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  1. Ctcarl

    Oil prices dropping

    Put the oil on last night to get the chill out.Going to be using more oil than pelletes at these prices .
  2. Ctcarl

    End Of Year Cleaning

    have to say cleaning the stove is not hard.I watched the YouTube vid and was very easy.Have the 25ft screw on attachment rods for the chimney and always does a good job.
  3. Ctcarl

    Just had a Harman P35i insert installed today 9/28

    Congrats I have a P35 and love it as well.Last year used 3 tons.If youhave the room and money 4 is better.I run mine 24hr a day with a stop and cleaning every weds.since oil is so cheap I'm going to run the oil and fire up the stove when it gets cold cold.good luck
  4. Ctcarl

    Hauling pellets into the house

    first ton two bags a time.Second ton half way in one bag a time. Lol
  5. Ctcarl

    New Castle Serenity 12327 Pellet stove - Bad Odor and black Soot on Glass

    I'm sure others will chime in.when I had my new stove the smell was not bad plastic but was a new stove breaking went anyway a few days later.As far as the black soot .If you can clean it off no problem I would not be to concerned.on my old stove that had a chimney fire.Red flags that I...
  6. Ctcarl

    It's the beginning of the end......

    Since the prices shot up I did my final big cleaning 3 weeks ago put my damp rid in and unplugged till the cold comes and told the wife to use the oil.the oil has been off the last 2 weeks.insatlling the new windows last and my dad has made a big difference.also have a ton waiting for...
  7. Ctcarl

    The world has gone mad.

    I talked to a person who has worked at the box stores for over 15 years.he said no more pellets we have grass seeds now.even though there is snow on most lawns lol.that high price is for the person that's out and there wife is saying I don't care the cost get some pelletes .thats why I buy big...
  8. Ctcarl


    My stove is room temp or stove temp.stove temp is what I found lowest for me wear I get mild heat is 4 anything lower and it's not worth running .
  9. Ctcarl

    Hopper fire questions

    I'm no expert but will say that a hopper fire is not common.also me myself with my previous lemon stove had a few chimney fires.the final one was at 2 am house full of smoke on a single digit night.after that I saved sold the used lemon stove and got one I love.if you have something that can put...
  10. Ctcarl

    What do you have left and will you make it till the season is over?

    I have to say here In ct we had a mild winter till the end of jan and getting hammered in feb.i have 2 tons of the good stuff left.this being New England I wouldn't be surprised if this cold starts letting up in a few I'm itching for some bike and target shooting weather
  11. Ctcarl

    Any Harmies changed to Stove temp?

    In the cold .the teens keep stove temp.on warmer days use room to save on pellets and not feel like Africa .
  12. Ctcarl

    Marks on glass what's going on

    I have the same stove and it gets dirty with in hours after I clean the glass(witch I do once a week with my annual cleaning).all I do is get paper towels and wet it up then use a dry one.Comes right out.never had to use any cleaning agents.
  13. Ctcarl

    Can a pellet stove legally be the primary source of heat?

    What if your stove breaks down.i think a second heat source is a good back up .
  14. Ctcarl

    In and Running

    Congrats john.Like I said my p35i takes care of are house hold .enjoy:)
  15. Ctcarl

    P35i OAK question..I know..

    John you should love your p35i my family Quistion.didnr you just get that thelin 2 years ago.if so why you getting rid if it?
  16. Ctcarl

    Accentra 52i Just not putting out in cold weather

    For my p35i on warm days 40s and up or when not home and sleeping at night I use room temp .whem it's cold I use stove mode at 5.5 and that seems to do the job.i always keep my feed rat at 3.8 hope this helps
  17. Ctcarl

    Green Garbage Supreme

    Did 3 tons last year of green suprem.heat is terrible and ashy as heck .never again if I can help it.
  18. Ctcarl

    Power failure last night, those in the NE how did your stove do?

    thats a bummer.hope they get that power going soon.
  19. Ctcarl

    Power failure last night, those in the NE how did your stove do?

    I wanted the snowshoes were begging to do a hike.looks like will have to be patent .you must be in the litchfield area.hope all is safe.
  20. Ctcarl

    Power failure last night, those in the NE how did your stove do?

    I'm near the harford area and no power outages.also this storm was a maybe 3 inches lol
  21. Ctcarl

    Who's sipping a drink sitting by the stove?

    I was actually using the heat from the stove to apply my snow-seal
  22. Ctcarl

    Harman Owners Please Sound Off

    P35i second year.feed rate 3.8 stove mode wrks best for me set in 4 .fan half way.On cold days set up 5 or 6 stove mode fan on high.
  23. Ctcarl

    Accentra 52i

    Congrats and good choice.gets some nice pics of it burning .
  24. Ctcarl

    How many are you burning

    That's awsome:) how many tons you get a season.
  25. Ctcarl

    Harman P35i - Dirty Glass

    Mine does the same thing I clean it with a wet paper towel on my 7 day cleaning with it off and the glass not hot.
  26. Ctcarl

    Harman P52i noises. Normal or Not

    This thread and vid is from a fellow member having the same not know if yours is doing the same but I would recomend making a YouTube vid and sending it to the owner of the shop you purchase it at.this gentleman is getting his replaced with a brand new stove from harman.Hope this helps#
  27. Ctcarl

    52i start up question

    The backup up that you have is just enough time to shut it down with out a smokey house in the even if a powered outage .