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    Jotul F100 Thoughts

    I live in Texas, slightly south of the DFW Metroplex. I use a Jotul 500 to supplemental heat the house. It is in a living room of 14 by 32 and I use the central HVAC on fan only operation to circulate the heat to the rest of the house. In doing so I can have the hallway at 74 degrees at 25...
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    Jøtul C550 Rockland Insert mantel clearance

    When you have an insert you have the problems of pulling it out each year for the chimney cleaning and then realigning it. In addition, you have the heat being transferred from the sides into the chimney's firebox. As almost all of the users on this board have mentioned, the more stove you have...
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    I have heated with wood for 26 years here in Texas. Fireplace, Wonderwood heating circulator and now Jotul 500 Oslo. I would go with the largest possible rear flue stove you can purchase. When the winters get well below freezing or the power fails, you will want as many BTU capacity as you can...
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    EPA 2020 regulation questions.

    I have noticed Jotul has one EPA 2020 compliant stove but none of the others are compliant. Some of the other brands have partial compliance according to the literature. Using Jotul as an example, does this mean unless they upgrade the other stove models will they legally be a one stove company...
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    Jotul F600

    I have the Jotul 500 and I agree with CentralVAWoodHeat. The ash pans on the Jotul stoves are way too small and for those with arthritis, hard to use. A side opening one similar to the ones on the United States Stove Company Wonderluxe heaters would be far better.Then all of us could both load...
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    Tiny cabin stove. Repair or replace?

    I have seen a Jotul 602 in action and it throws out a lot of heat. If you install this you might be cracking some windows even in the teens.
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    dialing in Jotul stove size for 27' Yurt in Driftless Area, Wisconsin

    In my 14 by 32 foot living room of 448 Square feet I have a Jotul 500. When it is 25 outside and we use the central air fan to circulate the heat, we can keep the hallway at 75 degrees when it is 25 outside. Your 27 foot wide yurt has an area of 3.14 times (13 squared) = 3.14 * 169 = 531 square...
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    Tips on burning wet wood?

    Bringing the wet wood inside to dry is good. Now I would get a hot bed of coals and keep them going as you put a piece or two at a time in your stove. Wet wood to a stove is like donuts to an insulin diabetic. Normally these are avoided , but if your blood sugar is in the 70s or 80s the donuts...
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    Mine on the Jotul 500 is simple. Wide open is to the right, almost totally closed is to the far left and the more I close it the more the secondary tubes fire in the firebox.
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    Chimney top rebuild, Liner/Insert install, Data logging

    I don't understand. Since you installed a code stainless steel liner in the middle flue, why did you leave the clay chimneys on either side, especially when you say at the end they don't meet code and are not going to be used?
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    Ashley wood circulator experience?

    I don't have the model with the blower I place a fan on the shelf closest to the stove and it works fine.
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    2018-19 Blaze King Performance Thread Part 2 (Everything BK)

    Given the extreme cold of the winter hurricane we recently experienced, having the stove room insulated makes sense. If the power goes out, retreating to a better insulated stove room might be the difference in a life or death situation.
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    Ashley wood circulator experience?

    I have used both a Wonderwood for 19 years and a Wonderluxe Coal-Wood stove for a few months before I bought the Jotul 500. The Wonderluxe from the United States Stove Company is similar to the Ashley wood circulator. Since it had the more open grates for coal it burned through wood at twice...
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    CRITICAL: Michiganders, turn up your wood stoves

    On nights like this is when the debates between Blaze King versus Hearthstone versus Jotul versus other brands almost become irrelevant. In these crisis situations when the gas and power goes off it is the running stove that provides the heat for life. Even an old fashioned fireplace or smoke...
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    Wood stove in Chicago kept us warm today

    This is why our fireplaces and stoves are so valuable. Thousands are without power and heat and we are surviving at the worst back to a century ago. My main firewood hoard is under the carport on the east side of the house and out of the north winds.
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    100% waxed cardboard logs

    I burn the brand called Enviro-Log in my Jotul 500. They are specifically designed for woodstove use and not only for fireplace use. I like to start the fire and then put one on the coals. Please put only one in the stove, if you put two you risk too much fire in your stove.
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    Jotul Blue Flames Question.

    I have a Jotul 500. Right now there is a bed of coals about three inches deep and the remnants of the last log I loaded on top of them. The primary air is at 50 percent, so the secondary air system is working as it is designed. I am seeing flickering blue flames from the coals, similar to the...
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    Wet Wooded/Blacklisted

    Here is a way to get some dryer wood. Every town has a cabinetry shop or two. They throw away tons of scraps to the local dump almost every week. I would take the pickup truck and go by there and ask if you can glean their scraps for the fireplace. Almost all of them will gladly let you do so...
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    Jotul f500

    Chive, My stove was built before 2000. It has those 2 piece removable cast iron burn plates on top of the burn tubes. Just after that, they made the burn plate a one piece synthetic material. So I think the stove is as old as mine. Some here say you can warp the plates. Mine are not, and they...
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    Wonderwood questions. Never thought I would be here

    I I controlled the stove by the thermostat on the front. Full open to start the fire and then I turned it down to lower. You can safely fill the firebox to the top of the firebricks and then for the night, turn it down to low. I also learned if I opened the thermostat to high for a few seconds...
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    Oslo Outside Air Kit

    If all of the air is supplied through the bottom hole, then why would an outside air kit be of any benefit? Think about it, if you have to choose between the far colder outside air being supplied to the stove, or room temperature air, would it not make more sense to continue using the house as...
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    Chimney cleaning with a rear vent wood stove and T cleanout

    This is what I do too, open the T, attach the bag and finish in about 30 minutes or so.
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    Wonderwood questions. Never thought I would be here

    I owned a Wonder-wood from 1997 to 2015. You have one of the best pure heaters on the market. With its construction of the outer shell for convection you are safer from the kiddo being burned then any other stove. I learned to build what are called top down fires with the kindling on the top of...
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    Jotul F 500 Insulation Questions.

    I have read some of the recent posts on used Jotul F 500s. Here are my questions about the insulation in the exhaust plenum. 1/Did this used to be nothing more then additional cast iron plates on top of the firebox in the older models? 2/ If this insulation gets too thin or torn, how does this...
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    Stove or zero clearance wood burner.

    Perhaps a Jotul 602, Vermont Castings Aspen or the new Woodstock Soapstone Survival Heater are options to examine. All are smaller stoves which should not take up too large of an area in your family room.
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    Jotul Maximum Burn Question.

    This past January when we had the coldest temperatures here in Texas with power outages, I was using the Jotul Oslo 500 for the primary heating. I had the stove going quite well and was using the central heating and ac unit blower only for circulation. I remember checking the front porch and it...
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    How much did you save?

    Given the costs of the new stove and the pad and the cost of firewood I don't actually save any money. Yet, I enjoy the fire, it heats the living room very nicely and my new honey likes it very much. Last month down here we had an ice storm and some parts of Erath County, Texas lost power for up...
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    Your Stove Setup - The one thing you wish you could change

    I would have a contractor raise the lintel of the fireplace, so I could install a larger stove such as the Ideal Steel. 31 inches from the stone hearth pad to the bottom of the lintel support is not high enough.
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    1st Power Outage with Insert

    Years ago when we had an ice storm my cousin asked a good question. "Why are we burning the firewood before we have a power outage? Why not turn on the central heat while we have the power, a propane furnace does no good when the power is off" As a consequence, during the central Texas ice storm...
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    heating with a wood cook stove??

    Does anyone know of a brand of rear vented cook-stove? Thank you in advance.