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  1. Bioburner

    Bixby Maxfire 115 troubleshooting

    If not getting smoke in two minutes it's down to either bad ignitors or pressure pump. This stove is very hard to light manually and my method is for very experienced. Didn't your friend show you how to get it going or at least show it working?
  2. Bioburner

    Bixby Maxfire 115 troubleshooting

    Brenda is this stove new to you? Stove if turned on should start the exhaust fan then start the feed, then after its got some fuel in the pot should start the ignition sequence of starting the air pump to the ignitors then the ignitors should start heating Now if the exhaust system does not...
  3. Bioburner

    Bixby Corn/Pellet Stove Help

    I would replace the bearings. The German made fan motor is a very good motor but the bearings dried out because the stoves sat in a hot warehouse. The stove will shut down if the motor overheated trying to work against the bad bearing. Been there 3 times before getting a set of bearings from a...
  4. Bioburner

    Drolet ECO 65 with a Crosslink conversion kit

    Mine was still operating without issues as of last fall. Still blending corn with pellets. Got smart and stay in South TX for winter.
  5. Bioburner

    Smell from pellet stove

    All your joints taped with either high temp silicone or high temp silver ducting tape? I gave up on trying to use tube silicone and silver duct tape. The silicone tape stretches tight avoiding the pesky pin hole leaks. I have no idea of that stoves engineering to be of much help
  6. Bioburner

    P43 feed rate maxed, also the dreaded rumble.

    This is a old thread but has pretty much all things that can go wrong. An very obstructed vent will allow the stove to start but quickly start to throttle back when the exhaust gases get to temp but cant escape
  7. Bioburner

    Auger Working, but stops feeding pellets

    Good to hear. So many times the issue is that the poor stove is just constipated. Did you change pellet brand that may be a bit more ash? Most stoves need a minimum of the venting cleaning every ton.
  8. Bioburner

    How do I "deep clean" my corn furnace?

    I noticed in your pictures that your burn pot sits a lot higher and closer to the deflector plate than mine. Design error that is burning your plate up. Corn has more btus per volume than wood pellets. One major advantage of stoves that monitor exhaust temperature to control feed rate. Bixby...
  9. Bioburner

    Important Magnum Baby CountrySide behind the firebox cleanout?

    Sorry for the issues. But the technology of it and design is not very up to what the newer stoves are and have progressed to. Your wanting to go back to a wood stove is like going back to steam power when the new cars are here and your trying to use a model T
  10. Bioburner

    Brunner's Bits&Pieces

    Good to hear. A very large cold front coming down
  11. Bioburner

    Need help trouble shooting a Ussc M/N- 5660 bay front pellet stove

    I would guess the switch that's on-near the exhaust is the proof of fire switch and the other controls the room fan. You could temporarily jump around it to see if that resolves your issue. Good luck Don't attempt the jump with the stove plugged in as a oops short could fry the control board, so...
  12. Bioburner

    Whitfield Advantage II-T Auger Motor Help

    When get the auger out try painting it with graphite paint and some of tube. I have found that helps reduce the motors effort. What pellets are you attempting to burn?
  13. Bioburner

    Need help trouble shooting a Ussc M/N- 5660 bay front pellet stove

    Sounds like a snap switch not working. Most stoves have one to sense when the fire is going in the appropriate time in case of a start failure or fire out to keep the feed auger from continuing to feed. And another to complete the circulation fan circuit when the stove gets to temp. Not very...
  14. Bioburner

    Propane Price Lock in Rate is a Joke

    I filled in September for 1.13 a gallon. Bottled water is 20 cents a gallon if you fill your own jugs Gasoline came down a nickel today. Paying 2.14 in the RGV The Keystone pipeline had issues with delivery and is fully operational
  15. Bioburner

    Harmon p61 wont shut off.

    Could see if you can get a set of pots and replace them if you're handy with a soldering iron or find someone that is. I have done three boards now
  16. Bioburner

    Pellet Master Pm-5000 btu rating?

    May want to check about local regulations about its installation. Some require an elevated platform for install of a solid fuel heater in a garage.
  17. Bioburner

    Harmon p61 wont shut off.

    You forgot to add a prayer. Like three of us trying to figure out the oil leak on my car, head mechanic thought rear main seal, I thought oil cooler and the winner was the guy with the wrench, pressure sender behind the intake manifold The blasting with contact cleaner won't hurt and is readily...
  18. Bioburner

    Harmon p61 wont shut off.

    A bad pot can keep the stove from shutting down. A weak spot in the Harman and their answer to a few dollar replacement is to replace the entire board to the tune of around 250 bucks
  19. Bioburner

    Pellet Master Pm-5000 btu rating?

    To many variables, fan speeds, input temperature, fuel feed rate and quality , how clean
  20. Bioburner

    Fan ... Thelin parlour 3000

    Pretty sure do cost: (
  21. Bioburner

    Whitfield pellet stove

    Could also have a failing snap disc but as butkus points out the motor may be full of dust bunnies or a dry failing bearing causeing the over temperature safety to shut the motor down
  22. Bioburner

    I'm thinking about buying a used Harman XXV

    Pellet stove vent pipe should be 3 inch and is pretty much the standard for pellet stoves. Download the manuals and view some of the Youtube videos of cleaning and installing. Harman has some posted. 900 square feet is not a stretch to heat if the structure is moderately insulated
  23. Bioburner

    New here... Questions

    My thoughts are the stove is lighting properly but is looking for thermostat to tell it to ramp up but is stuck on idle. I have no access to the manual.
  24. Bioburner

    Cab50 Dirty Glass-seal issues????

    The glass not having gaskets on the edge is a attempt to have a air wash to try and keep the glass cleaner. Other stove manufactures attempt this as well
  25. Bioburner

    Getting a new stove this year. HELP!

    I would lean towards the Accentra because of the auto ignition already in and ready to go but one can get a update kit for the 61 but its expensive with the control board Good luck
  26. Bioburner

    Mt. Vernon (non AE) my bad need expert!

    Now all reading this please remember to not poke around or be very careful when probing around a plugged in stove. It can be very expensive
  27. Bioburner


    I've only once in several years heard of an Olivia and my search returned nothing of it at all Good luck
  28. Bioburner

    Need USSC 6041 fan motor bearings

    Electric motor rebuilder. Some bearings-bushings are carried now at home improvement stores along with specialized fastners etc.
  29. Bioburner

    P61A - auger runs only in test mode

    How old is the stove? As the stove is used there is compression of the door gaskets. If no good seal the vacuum switch does not complete the circuit to allow the auger to feed. If you can get to the vacuum switch and are comfortable with electricity you can jumper the switch and see if the auger...
  30. Bioburner

    Does Auto Ignition/Thermostat use save pellets?

    If one gets a stove that you can control with a clock feature thermostat for setback and or now control via wifi Stoves have come along way. Some can go a ton before having to empty the ash bin and the pot and fire chamber needing little more than a few strokes with a tool couple times a week or...