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  1. Nick Mystic

    Got a cathedral ceiling question..

    I'd be surprised if you cleaned your chimney from the top down on a roof with a 12/12 pitch unless you have a ladder laying down on the roof to gain you access. I have a section of 12/12 pitch over our living room and I can't walk on it.
  2. Nick Mystic

    DIY question: Installing Jotul F500 into existing fireplace

    Here are two more photos that show the stove from the side. As you can see it is only sitting back inside the fireplace a few inches, which allows me to use the side door for loading.
  3. Nick Mystic

    Sealing Exterior Chimney

    My chimney had some similar issues as in your photos, but not as severe. I used some masonry caulk to fill any open seems between bricks and mortar and then on similar cracks on my solid crown I used some clear silicone caulk. I used some quality masonry sealer that I applied with a pump up one...
  4. Nick Mystic

    How to adjust system for a change in stove height?

    You say in your op that you only need to gain a half inch. I think shims under the legs would be the easiest solution and certainly the least expensive. I don't see any danger of a stove "falling off" a half inch tall shim so long as the shim extends out an inch or so beyond the base of the...
  5. Nick Mystic

    DIY question: Installing Jotul F500 into existing fireplace

    I have a Jotul F600 installed in a similar manner in front of my fireplace (only a few inches recessed into firebox of fireplace). I don't see a problem with the clearance to the top of the inside of your fireplace, rather the concern is the clearance to the fireplace surround and mantle in your...
  6. Nick Mystic

    A Tulikivi Brought Back from the Dead

    You mention that you are getting 600F firebox temperatures. What sort of clearances does the stove have? I see that it is right up against what appears to be a wood shake covered wall. How does that work?
  7. Nick Mystic

    Night burn

    Something I've noticed is that big rounds seem to take longer to burn than splits. For example, if you can fit a 6" or even 8" round in the stove it will take longer to burn down than a split of equal size. I think this might be related to rounds having less exposed surface area than splits.
  8. Nick Mystic

    Tight space wood stove install for supplemental heat (seeking input)

    From your photo it appears that once you account for the rear corner and back of stove clearance you are going to be pushing out into the room enough that you will have to slide your dining room table back some distance from where it is currently sitting. Any hearth pad will have to extend...
  9. Nick Mystic

    Boy is this winter a real sleeper...

    Here in western NC we hit 71 degrees today! I've had to dig back into my pile of pine that I burn in shoulder season to take the morning chill off without cooking us out of the house! However, by midweek they are forecasting below average temperatures with highs in 40s and lows in 20s, so it...
  10. Nick Mystic

    Sooteater help with Oslo

    I have a Jotul F600 with a thermal blanket over top the baffle. If the Oslo blanket is the same as mine I can tell you that you must handle it very carefully because it is rather delicate. For instance, if you fold it over and take it outside and try to shake the ash accumulation off it you will...
  11. Nick Mystic

    Hearthstone Tribute broken corner

    I'm not familiar with your particular stove, so I don't know what it looks like underneath where this leg broke off; however, if the stove is going to be used in a location where it won't be a focal point (such as in a basement) you might get away with propping up that corner with something...
  12. Nick Mystic

    Woodpro 2000

    You might want to shoot your IR thermometer at the wall outlet to the left of the stove to check the temperature there, as well. I wouldn't want that plastic cover and the wiring inside the receptacle box to be 180F. At that high a temperature I don't think it would take much of a draw on the...
  13. Nick Mystic

    Wood stove "exploded"

    This is an example of the same principle that can cause a farm silo to explode from a dust accumulation from loading corn or some other grain crop. A huge dust cloud forms inside the silo and then a spark occurs from something (someone lighting a cigarette for example) and all the dust ignites...
  14. Nick Mystic

    What New Wood Stove Technology Would You Like To See?

