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  1. Don2222

    Quadra-Fire Classic Bay 1200i pellet stove Manual?

    Hello The manual in the link above is dated April 01,2016 so 2 years after the stove was purchased but not necessarily after it was made. Check the MFD on the stove. I just attached a manual dated Sept 1,2008 which maybe more appropriate for this serial # stove
  2. Don2222

    What is the difference between an Aladdin CB1200 and a Quadrafire / HHT CB1200 ??

    Hello The Aladdin is actually called a Quadra-Fire 1200 and has the control box under the hopper on the right side and no carry slots in the back panel The Quadrafire / HHT called the Quadrafire Classic Bay CB1200 has the control box in the hopper on the right side and 2 carry slots in the back...
  3. Don2222

    Need installation help for programmable thermostat to my pellet stove

    That stove works with a millivolt T-Stat No 24 vac is needed.
  4. Don2222

    Need installation help for programmable thermostat to my pellet stove

    What Make and model pellet Stove do you have? That makes a difference.
  5. Don2222

    Repairing a loose exhaust housing flange on a pellet stove?

    Hello I have seen this many times. Very common in Travis and Whitfields, Breckwells and others. The screws holding the flange on to the housing are too small and there is not enough silicone. Therefore after the vibration and heat from the exhaust blower it breaks loose so it can easily be...
  6. Don2222

    Heating a Darkroom with a Serenity - Weird Question

    Take out the glass and replace it with a piece of steel. That will work fine. You can cut the steel to shape with a jig saw and easily buy a piece of steel from online metals!
  7. Don2222

    Pellet supply

    I got them @ East Coast Lumber in Hampstead which is far for you but maybe some closer? They are very good pellets,
  8. Don2222

    Pellet supply

    I have not heard that yet, I am in southern NH. Just got 3 tons of Vermont wood pellets. :)
  9. Don2222

    Fence gate sag latching wood!

    Not happy with the chain I had so I went to the only thing that works every time that was invented by a contractor and made in the USA. :-) Gate Latch Cable with spring, :-) Works great! $9.99
  10. Don2222

    Pool filter pump plug oxidizing and getting hot???

    I do know what you mean about keeping the plastic bubble closed, that is why I use a robe Hookie :-)
  11. Don2222

    Pool filter pump plug oxidizing and getting hot???

    It is an above ground pool and we take the filter and pump inside for the winter. Anyway, this new plug has a rubber seal inside of it so hopefully it seals better against moisture than the old one. The hinge is on the top side and the cutout for the wire is on the bottom side like it should be...
  12. Don2222

    Pool filter pump plug oxidizing and getting hot???

    Few more pics It seems to be working so we will see if it turns on and off at the set times. :) The timer like the circuit breaker box is screwed to 3/4” plywood which is screwed into the wall studs 16” on center. It is the basic 120 VAC Intermatic T101 SPST timer so very easy to wire up despite...
  13. Don2222

    Pool filter pump plug oxidizing and getting hot???

    Hello The cord and plug was hot because it was on a 15 amp circuit with other outlets and it was oxidizing & corroding! According to this article. The pump outlet should be on a 20 amp separate circuit with an NEMA L520-R Turnlok Receptacle and a NEMA L520-P Turnlok Plug !!! See details below...
  14. Don2222

    Harman vs Comfortbilt

    There is more too it when the stove is in room temp mode and feeds more or less pellets depending upon the resistance of the room temp probe. Since the board maker does not share that info we will not know for sure. I have noticed that the voltage of the room blower and exhaust blower changing...
  15. Don2222

    Annual Service

    Yes I agree. My favorite summer problem is what we call “Summer Choke Down” :) That is when the humidity and moisture gets in to all the ash stuck to the walls of the venting and gets so heavy it falls down to choke up the exhaust blower so no exhaust will blow out. This of course will trip the...
  16. Don2222

    Harman vs Comfortbilt

    I have worked on many Harmans and changed many circuit boards. I am not saying you are incorrect. Sure if you change a Rev E Board for a Rev F Board then the difference that you will notice is when the stove has a vacuum error the board status light will give 2 blinks! That makes fixing a vacuum...
  17. Don2222

