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  1. Highbeam

    instant hot water

    So that 1500 watts to the secondary heater is to reheat the water that cooled after being heated once by the main water heater. I propose that there will be at least as much heat loss from the insulated pipes that you are keeping hot all the time with a circ pump as the secondary tank burns to...
  2. Highbeam

    Stove too heavy for where I want to place it?

    Ha! You wouldn't think so but I've found plenty. Those stout floor joists I bet are connected to something, the stairs are not new so the original construction which looks stout should be verified. I have added a short beam and pair of columns under my stove just for a little extra safety. It's...
  3. Highbeam

    The saga continues... getting the chimney ready

    I'm not sure using just the area of the rooms around the stove is a valid way to size a stove. My stove heats my whole house! Especially since you are looking at inserts, a reasonable sized 2000 SF in RI (I couldn't find where you disclosed house size), I would be getting the biggest insert you...
  4. Highbeam

    Draft out of control in high winds

    Two key dampers. Something more permanent on the intakes like metal tape. Larger splits, stacked tightly.
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    2019-20 Blaze King Performance Thread Part 1 (Everything BK)

    I was trying to be a funny guy, said you could barely fit a danish through the front door! The long skinny model was great. I could barely fit my fist through the door. Super “cute”.
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    2019-20 Blaze King Performance Thread Part 1 (Everything BK)

    Was nice to visit our state fair yesterday and find another major retailer has picked up blaze king. Got to lay my hands and eyes on a burning ashford in brown enamel. It sure felt like a bigger stove than my princess. The wife was amused by the little morso squirrel stoves. So tiny. She asked...
  7. Highbeam

    Interesting air sealing observation

    Small rooms take forever. Closets are bad too. The low air turnover leads to high rh and slow drying. This is our peak humidity time of year, sitting at 70% in the living room! It’s like watching paint dry.
  8. Highbeam

    Princess Cat too big

    That is firecats online store. A company recommended by and allegedly the oem cat manufacturer for bk. My current ceramic princess cat came from them about 2 years ago and fit perfectly with the bypass retainers in place. Call them up. I found them to be very responsive when I emailed.
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    2019-20 Blaze King Performance Thread Part 1 (Everything BK)

    Whoops, I misunderstood the post. Never mind! I blame all the stroke inducing advertisements!
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    2019-20 Blaze King Performance Thread Part 1 (Everything BK)

    That's why they took the numbers off of this label and put the swoosh on there. People were comparing their operating positions and upset if they couldn't run their stoves as low as what they had seen on the net! Do check that at full throttle stop the knob points straight to the floor. It should.
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    2019-20 Blaze King Performance Thread Part 1 (Everything BK)

    Did the new cat come pre-gasketed?
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    Just to be clear, not all of us that sit at desks are highly paid executives and many desk sitters are in unions. Plenty of white collar folks that fall in the middle between labor and executive. I've also never been in a union, never been on strike, but I do believe that I've benefited from the...
  13. Highbeam

    Blaze King Key Damper for High Temp Smoke Smell

    Ha! it's in a box all nice and happy. I have hopes of someday installing a "better" burner in my shop and switching to double wall. I'm saving the damper section for then.
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    System upgrade...

    Things working well now that the ads are toned back. One suggestion, the avatar symbols for threads are these crazy big rainbow colors that have a letter for the poster's first name. Can that be toned way back? At least for previously "read" posts?
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    Blaze King Key Damper for High Temp Smoke Smell

    I own two duravent double wall appliance adapters. One with a damper and one without. It's just the little 6" section that you jamb into the stove. I am currently running the nondamper version because it's much easier to clean the chimney without a damper.
  16. Highbeam

    2019-20 Blaze King Performance Thread Part 1 (Everything BK)

    I would want it between the stove and the damper so that you can monitor what the stove is feeling.
  17. Highbeam

    Looking for a stove with long burn times

    You can still go vertical from the stove through the roof. Would look better, work better, and be cheaper.
  18. Highbeam

    2019-20 Blaze King Performance Thread Part 1 (Everything BK)

    A new stove pipe can be an even bigger contributor to that burn in stink.
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    Help w/ Post Fire Carbon Monoxide

    Couple of smoking guns here. Yes, the cap screen must be either removed or maintained. Sometimes the cap screens need frequent maintenance and they are optional equipment unless your local government or insurance requires it. My two chimneys have no filters, they clog too easily for me. The...
  20. Highbeam

    Is the stove I want too big for my living room??

    Thing is, not all manufacturers miss the mark by as much as Woodstock about this so your theory doesn’t work all the time. Some are quite honest and some are way wrong. Regardless, all of the straight cat Woodstock stoves are small. The fireview would do well in the op’s home.
  21. Highbeam

    Help w/ Post Fire Carbon Monoxide

    That fireview stove is not supposed to smoke. when was the last time you cleaned the cat? How old is the cat? The very short burn times are also odd. That stone stove should easily be quite warm in the morning. Nice place! The chimney looks quite tall. Does it have one of those creosote...
  22. Highbeam

    Help w/ Post Fire Carbon Monoxide

    Wow, every stinking time the co alarm trips the fire department and the propane people show up. Holy smokes. I’m glad you definitively ruled out the only fossil fuel burner in the home. That’s a big step. Do you ever smell smoke in the house? Does the chimney smoke out of the cap during a burn?
  23. Highbeam

    Jotul F 602 V2

    So true. It would be telling to see how much efficiency and low range capability was sacrificed for the sake of this step of slightly lower emissions.
  24. Highbeam

    Pellet stove/furnace in the basement for backup heat - need advice

    We love pics. Looking forward to hearing how you like it.
  25. Highbeam

    Jotul F 602 V2

    You can’t compare old test results or specs to the new standardized test results. That was one of the reasons for the new testing methods. Now, in theory, the consumer can compare new stoves in an apples to apples manner. I would love to have the older models retested using current testing...
  26. Highbeam

    2019-20 Blaze King Performance Thread Part 1 (Everything BK)

    Whoa. First, that cat was pretty hammered already. Look at all the broken chunks. You’ve got some thermal shock occurring that has compromised the ceramic base. You blamed the problem on your tape not sticking to the cat gasket but what really needs to happen is that the tape sticks to the...
  27. Highbeam

    Help w/ Post Fire Carbon Monoxide

    How do you know it is a draft reversal and not just bad air from outside or from another appliance? Does anybody know if the fireview outside air connection is relatively sealed to all of the stove inlets? My bk and hearthstone were 100% supplied from the oak so a reversal would just dump smoke...
  28. Highbeam

    Help w/ Post Fire Carbon Monoxide

    For test purposes, uninsulated is fine. Even a cheap chunk of metal hvac duct from the hardware store would work.