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  1. fahmahbob

    Standing dead red oak 30% moisture

    Most of what I burn is red oak. Standing dead dries down much faster than live trees do. Depending on HOW dead it was, f you split it on the small side, and can stack it in the house (preferably not too far from the wood stove) with decent airflow (small fan) you should be able to burn it in a...
  2. fahmahbob

    Econoburn 150 Nozzle replacement

    Yeah, I guess leaving the tubes in is what I'll have to do. I called Dale - 716 792-2095 - and I had the nozzle in 2 days.
  3. fahmahbob

    Econoburn 150 Nozzle replacement

    I just got my kit in.Instructions are pretty basic (just peeked before leaving for work this AM) - knock out old nozzle with hammer and chisel, put in new nozzle, and put plastic tubes into the secondary air holes (so refacotry doesn't ooze in) and cover tube ends with duct tape, pack around...
  4. fahmahbob

    Econoburn 150 Nozzle replacement

    Mine is on order. I plan to do it some time in October.
  5. fahmahbob

    Econoburn 150 Nozzle replacement

    I assume you mean the bottom glows red? I've never really looked, but I will. As far as air volume, there is an adjustable shutter on the fan. I've never tried adjusting it, though. I'm not even sure I'd know how to judge when it was set properly.
  6. fahmahbob

    Econoburn 150 Nozzle replacement

    This thread got me curious about the nozzle in my Econoburn 150. I hadn't really given it a good look in a long time, so I was a bit surprised by what I saw. I sent pics to Dale, and he confirmed this was the amount of wear he'd expect for about 20 cords (3 seasons). He said he'd go another...
  7. fahmahbob

    ASME Certified Indoor Wood Boilers

    I can easily get away with filling 2/3 full it twice a day during the coldest weather, but it ends up idling a lot since my house is very well insulated (2500 sq ft and a lot of solar exposure, plus ~600 sq ft garage). It also heats our domestic hot water (120 gallons - 4 people). I really...
  8. fahmahbob

    ASME Certified Indoor Wood Boilers

    I have a friend who owns an HVAC company; I bought it through him. I'm not sure they if they retail them or not. I did not really look too deeply into Wood Gun, to be honest, though I can't remember now why that was.
  9. fahmahbob

    ASME Certified Indoor Wood Boilers

    All I know about it is that it cost me an extra $1000 for my Econburn to be ASME certified. Ouch.
  10. fahmahbob

    Do you remember when.....

    We made accommodations for a wood stove in our new house - put in a hearth and separate flue - but after running without one for a full year now, we really haven't missed it. My wife and daughters really like it warm, so the house is always 75+. It was nice to have the wood stove when some rooms...
  11. fahmahbob

    Do you remember when.....

    Absolutely. Even without storage I only tend the boiler twice a day. I judge the load size based on the outdoor temps and the amount of sun expected. Back in my wood stove days (15 years of experience, not counting when I lived at home), even with a large firebox, I was tending the stove far...
  12. fahmahbob

    Econoburn Smell

    There could be leakage from the bottom door seal. I had a bit of smoke coming from mine until I added a thin layer of high temp silicone.
  13. fahmahbob

    What kind of stack temps do you have at full output?

    Depending upon what I'm burning, my stack temp at high burn is anywhere from 325-425. The lower temp is when I'm burning oak that's been drying about a year, the higher temp is from drier oak or year-old red maple. Last year I ended up burning some 6 month dried oak (stacked on my good stuff -...
  14. fahmahbob

    Burned again by the pine myth

    I have a few cords of white pine because there were pine trees where I was putting my driveway early last spring (2011). My original plan was to push them into the woods to rot, but first I decided to cut and split a little bit just to try it. I've burned wood all my life, and had never burned...
  15. fahmahbob

    State land not worth it.

    Wow. And I complain about having to spend about $60/year for my Mass hunting/fishing license (with archery and primitive arms stamps). Oh, and $5 for the doe permit. That really puts it in perspective.
  16. fahmahbob

    Firewood fairy took a dump in the driveway

    Why would you be running when there's plenty of exercise to be had splitting? :cool:
  17. fahmahbob

    Wood Identification

    I find the same thing happens with standing dead (and barkless) red oak. When first split, the moisture content (especially toward the base) can be pretty high. But it dries VERY quickly.
  18. fahmahbob

    Stacking party?

    My kids are grown now, so I think that's one big reason I so appreciate the time I can spend doing my own thing. I enjoyed every minute I could with my kids while they were growing, but the lack of 'me' time was tough sometimes. I love the fact that I can now putter guilt-free!
  19. fahmahbob

    Stacking party?

    I agree (not that you're an odd ball). Next to burning, stacking is my favorite part of the many jobs involved with burning wood. I mean, I enjoy all aspects, but stacking is when you can enjoy the quiet of the outdoors while doing a task that doesn't require full attention since there's no...
  20. fahmahbob

    How many wood burning homes near you?

    I'm noticing more wood piles around town (even in summer!) in the last few years. But out of the 10 houses on my street I'm pretty certain I'm the only one who burns wood.
  21. fahmahbob

    No Tarps.... Just plastic....

    I gave up on wide tarps a few years ago, when I found some 2' x 18' tarps online. They're perfect for wood piles. They don't catch the wind nearly as easily as the wide tarps, and they're much easier to move out of my way as I burn my way through my wood. I've yet to lose one on a windy day, and...
  22. fahmahbob

    white oak splitting is a pain

    It's just the sapwood on red oak that can punk quickly. The heartwood stays good for many, many years - Even laying on the forest floor. But the sapwood punk can be messy. I'm partial to red oak though, since it splits like a dream and burns great (seasoned properly of course), and it makes up...
  23. fahmahbob

    Just wood

    I have a gasser and that is the only thing I heat with, including my hot water. However, I was required to have an 'automatic' source of heat for backup to get my occupancy permit - so I had an oil furnace installed as well. It just sits there taking up space, though.
  24. fahmahbob

    Neighbor thinks im crazzy

    Not to mention that a cord of wood is equivalent to anywhere from 100-175 gallons of oil (depending on the efficiency of your stove/boiler). Right there it's value is $350-$600 per cord!
  25. fahmahbob

    Burning in al year???

    No storage yet, so burning a few hours each daily. I could get away with every other day (120 gal hot water tank), but with 3 women in the house who like HOT showers
  26. fahmahbob

    wood id help please

    Definitely black birch. Good stuff!
  27. fahmahbob

    The Mrs. says...

    64??? I'd be divorced for sure! My house is a pretty constant 75 all winter. I'm outnumbered 3 to 1 on that vote. That's ok, I like to spend as much time outside in the winter, anyways.
  28. fahmahbob

    What should I do for the '12/'13 winter

    I've found black birch to dry surprisingly quickly, and it burns great. It can be a bear to split, though, if it grew on the edge of a field or in a yard. Then it may have lots of knots and a nasty twist.
  29. fahmahbob

    Econoburn 150 fan comes on randomly

    Hmmm. Maybe I'll wait. I sort of figured they'd make that part at least kind of easy...