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  1. pfmaloney

    Hamer's Hot Ones??

    I bought four tons of Hamer's from Bucks Pellets last year and had to empty my insert's ash pan every three days! When I finally ran out and replenished with whatever Lowes had, the volume of ash drastically declined.
  2. pfmaloney

    Harman XXV & Similar... How are You Cleaning out the Ignitor Box?

    I have an automotive cleaning kit that includes small hose attachment that fits my shop vac. I use this hose to clean the igniter area. It works great to get to the recessed areas in the sides of the compartment and then direct it upwards to get the bottom of the igniter.
  3. pfmaloney

    Help! WHAT in the world is wrong with my Harman Accentra insert?

    Have you cleaned Heat Exchanger tubes behind the plates so that you can see the brush in the right tube coming from the left tube?
  4. pfmaloney

    HELP please! Harman Accentra 52i insert

    Is it possible the igniter switch is set to Manual?
  5. pfmaloney

    Pellet types

    I bought Easy Blaze softwoods this summer from the located in Quakertown, PA @240 /ton. This is the first time I am trying softwoods.
  6. pfmaloney

    Have a blockage in left heat exchanger tube...Please helpP

    Once the blockage is removed, the Harman brush does a good job at keeping it clear. I clean the pathways as part of my weekly cleaning. I find it helpful to use needle nose pliers to get the brush that extra couple of inches so that I can see it with a flashlight on the other side.
  7. pfmaloney

    I can't believe I did this.

    The first time I cleaned my Accentra Insert, I put the flame guide in upside down resulting in a contorted flame that produced significantly less heat||
  8. pfmaloney

    Any Harmies changed to Stove temp?

    Not true. I frequently run the furnace at times to bring raise the temperature in the house when the outside temps get very low. The furnace does not cause my Accentra to cycle off. It does help that the furnace's thermostat is in a different room than the insert.
  9. pfmaloney

    Any Harmies changed to Stove temp?

    I always use Room Temp/Auto. Given the cold temps and the space I'm heating (3000 sq ft), it hasn't cycled off since some time in December!
  10. pfmaloney

    Pellet Plastic Bags - Do they diminish the eco-friendly nature of burning pellets.

    Every week during the burning season, I take the empty pellet bags to Lowes. They have a container for collecting platic bags for recycling in the front of the store right where you enter.
  11. pfmaloney

    Next Years Stash

    I am also from Montgomery county so I was curious how much the pellets are and where did you buy them? thanks ..Pat
  12. pfmaloney

    First cleaning today of the new p61a

    A lot of ash can build up in a week and affect the stove's performance if you are running it 24x7. This is especially true in our situation where we are using an Accentra Insert to heat our 3200 sq ft. home.
  13. pfmaloney

    Mt Vernon AE insert not heating the square footage as I would have thought (at all!!!!)

    I get very good results from my ceiling fan in distributing the heat, but I run it on low. I had read that if you use a ceiling fan in reverse in the winter, it should be at its lowest setting to minimize cooling the heated air. Just a thought.
  14. pfmaloney

    Ash build up question on a Harman 52i

    The flame looks a little narrow. When you did your full cleaning, did you remove any carbon buildup that may have been on the flame guide? I can't tell from the picture if that is ash or carbon on both sides of the flame guide.
  15. pfmaloney

    Harman Accentra Insert - Brush won't go all the way in

    Once I get the brush all the way in the tube, I grab the end of the brush with needle nose pliers and are then able to push it that extra distance so that I can see the brush from the other side.
  16. pfmaloney

    Accentra Insert Igniter

    Thank you for the replies. I will bring this up with my dealer.
  17. pfmaloney

    Accentra Insert Igniter

    Unfortunately, I can't test the igniter at the moment since it's fried. If the triac or control board were suspect, would that be detected by the diagnostic tool? The first time the igniter broke down, the tech ran the diagnostic tool and all was well.
  18. pfmaloney

    Accentra Insert Igniter

    I've been happy with the consistent room temperature that room temp mode delivers. While in Room Temp mode, my accentra has never turned off and then fired up again. Maybe that's another symptom to the problem.
  19. pfmaloney

    Accentra Insert Igniter

    Well, there goes another igniter! This is the fourth igniter that has failed in my Accentra Insert in the two years that I have owned it. Unfortunately, this last time, the igniter went out just after the two year electronic warranty expired. The new igniters have all been the newer model, which...
  20. pfmaloney

    Any benefit to an insert over a free standing stove?

    I don't believe that website is referring to Pellet stoves/inserts, but rather wood burning ones.
  21. pfmaloney

    Extending Harman Room Temp Probe

    I extended it around 15 feet as well and have it at eye level while sitting down. I have a digital thermostat near the probe and have been impressed with the consistency of the temperature.
  22. pfmaloney

    Extending Harman Room Temp Probe

    During our installation, I had the tech extend the wire and he used wire connectors like the ones used in the back of the unit.
  23. pfmaloney

    Pam Cooking Spray Question

    I have an Accentra insert. I seal off the OAK where it terminates on the outside wall with gorilla tape, to prevent the humid air, as well as bugs from entering the OAK. For the exhaust, I will be sliding the insert out and then taping aluminum foil on the frame to cover the exhaust opening...
  24. pfmaloney

    Harman Accentra or Mt Vernon

    Great looking setup, you'll enjoy your Harman.
  25. pfmaloney

    harman heat exchanger buildup?

    I bought a detail brush kit from Pep Boys for $5. It includes a stainless steel brush that does a great job cleaning the recessed sections of the heat exchange walls. The brushes are similiar in size to a tooth brush. Carrand Grip-Tech Combo Detail Brush Kit Deluxe Detail Brush Set Soft Nylon...
  26. pfmaloney

    Advice on Insert / CT Dealers

    Here are a couple of things to consider regarding these inserts. The Harman and the Enviro M55 inserts slide out on rails when you want to do a deep cleaning on the unit. The Mt. Vernon does not. These beasts are quite heavy so don't underestimate this feature. Do you have a masonry or...
  27. pfmaloney

    Another Room/Stove Temp Question on Accentra Insert?

    According to our installer, the draft reading was spot on, but our flame is quite strong, i.e. a blow torch when going full bore. Since we have an OAK that is easily accessible on the outside of the house, I can tape part of it to restrict the airflow. Besides the flame strength, what advantage...
  28. pfmaloney

    Harman Accentra Insert

    I set the fan in the middle position between L and H. I prefer Room Temp mode since it provides a consistent temperature regardless of the outside temp. I extended the wire on the room temp probe and it is located about ten feet from the stove, four feet off the ground. Occasionally, I will...
  29. pfmaloney

    Manual or auto

    Bad news. I spoke to the dealer this morning and they said that both the failed and new igniter are the newer 15 fin model. The mystery remains unsolved. :(