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  1. kennyp2339

    System upgrade...

    Getting to many pop up ad's - Bowing out until its fixed.. take care all
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    2019-20 Blaze King Performance Thread Part 1 (Everything BK)

    Actually before I installed my damper when my t-stat was closed off while running the stove, if I took the cat probe out I would get a whistle through the hole. Over draft is a serious issue with the woodstove world, I never had any cat plug issues but I do attribute more heat getting sucked up...
  3. kennyp2339

    Is the stove I want too big for my living room??

    I don't think the size of the stove is a game changer, as you learn to run it you'll be able to adjust its output. Is the stove going were the existing fireplace is located? You may want to invest in a few ceiling fans, then you can keep the air moving.
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    Unique Dilemma for Basement Heating

    Pellet stove - direct vent out.
  5. kennyp2339

    Late Season / Winter Solar Kilns

    I was thinking the same thing, only for snow load. Very nicely done OP, hoping you get excellent results
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    Jotul F500 Oslo maintenance

    Don't forget about the chimney pipe, some brands break down faster then others so its important to check all connecters and the chimney system itself.
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    Woodstove clearances and inspections

    I would phrase the question to pleasant hearth like this.... Can the pleasant hearth 1800sq ft stove with rear heat shield reduce its clearance from 12" to 6" while using an approved nfpa non combustible wall shield on 1" spacers, a true 2/3 reduction would be 4" btw. The answer may not be what...
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    Country Hearth 3000 Install

    @VirginiaIron has a 3000 also
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    Eastern hop hornbeam

    That's what hearth is.
  10. kennyp2339

    2019-20 Blaze King Performance Thread Part 1 (Everything BK)

    Yeah but its not the same without them, I def like Bholler's input, he is a great asset to this site and helps a ton of people, I like woody to because he gets you thinking from a different point of view, especially when he hits the whiskey.
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    2019-20 Blaze King Performance Thread Part 1 (Everything BK)

    Winter is coming!!! We got @bholler in one corner of the ring.. waiting for @Woody Stover to show up.
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    2019-20 Blaze King Performance Thread Part 1 (Everything BK)

    absolutely, there is a difference, I went from a Dodge Omni to a Maserati
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    Eastern hop hornbeam

    Wow what a beautiful looking tree, might have to try planting a few here.
  14. kennyp2339

    Draft at 60 degrees

    Sounds like your one of the lucky ones!!! Being on the FD here we have had storms in the winter start off as snow then turn to rain with a rise of temps from 30's to 50's overnight, never fails we get that one call of a house "filling up" with smoke, when really its just weaker draft with a...
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    What is this

    You need to first determine 100% what it is, if it is a vented sewage pipe then I don't think its advised to have a solid fuel appliance near it do to the potential of sewer gases.
  16. kennyp2339

    Help fixing bad install...

    @snaple4 that's excellent news!!! good for you for taking advice and working off of that, not ignoring the issues, just wondering with the oak, since your below ground direct connection to the wood burning stove is not recommended, but a fresh air supply pipe that's vented near the stoves air...
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    2019-20 Blaze King Performance Thread Part 1 (Everything BK)

    Not to start crap or anything but my old stove was a US2500 tube stove, and yes I was tending it a lot more then the BK, trying to burn down coals fast to remove ash so I could fit more wood was a time consuming (but fun) job, usually a Sunday morning coffee things, followed by a every 3rd work...
  18. kennyp2339

    Drolet HT3000 vs HT2000

    The ht3000 is in stock and on sale at, its on sale cheaper then the ht2000 to, I'm a little confused with the listed btu an hour output though, ht2000 says up to 95k per hour, the ht3000 lists a range of 18.2 to 49.5k an hour with a general 110k btu's. The air control looks like...
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    Canadian needs more heat...

    Tilbury On, they are surrounded by the great lakes and have a way higher heat load then us, the land around them is just a hungry battery once the lakes freeze over, totally different animal in heating then what most of us are use to in the lower 48. I'd bring for consultation a builder /...
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    2019-20 Blaze King Performance Thread Part 1 (Everything BK)

    BK's are excellent stoves, the build quality is top notch, customer service is leading the industry and setting the pace for other small / medium companies to follow and the actual function of the stove lives up to the BK name, the stove will do what the stove is advertised to do; it will heat...
  21. kennyp2339

    2019-20 Blaze King Performance Thread Part 1 (Everything BK)

    @chemie you have some pretty serious warpage going on there, from the center out starting at the bottom (metal turned red) to the top, very high over fire temps, prob from excessive draft since the t-stat should not allow the whole firebox to get red hot, this was my theory last year with my...
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    2019-20 Blaze King Performance Thread Part 1 (Everything BK)

    Chris, purely just for research and what not, I have my old cat that died last year still in the box, I'll be more than happy to mail you it just to let the nerds look it over, looking for nothing in return other then to help the cause.
  23. kennyp2339

    2019-20 Blaze King Performance Thread Part 1 (Everything BK)

    So it either works or doesn't? I had cat failure last season during one of the worst cold snaps, bought a new one, but was sent to wrong sized one by mistake, almost switched out the whole stove from that seeing how vulnerable the system can be. The noticeable cat changes that led up to the...
  24. kennyp2339

    Insulating the ceiling

    I pee off the deck... with @Hogwildz on this one. Next will be the wood stove is making to many ticking noises. Every house has noises, overtime they all melt into themselves and become white noise. My neighbor did a rather lengthy remodel / addition to his place in the mid 90's, he said his...
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    where to buy compressed logs by pallet in SE MI

    I've said this before, when using tractor supply by enough to get you until the end of Nov, then place a large order on Black Friday, the sale is pretty good, just be prepared to get 2 or 3 ton and have a dry place to store them. Also check local lumber yards & mom / pop hardware stores, a few...
  26. kennyp2339

    Wood stoves good for cooking in?

    I've done some cooking in my woodstove as well (not on top of it) I bought a cheap lodge pole cast frying pan and raked / leveled coals out and simply tossed the pan in, works great, I've also laid some 1/2 steaks directly on coals, it did work, but it was primitive and the ash will drip off the...
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    2019-20 Blaze King Performance Thread Part 1 (Everything BK)

    I would think just snug since once it heats up it will get tighter.
  28. kennyp2339

    Deere ZTrak PTO's

    Could also be a short in the solenoid that develops due to excessive vibration, check your switch to see if any melting has occurred, also after use check with your hand to feel if there's any excessive heat every once in awhile.
  29. kennyp2339

    Deere ZTrak PTO's

    putting a meter on it? 13.4 - 14volts? Perhaps there's a broken ground some where else on the mower, could be a frayed wire or bad connection
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    How's everybody doing?

    This had to have been one of my fastest summers ever, I'm use to things lingering (like the last 2 winters) but man, for what its worth we're in the first week of September, 8 weeks to go November, somewhere in that time a fire will be lit, I'm personally hoping more towards then 8th week...