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  1. Ssyko

    Blackwell P24 Auger motor replacement

    The control board dictates wich auger motor can be used. If you have this board You will need the new wire harness and a 1 rpm motor. If you have this board you will need a 4rpm motor
  2. Ssyko

    Harman P61A-2 , 100K POTS

    They are longer life but they are not the ones that are for sale on ebay. They are made with cermet instead of carbon traces. No I haven’t done the research for shipping, been getting the homestead ready for another tug hill winter. If i can figure it out i will update my thread on the pot’s
  3. Ssyko

    Harman Potentiometers

    If anyone needs pots shoot me a PM with your E-mail address and i will contact you through email. To all our neighbors to the north in Canada, I have tried 2 times to get through the red tape enabling me to ship up there but without some sort of export licence and a code for electronic parts I...
  4. Ssyko

    Harman P61A-2 , 100K POTS

    the new pots are CE14NVD11-100K
  5. Ssyko


    Yep i run the quad all last week in the morning to take off the chill been in the low 40’s here on tug hill. Im thinking the same John, gonna be a cold one
  6. Ssyko

    25-PDVC wear plate mod?

    Yes the wear plate should be sitting flush with the burn plate ledge. Also pluging the hole in the burn pot under the wear plate help greatly with more air up through the plate. Some of us have drilled out the holes in the area in front of the auger that has made a big difference in the burn. I...
  7. Ssyko

    Pellet feed auger speed

    How long are the pellets your using? The pdv and pdvc use a 16 second cycle basically the heat range adjustment changes the amount of "on time" per cycle, each cycle represents one "run" + one "stop" in other words if the "on" is 2 seconds, te "off" will be 14 seconds. if the "on"is 4 seconds...
  8. Ssyko

    How long will a pellet stove last?

    Saved this old breckwell 1992- 93 from the scrap heap. Inspected all the welds and it chugging along good but I wouldn’t buy one unless its dirt cheap or free.
  9. Ssyko

    Pellet feed auger speed

    Have you ever reset the control back to OEM settings? What mode is it set at ( 25pdvc should be D) is the auger truly doing 1 rpm?
  10. Ssyko

    Used P61, What's My Next Step?

    It could take quite a while for the stove to cool off enough for the fan to shut off. Lots of metal has to drop temperature.
  11. Ssyko

    Enerzone Pellet Stove????

    I would go shopping(with the one that chooses the decor) Look at What the dealers have in your area. You can feel out how thier service and parts may be
  12. Ssyko

    Blinking St. Croix

    use a multimeter and see if the power cord is any good. ck the power at your outlet.
  13. Ssyko

    Blinking St. Croix

    have you taken the control board out and inspected it for burnt traces or components? I would be leaning towards a bad board if there is no lights.
  14. Ssyko

    Vicenza 5.2 pellet stove reviews

    click on the lil magnifying glass icon and try a search on the stove, lots of results
  15. Ssyko

    Blinking St. Croix

    your not getting any indication of power? what make model and year is your stove?
  16. Ssyko

    Harman Potentiometers

    I wouldn’t say your a fool. Necessity ruled the situation and you did what you had to do to fix the stove. We have all been in that position once or twice. Believe me, I know how difficult it is to find the pots.
  17. Ssyko

    Used Lowe's Special

    Trade him your fireplace for his stove : )
  18. Ssyko

    Harman Potentiometers

    There are a few. but i tracked down the elusive pots for forum members and friend to save them the $$$ the Ebay sharks are charging. Making a profit is one thing but when they charge as much for 3 as it costs for 60, Thats just taking advatage of folks.
  19. Ssyko

    Harman Potentiometers

    Ok I have the OK from the site owner for sales but they have to go through E-mail. Anyone interested here is my email
  20. Ssyko

    Sometimes Things Get Built On Fridays

    Oh wow so yeah it was friday or Monday built lol Quality control took it off
  21. Ssyko

    Sometimes Things Get Built On Fridays

    Hahaha yeah the fan is directed at the back wall instead of the duct for the heat exchanger. Definitely a Monday of Friday build. Looks like some dust on the fan blades, was that a customer replacement aftermarket blower?
  22. Ssyko

    Smoke Dragon to P61

    lack of maint. should be cleaned in accordance with the manuals directions. A clean stove is a happy stove ;)
  23. Ssyko

    Alright, I give in..

    Nice!! Glad it all worked out well for ya Ken ;)
  24. Ssyko

    Energex premium pellets

    I had the best luck with energex and lignetics this past burning season
  25. Ssyko

    1999 earth stove mp35/50 circuit

    I use light bulbs for testing
  26. Ssyko

    Thermostat or control board

    Oh ok, its the quad wall unit My bad. I was thinking a normal tstat
  27. Ssyko

    Thermostat or control board

    Unhook the T-stat and see if the stove runs normal.
  28. Ssyko

    Quadrafire CB flame help

    Updated timings in post above
  29. Ssyko

    Pellet stove install into existing Chimney

    Englander does require an OAK. The stoves do run better but in a situation like yours where you’re not the home owner and the house is leaky i would try it without the OAK and see. Be aware that a power outage could cause the stove to smolder and fill the house with smoke.