    Harbor Freight little hole driller with low RPM speeds for the hard stuff & coupon register debacle

    Hi Thanks for your comments The Lowe’s tiles are on the plywood I made for the bottom shelf. The brace had a lip on the top edge that holds all the legs together so I said why not putt some sturdy 3/4” plywood on top! Then to make the shelf look nice I said why not put self stick tiles on top of...
  18. Don2222

    Harman P43 vs Accentra free standing

    Hello I have a friend who has owned both of these stoves. So his experience may help. The Accentra FS is pretty but harder to clean because you must remove the interior panels and buff them out and then align them properly to fit them back in. He has also had an issue with the big tall fire door...
  19. Don2222

    Disadvantage of new vapor outlet boxes when replacing them! #%€!!€$&@!!,

    Yes and in our 1890’s house all the outlets were cut into the baseboard Moldings and the cellar had BX wiring with a fuse box. Not easy to add any more!!
  20. Don2222

    Disadvantage of new vapor outlet boxes when replacing them! #%€!!€$&@!!,

    I grew up in a 3 story 1890 Victorian and updating and fixing is quite costly and very difficult! I saw the house recently and it has a new addition! I cannot imagine how much that costs! I purchased a 1960’s split and the ease and cost of updating is considerably less$$. I did ad an addition on...
  21. Don2222

    Converting a 3-phase outlet?

    In your case since both outlets are 20 amp then the wire feeding them is correctly sized and the breakers are also sized correctly. To go from 230 VAC 40 amp for an electric range down to 120 VAC 15 amp circuit may require smaller gage wire. Just my 2 cents
  22. Don2222

    Harman vs Comfortbilt

    Sounds like if the Circuit Board was replaced with the new Rev F updated circuit board the Harman P61 would be much more efficient and work like a new stove for only $200. That shows to me that Harman is the best and even a used Harman is better than many brand new stoves! :)
  23. Don2222

    Disadvantage of new vapor outlet boxes when replacing them! #%€!!€$&@!!,

    Hello Having more electrical outlets is always good. Just plugging in a power strip works but is cumbersome. So when I saw the ac outlet with 2 USB outlets, that would be nice to have? Why take out a a good gfci outlet to put this one in? So I got a double gang box to add this one in. so why not...
  24. Don2222

    EPA Updated list of 595 Certified Stoves for 2020

    Hello Here is the latest
  25. Don2222

    Enviro Meridian - how to replace glass

    Hello Some local glass shops can cut a piece of high temp Neo Ceram glass the size you need and it maybe a lot cheaper if you want nice new stuff! I like the high temp mirror neo ceram glass but that is hard to get! Here is a pic of the mirror stuff on my baby countryside. The drill driver is on...
  26. Don2222

    Air conditioning woes- 25 y/o in wall unit finally replacing!

    What size is your sleeve, do you think you will be able to slide a new one on next time? My new sleeve is 25-7/8 by 15-17/32 for the 10K BTU LT1016CER so Roughly 26 x 15.5 The last pic states universal fit for a 26" sleeve for this 8K BTU LG model and the 10K & 11.5K 230 VAC LG models also fits...
  27. Don2222

    Air conditioning woes- 25 y/o in wall unit finally replacing!

    Installing the sleeve is the trick. Here are some better instructions I wanted a sleeve that was more of a standard size of that is even possible so I got the LG TTW Sleeve with Louvered grill: AXSVA4...
  28. Don2222

    Air conditioning woes- 25 y/o in wall unit finally replacing!

    Thanks Do u have any pics? I like to see the results of your struggle too. I saw a YouTube video on doing it, the guy just slid out the old unit and slid in a new unit! If it was that easy it would not have taken me and my helper 1 whole day to do it! My new AC unit was 4 inches wider! That made...
  29. Don2222

    Air conditioning woes- 25 y/o in wall unit finally replacing!

    Hello The old unit kept tripping the breaker and finally there was a burning smell it it stopped. So I got a new LG wall unit Model LT101j6CER and optional sleeve for an easy install and servicing. First I do want to mention that it is a good 9,800 BTU unit but the instructions a very flawed...