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    RE: Brake rotors

    The local shops will typically not pass rotors that are rotting from the outside edge inwards. That's what I have seen over the years when I have had to change rotors is the outer diameter of the friction surface is no longer shiny but has rust pits in it. Sometimes they can be turned to clean...
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    Bar, heat effected zone.

    Yes on the difference between summer and winter grade bar oil at least up North. Running winter viscosity in warm conditions will "cook" a bar if its being worked hard and your sharpening technique is poor or you are nto sharpening enough to match the condition of the wood. I tend to run summer...
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    RE: Brake rotors

    Mine usually start rusting on the outside edge and works its way into the turned area.
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    RE: Brake rotors

    I bought some coated "high quality" rotors for my fiesta two years ago. The hub may last forever with the coating but the outer diameter is still rotting inwards screwing up the surface. I am not impressed. Rotors are cheap (less money than the local garage charges to reface a set) and expect...
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    I also have the Wirsbo expander, its was not cheap. I did one large home job with it based on the the recomendation of a friend that used copper for 30 plus years, he switched to PEX as it cut way down on having to use a torch.
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    A few soldering caveats. Make sure you use lead free solder. I think you can still use regular lead solder for heating and non potable but lead free for potable. IMO, the lead solder was easier to work with but since you are new to it you wont know the difference. The problem you will have is...
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    If not for the odd situation that no one could have predicted 5 years ago of very low oil prices and repealed more stringent emission regulations, the US car market would be looking a lot different than it is today. Ford spent a lot of money switching to aluminum and Ecoboost engines to prep for...
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    Question for the old folks

    BTW there is also a design trend of raising the sink/vanity height. The older designs always assumed kids in the house so everything was a compromise. The other adult design trend is no bathtubs, just low threshold showers.
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    In Search of Boiler Piping Schematics

    For what tis worth, you should have return water temperature protection on any new wood boiler design to keep it from operating below dewpoint. New York paid John Siegenthaler to run biomass heating courses. You can get an on line version here...
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    Wow - Propane Explosion In Maine

    Folks with boats use compressed natural gas as the vapors are lighter than air so they disperse instead of settling into the bilges like propane does. Either way propane or CNG explosions are scary. The maine oil heating dealers association used to run ads about the safety of heating oil after...
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    Wow - Propane Explosion In Maine

    The news reports from Farmington Maine are real scary. One firefighter killed and several more seriously injured. A maintenance worker smelled gas and got everybody out in time but the place went up when the fire department was approaching the building to look for a leak. No trace of the...
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    Question for the old folks

    I picked up a kohler at lowes that was higher than the old one with the larger bowl. The height became a non issue after a day or two. I definitely am not impressed with cleaning ability associated with the low volume flush units. I dont think its specfic to Kohler as I run into similar issues...
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    Help w/ Post Fire Carbon Monoxide

    I would go at it another way. Put in air to air heat exchanger on the house and balance it so the house is slightly positive. If the house is slightly higher pressure than outdoors you will not get backdrafting.
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    Mini split help

    Minispits are far superior to window shakers. The window units inevitably introduce a lot of infiltration into the room and a lot more noise.Minisplits are usually more efficient for heating in shoulder season then any other type of heating. I use mine on fall and spring days to take the chill...
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    Post Hole Digger

    FYI, if you have bony soil, post hole diggers are exercise in frustration. The rocks can really raise havoc on the equipment. With clay soil and deep frost sonotubes are best installed with "big foot" bases and on important stuff insulating the footing base properly and wrapping the sonotube...
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    Stupid Subaru commercial

    Copper nickel is a lot easier to work with,,may not be as pretty as stainless but it can be bent by hand or with a tool and it flares a lot easier. Also its less prone to cracking from vibration. Stainless pretty well needs to be bent prior to installation, fine if you are building a hot rod...
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    Stupid Subaru commercial

    I am replacing any steel brakeline I run into with copper nickel. It seems to hold up to brew they are using on winter roads.
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    Radon mitigation effects on stove

    A few things to think about. Radon is heavier than air that's why it builds up in a basement. The house is inherently negative to the outdoors and that draws radon up from the ground if its present. The other source of radon is water from usually deep wells. That arguably is far more dangerous...
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    Eastern hop hornbeam

    It takes two years once split. Drying speed is roughly related to density. Hard to beat eastern hophornbeam for density. Those trees you got were quite big, the biggest I have seen is about 10".
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    Architectural shingles and vinyl siding

    Like every building decision you get what you pay for. High quality northern white shingles can still be had but you are not buying them at Home Depot. The other thing is that the life is dependent on if there is breathable underlayment put between the house wrap and the shingle. On many homes...
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    Stupid Subaru commercial

    The problem with brining a vehicle from areas with no road salt is they seem to try to make up for years of no rust by rusting out quickly once they get up here. Someone speculated that the warm temps stiffen up the underbody sealants and then cracks form in the sealants and the deicing...
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    Stupid Subaru commercial

    Reminds me of friend in high school. he had a big old chevy impala sized for a big block equipped with a small block. The radiator fan shroud must have been a foot long. There was enough room behind the headlights on the fenderwells to hold a case of oil on each side which was good thing as he...
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    Stupid Subaru commercial

    Like Highbeam, IMHO, for fuel economy the required viscosities are getting quite low and this could contribute to oil usage. I remember a friend with Mazda rotary went through a quart every 1000 miles, he was told that that was normal.
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    Architectural shingles and vinyl siding

    The Appalachian Mountain Club uses northern white cedar shakes on their high mountain huts that are exposed to very nasty conditions. They don't appear to put anything on them. They do go with a lower exposure. For architectural projects, the shakes are typically sized thicker and are longer to...
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    Stupid Subaru commercial

    Interesting, on occasion I am involved with big lean burn/high compression natural gas stationary engine/generators (3 MW range) and the clients are always surprised that they burn enough engine oil that there is an automated oil makeup system and tank that needs to be filled routinely.
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    Fall is in the air

    I saw a big sugar maple that was starting to change colors last weekend in NH. Kind of early but we have had some cool nights. My tomato's are just getting ripe so hope the first frost is several weeks from now.
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    Fireplace for occasional visual / crackle enjoyment only

    Stick a HD TV monitor on fake hearth and surround. Then tune to you tube fireplace video ;)
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    Life Expectancy of a Modern Stove

    IMHO a cast iron stove will last longer than a similar plate steel stove. Of course a poorly built cast iron stove (the infamous Scandia's) will wear out faster than a well built plate stove (Fishers). It really comes down to the manufacturer and price point. A higher end stove will usually be...
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    Stupid Subaru commercial

    Subaru's for years were pretty well exclusive to Northern New England (Maine and VT). Unlike the other Japanese car makers, Subaru did not direct market their cars in the US, they sold them to an independent distributor Subaru of New England and the distributor sold them to dealers. They were...
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    Trash Burner

    Yes things are cleaner in the US and yes some of the pollution has been exported to the third world, its a political decision that US will accept the export of pollution to the third world and the third world will accept the pollution in exchange for improving the standard of living. A trash...