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  1. Woody5506

    Without Outside Air Intake Am Making A Mistake???

    In my case it's not critical, but if I were to get a second stove it would definitely have an outdoor air kit.
  2. Woody5506

    What's your favorite BEER?

    Even for hop heads Dogfish is pretty lackluster. At one time, people did care about their 120 minute IPA which is now $40/4 pack or more, and laughable at best. Every year beer stores stock it and it just turns into a bunch of shelf turds. I stopped buying their beer a while ago after constantly...
  3. Woody5506

    What's your favorite BEER?

    Which is funny because with the new hazy IPA craze, typically the fresher the better. Some IPA's taste so bad 6 months after they were bottled or canned it's just ironic that, originally, the intent was to over hop the beer to preserve it. I'm sure back then they were absolutely awful.
  4. Woody5506

    Chimney Flashing Question

    Where my hand is in the first pic is how far up the roof can be pressed. My best guess at this point is the flashing has just bubbled up from heating/cooling and with that, pushing the shingles up. Likely a non issue that my OCD wood burning self made into a bigger issue. What is a good...
  5. Woody5506

    Chimney Flashing Question

    Quite honestly I was a bit worried of pulling up the shingles thinking I'd screw something up and have a bigger mess on my hands, rather than just seeing what my installer would do if anything to solve the issue. I think you're right in that the shingles could just have crud under them since my...
  6. Woody5506

    Chimney Flashing Question

    Yes it was installed end of December a few years ago. This would make sense to me, I am still surprised it would be enough to push up the shingles but again if it's not causing any problems is there really anything I should worry about?
  7. Woody5506

    Generally...How Many Cords Does It Take To Get Through The Winter?

    I think this hits the nail on the head. I'm in that 3ish cord zone and I'm using mine as supplemental heat but running from about late October to early May, and if the high's aren't over 40 then its running 24/7.
  8. Woody5506

    Chimney Flashing Question

    I'll send a pic later on, there isn't much to see of the roof shingles that are bubbled up, I'd somehow have to take a video to show how much give there is. The only issue I can think of for now is because there is give to it, it seems the pipe itself isn't quite as secure. In other words if I...
  9. Woody5506

    Chimney Flashing Question

    shut the air off to the stove, went outside and instantly saw a big puff of smoke and then everything seemed fine. Didn't see anything else wrong with the pipe the next day. Couldn't believe it even happened because I'm good about cleaning the pipe but I think the load of locust just took off...
  10. Woody5506

    Chimney Flashing Question

    I had my PE installed in 2016, very simple install but what I've noticed as of last year when I got up onto the roof to clean the chimney, the flashing seems to be warping a bit, or almost "bubbling" up to the point where if you press on the roof shingles in front of the stack (toward the peak...
  11. Woody5506

    Unbelievable Ad I Saw

    Understand that anyone in NY who says "cord" actually most likely means face cord. WHY?...I do not know. I know it can be regional but from what I gather from this board and another board, NY seems to be the biggest culprit for the face cord/cord confusion and nonsense. Any dealer I look up on...
  12. Woody5506

    What's your favorite BEER?

    If it's over 9%, I do what I call "strategic drinking" which basically means I make sure I have nothing else to do for the rest of the night. And if I'm out at a bar and have to drive home, I'm likely avoiding big beers.
  13. Woody5506

    What's your favorite BEER?

    Not normally much of a fan of lagers, as they are about as basic as beer gets, but I do like that Founders Solid Gold.
  14. Woody5506

    Too seasoned?

    I've heard of the "too dry" theory but meh, I'd rather burn too dry than too wet. One of the best fires I ever had in my T5 was with some ash that was near 20 years split.
  15. Woody5506

    How Many Cords On Your Property?

    I have 10 or 11 cords split/stacked on my 3/4 acre suburban lot which is about 3 years worth for us.
  16. Woody5506

    Is this Red Oak?

    Looks different from my red oak but I'm in NY and I've only gotten one truck load of it in my wood hoarding career so it's not my most easily identifiable wood. If the wood is hissing, it's too wet and needs more seasoning.
  17. Woody5506

    What's your favorite BEER?

    I'm not a scotch ale fan but I do like other Founders stuff and overall just respect them as a great brewery with readily available (and usually fairly cheap) stuff here in NY. I see Backwoods Bastard at our beer stores and Wegmans, I assume it's seasonal? Also think their Breakfast Stout is...
  18. Woody5506

    id this tree

    Pin Cherry (same as choke?) is decent firewood, the problem is you really need to make sure its either de-barked or top covered well because that bark really traps moisture even for months after the rest of the wood has dried out. Been using it in the smoker lately too, and i think it's a better...
  19. Woody5506

    PE Alderlea T5 thoughts/ review a few months in

    Actually, my one complaint is the same as everyone else's - the baffle gaskets are garbage. I need to make one of these DIY ones that's been posted on here.
  20. Woody5506

    PE Alderlea T5 thoughts/ review a few months in

    This is my first and only stove. I always say I have nothing to compare it to, but really I have zero complaints. I like everything about it, but the close clearances allowed by the jacketed construction is what sealed the deal for me since I didn't have tons of space to play with.
  21. Woody5506

    24 inch rounds flying high into the air playing plinko.

    have your wife and son set up a barrier with the rounds that you already rolled down, maybe a few or more deep, to try and stop the incoming rounds. I know it wouldn't be a perfect method but, that's my first thought. Think of it as extreme firewood bowling.
  22. Woody5506

    What music mode is good for shop radio?

    I work in a loud shop every day, the only thing I can possibly use to actually hear what I'm listening to would be noise canceling headphones. Nothing fancy, just cheapos that connect to my phone via blue tooth, then I just use either Spotify from that or Google Podcasts....Lately been listening...
  23. Woody5506

    Any stove recommendations for a shorter chimney length?

    I have a T5 on a 12 or 13' chimney in my split level which basically is probably the same as your ranch regarding height/roof pitch and it breathes fine but I get a bit of a back puff if I open the door too quick.
  24. Woody5506

    Alderlea owners: Do your trivet's line up well?

    I have no issues with my trivets being level on my 2016 Alderlea. I do have to gently lift each one to swing out but that's just so I'm not scraping it across the stove itself. I have to lift them more if I want them to swing completely out. Is the issue here that you have to lift the left...
  25. Woody5506

    Japanese Maple

    I have one in my yard, never burned any of it in the stove but I trimmed some dead branches the other day and they blazed up nicely in the fire pit. I imagine it would be good firewood.
  26. Woody5506

    What's your favorite BEER?

    Finally caved in and went to Other Half and spent too much. Not normally a fan of big high ABV IPA's (i'd say 9% and up) but somehow they managed to hide this 10.5% pretty amazingly.
  27. Woody5506

    What to do with Black Mold firewood.

    I'd burn it, unless it makes a big mess when handling. In that case I'd probably burn it outside.
  28. Woody5506

    Cutting slightly too big of rounds down?

    I have no issue loading mine with 18" splits
  29. Woody5506

    Craigslist laugh of the day.....

    ^^^People like that deserve to get messed with.