up my 15+ steps stacked on my pallets is worth every penny of the $325 they charge. It is always a true cord, and then some and it takes 2 guys almost 4 hours to unload it all. A local driveway seal company...
  16. Hearth Mistress

    Apple products - rant (bad service???)

    My company issues iPads and iPhones, to all agile employees as well as using them for prizes for all sorts of things in USA and Canada. We never go back to Apple for anything after the warranty expires, we use this company They will send you the parts if your up for...
  17. Hearth Mistress

    Who's ready for fall and hunting to start?

    Canning venison, just need jars, broth (not gravy, flour is evil when canning) and a pressure canner! Go nuts and make stews and chili with it too, yum!
  18. Hearth Mistress

    Lots of Snow

    I'd have to own a flame thrower if I had to live there, that is an insane amount of snow....No Thank You! ;)
  19. Hearth Mistress

    Printer Problems

    Did they print before? Are the labels you are trying to print for ink jet printers? Will it print the label on a regular sheet of paper? Why update Adobe? Is it an Adobe program you are using to create/print the labels? If they are avery labels, you can always go to their website, type the...
  20. Hearth Mistress

    WFO pretzels. Miserable failure.

    I honestly don't know as that is the only recipe I've ever used and the only way I've ever made pretzels (in our 15th century clay oven). I know when I've used it in bread it changes the constancy from a pretty a dense loaf to a lighter loaf but because I'm pretty sure it's still technically...
  21. Hearth Mistress

    Super Cedar Free Samples/Discount Code

    Like those WWII ration cans! Hah! I'll send you a P38 opener, cats won't know you're opening can unless they learn you cursing trying to use it (I'm left handed, not made for left handed folks)
  22. Hearth Mistress

    Pics I found in my camera

    They hold a special place in my heart too...being a pagan and all ;)
  23. Hearth Mistress

    Spray foam insulation did this?

    For what It's worth, I've had the same problem here all summer. Live an 1860's restored bank barn. Living room is the original foundation all stone, windows are at ground level so we are literally "sunk" into the cliff side. Floor is original random wood plank but dirt underneath. With all of...
  24. Hearth Mistress

    Pics I found in my camera

    You may have to start a production line of Greenman jugs....didn't think it would be such a popular request ;)
  25. Hearth Mistress

    Super Cedar Free Samples/Discount Code

    Hah! I don't even consider that dog food, it looks like play dough :) Anything that makes a sound like a potato chip bag is potato chips to the dogs. They are spoiled rotten, their food isn't cheap but good for them (Fromm's Grain Free Surf and Turf) but you'd think they are never fed the way...
  26. Hearth Mistress

    Super Cedar Free Samples/Discount Code

    Just ordered a green case of 100 myself. Thanks for offering them without the wrappers, much more convenient plus my dogs won't come running at me thinking I'm eating something - crinkling noise = food to them ;)
  27. Hearth Mistress

    New addition to our pet family

    Glad to know there are bird folks here! My aunt has an african grey and amazon, both 22 going on 23. They are really the only birds I've ever been around and are like no others as my aunt has MS and has spent her days training and caring for them (as well as breeding rhodesian ridgebacks) the...
  28. Hearth Mistress

    New addition to our pet family

    That is too cute, birds can be funny little pets. We have a cockatiel too a friend had to give up. He's been here almost 10 years now, whistles, sneezes and falls off his swing when he falls asleep on it but doesn't like to be handled too much. Likes the shower but that's about it. He spits...
  29. Hearth Mistress

    Hand crank radio and solar battery charger

    This is "low tech" but if you have a kid around to crank so you don't have to, it's cheap and serves it purpose. We relied on a few after Sandy and the gas for the generators ran out, we couldn't get out to get more and ran out of cars to siphon. The flashlight was surprisingly bright, blinding...
  30. Hearth Mistress

    New addition to our pet family

    My husband has always wanted a Macaw but 1- we lack the floor space for a big cage 2 - the dogs won't like it 3- they scare the heck out of me So....we agreed on a Hahn's Macaw, the smallest of the Macaw family. We put a deposit on him as an egg from a breeder/store owner in north NJ. We just...