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  1. johneh

    How big is a 3 cord grapple load?

    This is a full 7.5 Cord log load. Yours will be approx 1/2 this as I had processed a cord and a half when this was taken 30%Red Oak and the rest Sugar Maple Culled logs off my bush that were not good for lumber but make great fire wood
  2. johneh

    The hated homelite and the 80 yr old grandma.

    Multi-weight oil has been around a long time when I started my Apprenticeship in 67 we used 5w20, 5w30, 5w40 10w30, 10w40. 15w40 and 20w50 racing oil and there were others. They had Multi-Grade oil during WW2 Viscosity index improvers were first used to make multigrade engine oils in the 1940s.
  3. johneh

    Seasoned wood and storage outside

    Normally wood that is kept out of the elements undercover will not gain any moisture or just yearly fluctuations in humidity (minable) I have air-dried lumber in my barn that is at 8% and has been for 15 or more years used in fine furniture making.
  4. johneh

    Bottom of the pile soggy wood.

    Here If it were stacked off the ground it may be ready next year But more than likely it will be 2 years Depends on your drying conditions
  5. johneh

    A little video I did on annual service on a meridian by Enviro

    I have seen them plugged soild and still run it is surprising how a good clean stove works so,so much better And cleaning one is an important part of owning one .
  6. johneh

    What's your favorite BEER?

    You People realize the only good Beer is the one in your hand right now(LOL) At least in my hand anyway
  7. johneh

    Choosing firewood - limited options, limited space

    Well now that's a different kettle of fish (pun intended) You need a shed of some sort to keep the rain off and let the wind blow through. The wood will dry pretty fast with a good wind. On a side note, I will be in St Johns for 4 days next month. Love the Rock get there any time I get a Chance
  8. johneh

    Mt Vernon ae problem

    Just a wild guess is the vac. switch or hose to it OK not plugged with ash cracked or split hose switch disconnected?
  9. johneh

    Any recommendations for attaching PelletVent Pro Adapter appliance to Whitfield WP2 pellet stove insert?

    On my stove, I used Hi-Temp silicone and a regular 3 in. hose clamp Never leaked been there since 2002.
  10. johneh

    Quadra-Fire Classic Bay 1200i pellet stove Manual?

    classic bay 1200 Classic Bay 1200I
  11. johneh


    The only thing I ever got from a Union was the loss of my Job because the UNION asked for more than the Business could pay Will never work in a Union Shop again
  12. johneh

    RE: Brake rotors

    When I was in the trade we resurfaced Rotors when we could but at that time the charge to resurface was 20 dollars per. nowadays with labour rates in the 70 to over a hundred dollars an hour, it is much cheaper to replace with 20 dollar rotors than to resurface. Maybe thing are different in the...
  13. johneh

    RE: Brake rotors

    You can buy some very good quality rotors. But why you can buy a good set for half the price. The next time the pads wear out you will have to buy rotors again not so many years ago you could machine rotors and reuse. Nowadays they make them so thin that machining is out of the question
  14. johneh

    Drying in 4-row stacks

    I live in Eastern Ontario Canada. We have built 5 15 X 25 sheads the foundation we use is a 30 x30 2 ft. deep hole filled with crushed stone and a 24-inch paver set on top. Our frost line normally is 4 Ft. never had a frost heave in all the sheds we have built
  15. johneh

    Choosing firewood - limited options, limited space

    Burn whatever you can get Keep the Chimney clean. Clean it on a regular basis also try to keep your fire hot. Find somewhere to stack your next years wood in a sunny area with a good amount of air movement and Top cover for the winter. Whereabouts in Canada are (Yukon) I presume you are up North
  16. johneh

    Mixing corn in a Serenity?

    Make sure your chimney is rated for corn Corn is A lot more corrosive than pellets
  17. johneh

    Work Done in 2019

    Nice neat, well laid out wood yard wish mine looked that nice
  18. johneh

    This is why I don't split green elm in the summer

    American Elm is the reason I bought a hydro splitter. I have been cutting it out of my fence lines for 40 years It grows to be a beautiful tree then Dutch Elm disease does it in Half decent firewood .
  19. johneh

    SCORE !!

    How come I don't have a tree guy like that?
  20. johneh

    Pellet stove/furnace in the basement for backup heat - need advice

    My whole house is only 2000 sq feet Move the inlaws out I'm coming to live with you
  21. johneh

    Question for the old folks

    Last time we did the Bathroom we went to a taller toilet sure saves on my poor old knees easy to sit on easy to stand up.
  22. johneh

    Good or bad fire

    One word " YES"
  23. johneh

    Squirrel call

    Thanks for reminding me of one of my Mothers sayings " Small things amuse small minds" But Funny :cool:
  24. johneh

    Pellet supply

    We are paying 312.50 a ton with free delivery Canadian which with the today's exchange rate is = about 220 a ton Your dealer likes to make money. If you don't like the price don't buy If they don't sell he will lower the price or maybe he paid to much.
  25. johneh

    This is why I don't split green elm in the summer

    Don't matter how dry some of it always looks like that. When it is dry enough to burn supplies it's on kindling
  26. johneh

    Tree ID & Suggestions...

    Good luck with that the deer and squirrels seem to always win here.
  27. johneh

    Pellet supply

    I have tried many brands and always go back to Cubix Burn very Hot and clean with very little ash. There is no sign of a shortage here. Would love to try softies from the west coast but don't have a spare arm and leg to pay for them.
  28. johneh

    Work Done in 2019

    The Farm next-door sold a 2 hector lot to a lad from the city 8 years ago He built a very nice house and burns wood. For the first 2 years, I tried to explane to him the benefits of seasoned wood but he continued to buy green firewood . He often complained that he got poor heat for the...