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  1. Eureka

    Craigslist score that actually worked out

    No I just meant that there isn’t a mill any closer than that. I see value in doing what we can.
  2. Eureka

    Renting a firewood processor

    Craigslist ad here; guy will come to your location for $35/cord if you load his processor with your equipment. $50/cord if he uses his skid steer to load it. I’ve seen others advertise $75/hour if you load. 2 cords/ hour average. A processor leasing/rental outfit advertises $400/day and...
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    Craigslist score that actually worked out

    If I didn’t have pine and other lower BTU wood, I’d hardly use my Kozy Heat fireplace for supplemental heat. Oak and the like will run us out of the house or have me opening windows after a few hours if it isn’t -15f. I value it for its quick, predictable heat output. Oh, and here logging...
  4. Eureka

    How Many Cords On Your Property?

    I have... a lot. I’d guess about 20 cords cut/split/stacked. A deal that I thought had fallen through on a semi load ended up reappearing the day after I got a load from another source. So now in addition to the 20 css, I have another 20-24 cords in 8 foot lengths. For what it’s worth I cut...
  5. Eureka

    Marking wood for where to cut

    Stanley FatMax 25' tape measure on my hip and can of orange marking paint in my hand. The FatMax has a big hook and a strong backbone so it makes it easy quick work for me. I cut about 15 cords a year.
  6. Eureka

    My log lenth has leaves

    This willow was cut last spring and bucked, split, and stacked in September. Most of it’s light and feels almost ready to burn. Several spots in the stack like this !!!
  7. Eureka

    ID This Scrounge

    Looks like Honey Locust
  8. Eureka

    What type of maple?

    Ash usually has more distinct growth rings at the end grain and I don’t really see any. I think it’s Norway maple.
  9. Eureka

    Pacific Northwest choices.

    Yes most of what I have are anywhere from 1x1 sticks to 4x4 chunks but not much larger; all different lengths. Now I try to keep more consistent length (around 16") instead of all the little cubes and short pieces. That is what makes it a pain. Kiln dried burns hot and clean though!
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    Pacific Northwest choices.

    Mill ends work but they're messy and frustrating. I run a woodworking shop and am picky about what I bring home to burn now after a couple years of fumbling with random size blocks and sticks that don't stack whether in a pile or in the stove. They burn great in my OWB via shovel. Your other...
  11. Eureka

    price for dropping two trees

    Were you able to watch them do the work @trguitar? It can be really interesting watching professionals do their thing. I hate paying to have anything done that I could do myself, but tree work is one of the areas that I believe in paying pros to do what they do in exchange for not putting...
  12. Eureka

    price for dropping two trees

    Well why didn't you just climb them and take them down then? :)
  13. Eureka

    Plans finally coming together

    Yep anything can look like a circus if run by a clown :)
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    Plans finally coming together

    I am very happy with mine. But it's worth saying that there is still periodically smoke, just much less than some of the simpler units I've been around. As E Yoder said, loading practices are a big variable. I loaded it with too much junk and scraps the first few times and it was pumping out...
  15. Eureka

    Plans finally coming together

    I have noticed some of those same things on my Heatmaster C series. If I pack it to the ceiling it smokes more and seems to take longer to recover. Leaving some room for reburn over the fire helps a lot with that and I have opened the door during a hot burn and witnessed some good blue flame...
  16. Eureka

    Plans finally coming together

    @E Yoder do you know any of the approximate efficiency numbers you remember seeing?
  17. Eureka

    Free wood.

    Particle board, OSB, plywood, nails, staples, screws, metal gussets, but NO garbage!
  18. Eureka

    Ez boiler company in Michigan

    And I can also burn coal, corn cobs, hay, walnuts, basically any biomass that will sit on the grates. Only thing I’ve found that isn’t worth it is sawdust and planer shavings from my shop, too much smoke and sparks while loading.
  19. Eureka

    Ez boiler company in Michigan

    Those look to be about as conventional as it gets. Cold fire in a tub of water with a fan in the door. If you want a conventional , as I did for several reasons, I’ll vouch for Heatmaster C series. They have an extra heat exchanger and an ash pan with shaker grates. The air comes in under...
  20. Eureka

    Help ID Wood - Should I Use?

    Basswood doesn’t have heartwood so I’d also say poplar on that one
  21. Eureka

    price for dropping two trees

    That’s way cheap. Like the kind of price you get if your buddy is a tree guy and risks his life climbing your trees. Go for it if he’s legitimate.
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    Little help with wood ID

    Last group is boxelder. The first two groups look like good wood but don’t look familiar to me.
  23. Eureka

    Oak dry time?

    I still get some sizzlers after 2 years
  24. Eureka

    Tree ID please

    I’d guess that it’s elm.
  25. Eureka

    +Wood Type????

    Looks like Ash to me
  26. Eureka

    Help Identifying logs

    +1 on cottonwood. It quickly dries to be very light and burns fast. It lights off really nice and is a great starter or for when heating needs are low or brief. I actually like it and burn a lot but I find a use for most woods the tree man delivers. Wood snobs hate it.
  27. Eureka

    Made a mistake -- washed my slate hearth

    Yes there’s ferrous metal content in slate. I used to live in a place with a slate hearth stone and slate bathroom and we used to periodically freshen it up with mineral oil. Really deepens the color and blends in any staining or oxidation. Worked great.
  28. Eureka

    Wood ID

    That’s interesting! I come across some weird stuff in the loads I buy from a tree guy and have gotten some trunks that look a lot like these pictures.
  29. Eureka

    Wood ID

    I was going to simply say an ornamental cherry of some sort but these guys might be able to pinpoint it.
  30. Eureka

    Utility ROW score

    Nice rounds!