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    VaporFire 100 question install

    Sorry, my friend ended up getting a QuadraFire 7100. Its a nice unit. He has it installed with a liner. I really wish he went with a Kuuma, but he and his wife really wanted to sit down and have the ambiance of a fire. Oh well. Perhaps one day I'll be able to put a Kuuma in my house!
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    YouTube Wood Cutters?

    Yeah!! Him too! Hes a hoot!
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    YouTube Wood Cutters?

    Life in Farmland. Agree. Wranglerstar kinda is hot and cold for me.
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    Building a portable-garage style wood storage solution

    Thanks for the replies all. I spoke to a builder friend of mine and he told me to run away from the portable garages. He used to use them for storage of some of his heavy equipment and other items on his lot. He said he got really tired of clearing snow off of them after 2 of them caved in, not...
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    Building a portable-garage style wood storage solution

    I live in suburbia on a roughly 3/4 acre lot. I have a fenced in garden that I don't use for gardening, rather I store my wood in there. I currently stack and then cover with tarps my cord wood, on top of some left over lumber and composite decking material. The area is roughly 24x16. I was...
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    Uh oh...what's this?!

    Ouch. Gladly, mine was purely the liner + vermiculite insulation + install labor + stove cost. To be clear, if I magically had the money to do the VF100 I'd do it in a heartbeat, although I'd probably change out my current flexible ducts for hard pipe ducts. I know a guy ;)
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    Uh oh...what's this?!

    I think my full cost for my insert + Install + Liner + Surround was right around $4,300. Granted, less than what a VF-100 or 200 costs, but there is no comparison in heat output and efficiency. Also, I have bilco-doors to my basement, I would literally just create a rolling crate and toss the...
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    Uh oh...what's this?!

    Wow. Thats pretty awesome. I tried to heat full-time with my insert in my 2100sqft colonial and i went through 3 cords already this year, likely going to need another. I don't even heat my basement, but my set up would have been pretty optimal for a Kuuma. I have ducts from my heat pump running...
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    Uh oh...what's this?!

    Curious are your homes single level and what square footage are you at? Also how many cords do you anticipate going through this year?
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    Older home - no fireplace - want efficient wood fireplace insert

    I definitely would say go with the free-standing stove. And while your at it there is nothing more efficient than a Blaze King...
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    Uh oh...what's this?!

    How do you guys survive with interior temperatures that high? I mean my wife would love that, but me... i'm usually dying at around 72* and I'm basically wearing nothing... I'm more of a 67-70* guy.
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    If the power goes out . . . .

    I would like a solution like that UPS but with a greater run time. I wish I could build a solar array with a storage solution attached... That would be the cats meow.
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    Any thoughts on Husqvarna 460 Rancher vs the 365 Chainsaw?

    I just went through this exercise and the price difference for the 562XP was too small to pass up. I really like my 562. Its slightly lighter than the 365 and i'm running a 24" bar on it with no problems. I've buried it in almost 30" rounds and it just eats... I highly recommend it! You...
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    Oil Leak On New Husky 450

    my 562xp does not do that.
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    Clearance from combustibles: Help for a friend

    Damn... It was all on page 5... I swear... My friend is an idiot.
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    Clearance from combustibles: Help for a friend

    Thanks bholler. I wasn't there at the install and have not yet perused the manual, but the funny part is my buddy and the installer said they looked through it and couldn't find the clearances. I'm going to look now and see what i see.
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    Need Some Help. Neighbor (Environmental Atty) Filed Complaint

    Thats a pretty trick gas can... Not sure I can really see spending the $60 on it though... Perhaps once I buy 5 gallons of race gas and spilling any would be a shame, then I'll consider... Still... Pretty cool, plus its Green and Gold. Go Green Bay !
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    Clearance from combustibles: Help for a friend

    Hi all, I'm going to defer to your collective wisdom, since I didn't know the answer and the installer of the stove for my friend also did not know either, which honestly I thought he would. Anyhow, here is the situation. Picture attached. We built a feature wall out of shiplap at his house...
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    Need Some Help. Neighbor (Environmental Atty) Filed Complaint

    So, if you can't burn and can't remedy the situation... any interest in selling one of the BK's?
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    Facebook Market Place --- Free Wood - Brookfield, CT

    Thats an hour away from me.
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    I'd put a recommendation in for the Echo CS-590. Timberwolf. I'd run an 18" bar on it to start out though. Its a good saw. It will definitely cut for you and at $400 its a pretty dang good deal. My buddy just got one and it cuts nice. I just bought a Husky 562xp and I'm smitten, but that was...
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    Big Blaze King load.

    Ditto. Envy the age on that oak.
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    Another help me choose add on furnace

    Question, Do you only have the ducting on the first floor and just let the heat rise to the second?
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    Buying another saw: Husky 365 or 562xp

    All I'm saying is that after trying both, I'm glad I spent the extra money on the Husqvarna. It performs much better than the 590 out of the box. Now I'm sure once a few tanks are through these, they will both open up, and the CS590 likely will really open up. But again, I don't lament the extra...
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    New to burning-couple questions after running Osburn 2400 insert

    I own a 2400i. Here is my method: 1. I don't shovel ash for at least 1 week. most of the time 2 weeks. 2. I always rake my ash and coal beds every morning and every day after work to bring large coals to the front and clear a space in the rear for fresh wood. 3. I usually, after raking coals...
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    City Tower breaks ground on a new facility for Lamppa Manufacturing

    Yeah! Anytime I read something about Kuuma It really makes proud that an American-made and family owned company is expanding and continuing to produce great products. One day... Oh yes, one day, I'm going to install one of these in my house. If they created an indoor boiler... Well that would be...
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    Buying another saw: Husky 365 or 562xp

    I paid $250 more for the Husky (Got a nice little deal on it from my local dealer) That being said, having used both saws, there really is no comparison in cutting performance. the 562xp just goes and it generally feels much stable while in the cut. The 590 seemed to be pretty high strung, but...
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    Please recommend the proper device to clean my own chimney

    Do you have some sort of aggressive 90*? I can see that being the only reason why. I've used mine several times and I have 2 kits running on it, and it never feels like its having a problem.
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    Do you ever say this is JUST TOO MUCH WORK!

    I figure if I wasn't splitting and stacking, what else would I be doing? Likely sitting in front of the tv snacking. It keeps me outside and gives me something to talk about with others. I split by hand and am young so its not detrimental to me, however my hands seem to take a lot of beating...
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    Please recommend the proper device to clean my own chimney

    Mine cleans my cap and its trimmed for a 6" The only part of the cap that I'm not confident its getting a really good clean on is the direct underside, but the screen is getting lashed pretty good... Its wobbling up there through the pipe and I know its cleaning very well. I've inspected it with...