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  1. bob bare

    Harman PC45 Question

    Are you crazy? Combustion motors and impellers are very cheep. Saw it off with sawzall, replace everything, and have a fully functioning stove very quick.+-
  2. bob bare

    Castle Serenity Blower Gasket 18522 importance

    "Full plate gasket?" What is that? Older Harmans an some Whits had a bigger gasket, but, as the shaft is not sealed, they figured out what a waste it was. No manufacturer has "sealed" the shaft on an external combustion blower motor, even in LPG or NG home hot water heaters.In most pellet...
  3. bob bare

    P61 Exhaust Plumbing

    Will try to keep this short. The Harman tapered exhaust adapter, was designed that way, so even if people screwed up the exhaust system(flue, pipe) it would still preform mostly properly..the air intake on Harmans was part of the "intake/exhaust". Same as a gasoline engine. Do not under size the...
  4. bob bare

    Harman p43 vs vicenza 5.2

    I think you will find Vincenza stoves are designed in Italy, but built in China.Not necessarily a bad thing, but have not been around long, no customer support, no parts suppliers.
  5. bob bare

    Plug Pipe for offseason

    What pellet stove have you been using for 42 years?
  6. bob bare

    Italian pellet stoves

    LOL, yes no maybe, LOL. Probably not. Wops transferred their manufacturing to china many yeas ago,they just hid it from the public.
  7. bob bare

    Used P61, What's My Next Step?

    Some that were sealed with silicone were hard to get out,my 06 was.Some that had no silicone rusted in.Feel free to hammer on the front of the auger,with a hammer and a piece of wood.
  8. bob bare

    End of year shutdown

    I think you live in a fairly high humidity area. Empty the hopper.You can always vacuum out the pellets. Clean stove.Well. Scrape the auger tube,probably be a bit crusty up to 1 inch back.Spray inside of firebox,burn pot,etc with dry graphite or dry moly. Disconnect the flue/exhaust, and the...
  9. bob bare

    Used P61, What's My Next Step?

    I would imagine they are flush to prevent ash buildup and restricting air flow.Why not use the factory ones?They are screwed into the stove body.
  10. bob bare

    Used P61, What's My Next Step?

    Don has done at least 1,but i think several conversions, on P series Harmans.He also has done lots of factory upgrades on other brands,such as new style control boards,burn pots,etc.I still have an opportunity to purchase a P61, about 2 hours from me,but the guy wants 1500.Heck,I just purchased...
  11. bob bare

    Once again Ravelli flow meter, arrrrgh#*&

    Amazing.Austroflamm(Rika) has used a air flow meter on their stoves since early 1990's, was a modified BMW air flow meter, and have had a very low failure percentage.
  12. bob bare

    Enviro P3

    It is extremely rare to find a "service" manual for a pellet stove,and anyone that posts them stands a very good chance of a huge fine. Being smaller companies,this information is copyrighted and guarded.
  13. bob bare

    bottom auger stops !

    Yes,could be motor overheating, control board problem,possible worn out auger bearing, making auger drag.I recommend checking for voltage at auger motor when it dies.
  14. bob bare

    Used P61, What's My Next Step?

    There is a "complete" kit,for certain serial numbers, although sometimes you do not need all of the parts that come with it, from my understanding. Some serial numbers it is recommended to replace the feeder plate pusher arm.Don,who helped you with purchase,has done a few,and works on Harmans.I...
  15. bob bare

    I'm back with a new to me stove!

    Road trip,went and bought a P68 for a grand.Was very clean,but had no xtras,trim etc.Took it straight up and gave it to sister and bil. They will be much warmer next winter. Test fired it on their front porch, it ran fine,but control board did glitch once,while doing lots of burning tests, will...
  16. bob bare

    Alright, I give in..

    Most "chips" have "set" programming.There is usually a "prom" that controls programming.It is that "prom" programming that is proprietary, and controlled/owned buy the stove manufacturer.
  17. bob bare

    Help diagnosing Whitfield Advantage rotary knob board

    I only looked at your "tests" a little,did not research it,and do not know the control board,but seems to me you are overthinking or going around the problem.Most control boards have a "hi" voltage side,120,and a "lo" side normal 5 volt computer voltage.The transformer does the step down,and...
  18. bob bare

    Alright, I give in..

    Hi,been busy.Just gonna throw in 2cents worth,not all "chips" are direct replacement.Some "chips" come blank or basic,and require programming.The "programming" is usually "copyrighted" or/and "restricted".
  19. bob bare

    Alright, I give in..

    There are repair places that can fix them,sometimes,as long as the programming is not corrupted.Also,some of them have a solder in fuse,that only controls the auger,that is easily replaced.
  20. bob bare

    New harman PXX-C models

    Thanks,begreen.Picked a p43c and just quickly scanned info, will research more later,but noticed a few things.The control board does not say room temp,stove temp.,it says room temp, constant burn.The test conditions do not take in emissions during a warm up or cool down period.Warm up and high...
  21. bob bare

    Harman XXV distribution blower

    The original blower(a tangential blower) would have been an EBM/PAPST.the 2 blower "wheels" would be a press fit onto the motor shaft.If they "spun out",loosened up,could only be from 2 things,the outer bushings(which are oilable),seized,or long period of time with the fins on the blower wheels...
  22. bob bare

    Alright, I give in..

    You paid him to fix a burnt curcuit board,and check basic functions.There is a control curcuit board chip(possibly more than one)that can be bad.he did his job.A full test station does not exist,to check the programming.Thank him for doing what he did.If you need a better explanation of...
  23. bob bare

    Alright, I give in..

    UM,no.A relay trace verifies the control curcuit to the relay works.Your board has a microprocessor(brain)and if it gets corrupted,can cause problems.That is why most companies do not have repair service for cheep control boards,it would take a lot of money to build and own a test station,to...
  24. bob bare

    Englander pellet stove issue

    I really do not know the englander control boards,but kinda looks like the programming in your board may be corrupted,if the sensor is OK.
  25. bob bare

    New Harman 52i Pellet Stove User

    You have some learning to do.The 52 is a time proven very good insert.However,it(and most pellet stoves) are space heaters.They do not produce massive hot air,as a wood stove will do,but are more efficient.Size of room,height of ceiling,house heat loss all are factors.A ceiling fan is a good...
  26. bob bare

    Beginner needs help!

    Sounds like bad board.But,things to consider--checking your voltage momentary means nothing,if there is an intermittent low voltage problem.Also.a surge protector will not protect anything in a low voltage situation.That is why i was recommending a UPS,with data recording.
  27. bob bare

    Alright, I give in..

    Yep,I think you are right,other damage on board.
  28. bob bare

    Englander pellet stove issue

    The sensor looks like this
  29. bob bare

    Alright, I give in..

    Looks good.Putting fuses in both lines to igniter is OK,redundant,but OK.What "Wilson" was talking about makes no sense.Install fuses to igniter,plug into wall outlet,bump move it a bit,see if it holds.