    I'm in the Ludlow school of thought. I'm not saying technology to make stoves burn more efficiently and require less operator input is a bad thing. But for me it is the entire wood burning experience that I find rewarding. I cut the trees down, work up the wood, and burn it in my stove. I...
  15. Nick Mystic

    Enameled cast iron: Pros & cons (besides price)

    I don't know what is causing the chips. They are mostly on curved areas of the stove, so perhaps the stress from heating and cooling affects these curves more than flat areas. Near one of the chips I can see some additional hairline cracks in the porcelain surface kind of in a row starting...
  16. Nick Mystic

    Enameled cast iron: Pros & cons (besides price)

    I have a Jotul F600 with a majolica porcelain enamel finish. The stove is four years old and has gotten a number of chips during that time. I'm very careful with the stove and where the chips have shown up I'm certain that I did not hit the stove with something to cause the chip. Fortunately...
  17. Nick Mystic

    Maximize heat output

    If you are new to burning I want to offer a word of caution regarding doing reloads on a large bed of hot coals. Depending upon the wood you are using you can get a surprisingly vigorous fire burning much faster than you might expect. Several people mentioned burning some small pine splits at...
  18. Nick Mystic

    Smoking coming out from ash pan hole, reverse draft?

    There could be a number of things causing the problem you experienced. How long have you been burning since you cleaned your flue? And what is the moisture content of the wood you're burning? I ask these questions because one cause of smoke coming out of stove openings during start up and...
  19. Nick Mystic

    Chimney top rebuild, Liner/Insert install, Data logging

    Congratulations on the great job you did on rebuilding the top of your chimney. It looks like it should be good to go for a long time. Your next project might be to rework the chimney flashing, which looks pretty rough in your photos. The reason I mention this is because I just went through some...
  20. Nick Mystic

    Where's all the ash going?

    I can't imagine going to the trouble of removing bark from wood just to reduce the amount of ash left in the stove. It's hard for me to believe it would make enough of a difference to warrant all the extra work. Besides, how difficult is it to remove ash from a stove? I have a hunch that when...
  21. Nick Mystic

    Rear Vent Stove - Sweeping

    I once installed a rear venting stove with a 90 degree elbow like you propose before I knew better that a T-connector should be used. The problem with the elbow is that when creosote flakes off the inside of the liner (or single wall stove pipe as used in my installation) there is no place for...
  22. Nick Mystic

    Struggling to get/keep stove hot

    I too have a Jotul F600 stove. First off, when you take your temperature readings are you taking them on one of the top corners as the manual directs? I ask this because the temperature readings are dramatically different at different locations on the stove, so to make sure we are all on the...
  23. Nick Mystic

    Jotul f600 glass

    I also have an F600 and do all my loading from the side, same as you. On the rare occasion when I do open the front doors, on a cold stove, I've noticed that the glass panels in each door sometimes have shifted and I have to re-position them by loosening the tab fasteners that are held on with...
  24. Nick Mystic

    Wood insert problem or wife problem

    As to your question as to whether it is possible to use an insert in a room without a fireplace, I believe the answer is: no. You would need to use a wood stove in such a room.
  25. Nick Mystic


    I'm always surprised when we have one of these posts talking stove temperatures and people chime in telling the OP what temperature they should burn at and never ask what the stove manufacturer recommends. The placement of the thermometer makes a huge difference in getting accurate information...
  26. Nick Mystic

    Stink bugs INSIDE wood stove AND house??

    And here is some more stink bug bad news: I read that each female will lay up to 400 eggs at a time! The article said that once you get some in your house they will basically be a staple from then on! We only started experiencei
  27. Nick Mystic

    Chimney Liner questions

    I have a Woodstock Classic in the lower level of my home that vents into a clay liner the same size as what you describe. The stove has a 90 elbow out of the back, then three feet of single wall pipe, and finally another 90 elbow through a clay thimble into the clay liner. The chimney is about...
  28. Nick Mystic

    Vermont Castings Damper Housing Melted

    Personally, I think it is a mistake to rent a house that has a wood stove in it. People who aren't familiar with using stoves often do not realize how dangerous one can be if they aren't burned correctly. Renters, in general, in my experience usually do not take the care that homeowners take...
  29. Nick Mystic

    What corner should the stove go in? Window Concerns

    In response to your wonderment over the impact of having a stove so close the glass windows: I would think you would lose some of the stove's heat through the windows. Anyone who has taken any readings on their windows using their IR thermometer knows how much colder the glass is than the solid...