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  1. TreePointer

    Bar, heat effected zone.

    Bar length? Ensure bar tip spraying oil before cutting? Cleaning your bar groove and oil holes regularly? Cutting with a dull chain often? Leaning on saw (pressing down into the cut) much? With the bar and clutch cover off, can you see oil coming out when revving the engine?
  2. TreePointer

    Any vise guru's on here

    I've seen a few baby bullets and have one myself, but the vise gurus at will tell all you wish to know. (Ask in General Tool Discussion) has plenty of vise gurus too.
  3. TreePointer

    Saw recommendations

    A pro 50cc saw wearing 16-18" bar and .325 pitch is a good "do everything" saw for firewooders. It can have a very good power-to-weight ratio. If you later realize you need more length/power, add a 70+cc saw to make a great firewood processing combination. Even with a 70cc saw in your stable...
  4. TreePointer

    Well after 2.5 years of shopping I finally found a tractor.

    I have a ballast box but rarely use it. The way I understand the physics is that my 600+ lb rotary cutter on the back is as effective as a much heavier ballast box because it's center of mass is much farther away from the rear axle. As mentioned, it sometimes does reduce maneuverability in...
  5. TreePointer

    What log hook would you reccomend ? Is this one any good?

    Same here. While I don't have a Woodchuck, I use my timberjack almost exclusively as a cant hook/peavey to turn logs rather than elevate them.
  6. TreePointer

    Tree ID & Suggestions...

    Congratulations to you and your brother. We need more people doing this. Bravo!
  7. TreePointer

    Tree ID & Suggestions...

    To be precise, the American chestnut tree is on "life support" in many areas, but it is not extinct.
  8. TreePointer

    Made the decision to buy a log splitter... which one

    Since you're in PA, I'd also add splitters to your list by CountyLine (available at Tractor Supply) and DHT. For comparable splitters, I'd look for the fastest cycle times and largest volume in they hydraulic fluid reservoir (more fluid keeps things cooler). Also, if I prefer a certain engine...
  9. TreePointer

    Made the decision to buy a log splitter... which one

    The 4-way wedge on the Yardmax might be an issue for some wood. I haven't used that particular splitter, but many have reported that 4-way wedges on 22-ton splitters don't work so well in tough hardwoods. Things tend to bog down.
  10. TreePointer

    Cant Hook

    Easy to do. A lot of firewood guys use them the same way.
  11. TreePointer

    Cant Hook

    Stihl cant hooks and peaveys are re-badged Logrite models. You can't go wrong with Logrite or Peavey MFG. If the goal is to save your back, also consider a hookaroon (pickaroon) if you don't have one.
  12. TreePointer

    Stihl MS-260 wouldn't start after running out of gas

    If I run any saw long enough, it has the potential for vapor lock. This is especially true in warmer weather. Solution: Crack open the fuel cap immediately after turning off the saw. This relieves any low pressure condition in the fuel tank.
  13. TreePointer

    Possible CS-590

    Home Depot description of 78 DL on its webpage incorrect.
  14. TreePointer

    Chainsaw Question

    I think all the warranties in my home expired all at once and I've been involved in repairing just about everything (ugh). Now, I'm finally free to get back to some real sawing and firewood talk. Feels good!
  15. TreePointer

    Chainsaw Question

    I'm also a "chain swapper." Mounting a saw in a steady bench vise is much easier than sharpening in the field where I can't guarantee a stable mount at a comfortable height. I'm also guaranteed shade, no bugs, and a beverage of choice in my garage.
  16. TreePointer

    Is this Red Oak?

    New pictures looks a lot like red oak.
  17. TreePointer

    Wood ID Please. Is this oak?

    The leaf pictured in this discussion indeed does have some horse chestnut characteristics; however, it's clearly pinnately compound, whereas horse chestnut leaves are palmate in form. Also, horse chestnut typically has much longer points on tips.
  18. TreePointer

    Wood ID Please. Is this oak?

    Now I clearly see the characteristically large terminal leaflet of a hickory leaf, which was missing/damaged in the first set of photos. Ya' done good!
  19. TreePointer

    Thanks for New DHT 22 Ton Half Beam Splitter!

    Just to cover all bases, don't forget about air pockets. After filling an engine with oil, some engines are more prone to having air pockets that make it look like it's at "full" level. You also can get a false "full" reading if you forget to fill your oil filter with oil before spinning it on...
  20. TreePointer

    Wood Splitters

    Make sure to get the specs for any used model you might be considering. Those 27-ton Troy-Bilt models had slow cycle times, with some at 19 seconds (ugh!). With today's entry level splitters at 11 seconds, I'd think twice before throwing good money at a slow used model.
  21. TreePointer

    Wood ID Please. Is this oak?

    You've changed my mind! When I first looked at the pics, I really could have gone with either black walnut or a hickory. Here's what I see: Bark looked a lot like black walnut to me. I googled some pictures of bitternut bark and that also fits. Heartwood isn't as dark as it should be for...
  22. TreePointer

    Marking wood for where to cut

    Most folks I know don't "need" a large displacement saw, but those who encounter big wood actually can increase safety with a big saw that can pull a long chain. 1. Small saws require you to work from both sides to drop a large tree or buck a big log, but sometimes one side presents too many...
  23. TreePointer

    Wood ID Please. Is this oak?

    If possible, a picture of a full leaf with all leaflets would help to confirm. Also, slice a twig longways and see if there's a chambered pith--easy tell for black walnut. Images: black walnut chambered pith
  24. TreePointer

    Two trees down from storm: What are they?

    I agree. Tulip poplar (aka tulip tree, yellow poplar). Sassafras.
  25. TreePointer

    Wood ID Please. Is this oak?

    +1 Black walnut
  26. TreePointer

    New to me saw

    It's certainly good to be cautious on this one. On the other hand, there are folks who try to treat them like pre-AutoTune saws and wonder why it just won't run like it should. If that's the case, it's to your benefit that they didn't RTFM.
  27. TreePointer

    Marking wood for where to cut

    I think there are a lot Stihl 290 graduates here, myself included. And I know I had a lot of fun when I find that wood chips made it into my pockets and somehow even into my wallet.
  28. TreePointer

    Happy Fathers Day to me

    I love these practical measurements. Much appreciated!
  29. TreePointer

    Happy Fathers Day to me

    That's what I do with my 79cc saw. It wears a 24" bar most of the time and a 32" bar for the occasional big wood.
  30. TreePointer

    Chainsaw Question

    If it came from the Pacific Northwest, you also need to put a shorter bar on it. ;lol