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  1. fmsm

    Pellet stove/furnace in the basement for backup heat - need advice

    I am the in law! Gave the main house to my daughter and her husband. Great having my grandkids 37 feet down the hall....
  2. fmsm

    Pellet stove/furnace in the basement for backup heat - need advice

    Look into a mini split system. You will pick up A/C in the summer if you want it, it will de humidify, and there may be some very aggressive rebates! Depending on how many separate rooms you have you can probably do it with one unit and multiple heads giving you incredible freedom to zone your...
  3. fmsm

    Outside air connection question

    Just get a Harman! You won’t be sorry.
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    How long will a pellet stove last?

    Purchased a Whitfield brand new in 1997, replaced the blower motor and brick mold and that was it. Paid $700 on special and sold it for $850 in 2013.
  5. fmsm

    Ash question

    I burn Douglas Firs that produce next to nothing for ash, my kids are in my main house and burn a lower grade pellet (they can’t justify spending $390 a ton) and NEED to clean their stove weekly.I just had all 3 stoves (they all burn 24/7) professionally cleaned and serviced and my stove was...
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    Ash question

    I would love to know your theory behind your statement.
  7. fmsm

    Ash question

    I buy the Douglas Firs and have so little ash that I empty my pan on my Accentra once a year. I do not enjoy cleaning the stove as often as needed with cheap pellets, my weekly clean is now every 2-3 weeks and my monthly is 6-8 weeks.
  8. fmsm

    Going to buy a pellet insert soon advise please.

    The rail system is standard on Harman inserts, nothing additional to purchase unless you want to extend the rails. Please defend your statement that you WOULD NOT use an OAK on an insert. That is horrible advise to the OP.
  9. fmsm

    Pellet stove install into existing Chimney

    I think it is Selkirk that makes a pipe with a hollow outer wall that is used for outside air.
  10. fmsm

    End of year shutdown

    I run mine out of pellets, write the check for an annual cleaning, and place a container of damp rid inside the stove to suck up any moisture. I let my local dealer do the annual cleaning and basically give the stove a complete “check up” while here. I prefer him to remove everything and clean...
  11. fmsm

    Northern Warmth Pellets

    Both are good pellets. My kids burn the Super Spruce and I burn the Supreme Douglas Firs...Spruce is a little ashier and slightly dirtier but still pretty hot, the Suprememes are the best!
  12. fmsm

    Pellet insert recommendations?

    Do you prefer a bottom feeder or top feeder and why?
  13. fmsm

    Pellet insert recommendations?

    That’s because Harman outsells Enviro 20 to 1. From Harman’s Bottom feed system to their pull out cage system you can’t do better! You are not going to hear about many Enviro issues because there are very few in operation compared to the award winning, best selling, and high volume Harman line.
  14. fmsm

    Pellet insert recommendations?

    If the Accentra (52i) fit then the P35i would have fit. The differences in the two stoves are BTU’s/size and if I am not mistaken the 52i comes with the newer digital control panel. The P35i does not have removable panels that you need to clean behind making that portion of your cleaning easier...
  15. fmsm

    Pellet insert recommendations?

    You can’t go wrong with a P35i, you do not want something too big and it is truly a great stove. My experience is that you do not want a stove that running on low AND overheating the area. This will cause a dirtier burn and make you uncomfortable. It sounds like the 52i is just too much...
  16. fmsm

    Beginner needs help!

    Just for yucks and giggles, how do you get your electricity? If it is “dirty” your stove may be too temperamental. Putting an APC between your power source and your stove may solve your problem IF dirty power is your issue.
  17. fmsm

    Is this normal?

    Normal, I have 2 P35i’s, it’s a very powdery ash that adheres in those areas.
  18. fmsm

    Vent Pipe inside a framed chaise... Can I run the 3 inch pipe inside a 6in pipe thats already there?

    Call your local inspector, if the pipe is not rated for pellet fuel and there is an issue in the future you could be SOL with your insurance company. Also, what is your EVL? You may need 4 inch. Are you doing outside air? All in all your best bet may be to pull a pipe in that can do both while...
  19. fmsm

    Don't wait to order Barefoot pellets this year

    There are many other pellets at this quality/price point to choose from.
  20. fmsm

    Pellet stove insert advice?

    Be aware that many models (especially Harman’s) come on rails for easier sliding in and out. They slide into a cage making it VERY EASY (in my opinion) to clean the venting, esp probe, etc.
  21. fmsm

    Pellet stove insert advice?

    Quality of fuel,stove, and routine maintenance will all figure into this.
  22. fmsm

    Harman 35i Operation Question

    It could also have to do with your probe placement. Where is your probe placed? The P35i once temperature is reached will idle down for a few minutes before shutting completely down. If there is a call for heat it will ramp back up.
  23. fmsm

    Harmon Hum

    Harmon’s do not make any noise!
  24. fmsm

    Harmon Hum

    Nobody on this forum has ever heard a sound coming from a Harmon stove. It’s impossible!
  25. fmsm

    Harman p35i insert problems

    The hot air is rising over the cold air you are sucking into the room. Install an OAK.
  26. fmsm

    Harman p35i insert problems

    Do you have an outside air kit? You may be pulling the air into that room.
  27. fmsm

    Help with making sure bottom feed pellet stove is burning correctly.

    Why risk burning down your house or CO2 poisoning? Have the stove checked out and professionally cleaned BEFORE lighting it again.
  28. fmsm

    Smokes and smells

    With the room dark use a flashlight on startup when the chamber fills with smoke.
  29. fmsm

    Harlan absolute63 issue! Please help

    Go back to basics.... Was the output reduction sudden? If so, was it after an event; cleaning, power outage etc. Have you taken everything apart and reseated all plates, blowers, etc. (Great time to do a deep cleaning even if it was done recently) Check the flap on the outside air and make sure...